Ek Tha Tiger Japanese Poster

Ek Tha Tiger opened in Japanese theatres today and director Kabir Khan who is currently in Japan to promote his film, tweeted “Just got over with a packed press conference in Osaka. Happy to see the excitement in Japan about the release of Ek Tha Tiger :-)”

Sources say, Ek Tha Tiger, starring Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif, is the first Hindi film to release dubbed in Japanese language. Usually, most films release only with Japanese subtitles.

The official Ek Tha Tiger Japanese Poster below. Have a look!

Ek Tha Tiger Japanese

Ek Tha Tiger – Salman and Katrina



  • Agent Tiger and Agent Zoya finally arrived in Japan.Now Salman will teach then new fighting art and Japanese will forget Martial Art after seeing Salman Art.

  • Best of luck japanese….although, japanese pm has already kept all the emergency services on alert….as a number of negative effects will be caused on the minds of japanese citizens…..

  • @xzone : heard 1200 Japanese had a stroke and 900 were affected by brain damage after watching Ra.one. :p

  • Honestly, if ETT were to be released in US in English language, Hollywood would make fun of such action-spy-adventure movie. Agent Vinod is far better than ETT as an agent film.

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