‘Ek Tha Tiger has content to go a long way’ – Kabir Khan

Filmmaker Kabir Khan says Salman Khan’s presence in “Ek Tha Tiger” will bring in the initial footfalls, but the film’s content and direction will sustain it thereafter.

“I feel the film has stamina to run for a very long time. I hope the film goes way beyond the opening which is dependent on Salman. After that it is me and the film that I have made. I feel it has the strength to go a long way,” said Kabir Khan.

Ek Tha Tiger, releasing Aug 15, is his third directorial venture after “Kabul Express” and “New York”. The movie, in which Salman plays a spy, also features his former lady love Katrina Kaif, making it one of the much-awaited films of the year.

The first look of the film was also widely appreciated. The buzz has led several multiplexes to cash in on its popularity by reportedly hiking ticket prices 10-15 percent.

But there’s little that the director can do.

“That is not something that I can dictate to the multiplexes. They have said it is a standard practice they follow. When they feel a film is much-anticipated and is running during a holiday period or a festive period, they tend to mark up the price,” Kabir said.

“Apparently, some time back (ticket) prices had been brought down, so the 15 percent mark up is just bringing it back to what it was three to four months back.

“So I don’t think it is pumped up as much as it was done for some films a couple of years back.”




  • you ,fool , when their is bahi ,a movie needs not to have good content , to became BB, bahi stardom is enough to make it ATBB,,–

  • Please dont joke bros the viewers of ek tha tiger 18 seconds teaser was viewed 3 times more than that of ra one & don 2 so i advice his fans to plz dont make such funny comments like waiting or dying for his crap trailer.well as someone said about the first two weeks status of ETT thats good but why are u joking like it will face competition with joker which is already a joker.

  • salman khan ki film mei achhi content rehna mushkil hi nahi, namumkin hai…

    his all recent movies are full of cheap action,below d belt comedy,faaltu story and ghatiya remakes…

  • If salman movies are cheap then how come it collects 140+ crores this is wat it matters the most
    Haters can hide asap be4 the arrival of TIGER
    He has already roared

  • Haters why you barking here get out.All Time Blockbuster in Making. Just 5 days left for Tiger, go away otherwise…

  • The cost of the movie including marketing is 80-crores so the first 5-days it will cross 100-crores and next five days 100-crores and as Kabir said the film content is good to run long way so you can add another 100-crores. total 300-crores.

  • @Emperor Khan kya re tu dusre page pe comment kiya hai ki go and search youtube ek tha tiger new brand promo was there. tune mobile se tv par aa raha trailor ka video banake upload kiya hai.pahle apne mobile ka picture quality to dekh lena tha tujhe. bhodu hai kya re tu ki bail hai .

  • Joker se bahot achche film hogi ETT, i thnk ETT aur srk’s next tralure dono hi rock kare…..

    Pls salman, aamir ke film ke record tor do, aamir aajkal bohot forfora rahe hain.

  • Srk-yrf next — poster with title will
    Be comming out soon.

    Acirding srk’s latest interview Trailer will be comming out after 15 days.

  • @I meene koi ek tha tiger ka video tv se record kar k you tube par upload naheen kya he..
    Mere kene ka matlab tha k Yash raj ne ETT ka brand new official promo apne you tube chennal par release kya he ussy ja kar dekho. Isse download b kar ( mobimasti.in ) se ok

  • @pathfinder….bai was also in babul, main aur mrs khanna, veer, yuvraaj, god tussi great ho, saawariya, jaaneman, lucky no time for love, yeh hai jalwa etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc……phir yen movie kyun ch*d gayi, kahan chala gaya tha tere bai ka stardom, tere ko bas aati hain baatein badi badi.

  • ‘Flop’ Ek baar maine jo commentment uske baad main khud ki bhi nahi sunta to anpne fans ka kaise sunuga

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