Ek Tha Tiger Deleted Scenes

All the deleted scenes from Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif’s Ek Tha Tiger. The film released on 15th August and did close to Rs 200 crores at the Indian box-office.

Watch and tell us which scene you liked the most?

Deleted Scene One: Zoya Connection: Katrina and Salman are seen conversing. It’s a funny video, worth a watch.

Deleted Scene Two: Pinocchio: The scene was edited out from the first half, when Salman and Katrina go out on a date.

Deleted Scene Three: Bookshop: Salman and Katrina in the book store. Nice background score.

Deleted Scene Four: Sunny Side up: Salman is curious to know who ordered the eggs, fried just the way he wanted.

Deleted Scene Five: Passport cancelled: The Raw cancels Tiger’s passport, but they are also aware he is always one step ahead.

Deleted Scene Six: Mock Church Marriage: Salman and Katrina exchange vows and kiss!



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    Even though SRK is romancing two girls in his upcoming movie, haters flooded d comment section on youtube with words like g:y just to feel good from inside.

  • Likes Of JTHJ trailer on youtube is more than combined Likes of Talaash & ETT theatrical trailers. In short, it’s a GANG RAPE of Aamir and Sallu.

  • Aamir did SMJ on TV…Sallu Bhai openly do publicity of BEING HUMAN everyday, still SRK won UNESCO Award for charity? #FrustratedQuestion

  • SRK Haters are planning to combine all Sallu Aamir Ajay’s Fans to spread hatred but they are fool enough not to understand that HATE can’t beat LOVE.

  • Biggest Nightmare 4 SRK haters – When rejected film Ra.One crossed 115 cr in India, then what will happen if JTHJ will be appreciated by one & all?

  • Salman & Aamir can be paired opposite actresses half of their age but when SRK does the same, haters try to make it a national issue.

  • @and srk fans using 1000 gmail accounts to create huge number of likes for records evn ra.1,don2 created records in youtube but failed to beat ready and akshay kumar non holiday release did 135 cores dumb king fans shoutin and cryiny on all other actors

  • @champion in which world ur living man? jthj background music is copied and trailer is lookind dull and indicates mausam looks better thn this shit..if you type jab tak hain jaan its stories related sholay’s blockbuster song jab tak hain jaan mein nachuge and this wil happen for decades…

  • gud scenes yaar, after rading all the reviews the watched and devastated tht reviews r purely biased its not such bad movie tht reviews simply wriiten off.
    @srk fans god save guys ur provoking each & every artist feelings and their fans wrong way it is really bad

  • I don,t understand why they deleted these scenes these scenes is the life of movie.i hate this yashraj they used salman for money.

  • blah blah blah…srk fans,we dont have to prove anything!!!..20 years,from ordinary to xtra ordinary…he rises!!!…let there be no srk,there wont be ny bollywood….as they say in cricket batsman’s real class shows when he performs at overseas..u knw wht i’m talking about..arrey desh mein to sb tiger bante hain,thoda udhar jaakar collar uchake to dikhao!!!…

  • jab tak hain jaan…are yaar kab tak hain jaan, interval half of the audience wil come out due bore and old type romantic movie,it is not challenging script or pathbreaking movie just movie for hardcores srkians thts all

  • Most imp thing the poem in the trailer is not that convincing either.Surprised to see simply srkians going gaga over it.

  • All the silly stupid srk fans, it doesnt matter how many likes or views a trailer or a video gets especially so in the case of movies. On an average Every srk fan uses atleast 15 duplicate ids and 9 views for the same user just to brag about the number of views and likes for jthj trailer. Honestly the trailer was boring, uninspiring,dull and lifeless, so srk fans are doing their best to hype it as much as they can. But the whole country knows that number of views & likes on youtube have no bearing to the movie’s box office success. The real test is the box office results and so wait for diwali to have the exact measure.

  • srk g#y fans comment on everypage and get gangraped by each and every1. Still these besh@r@m srk g#ys continue to post all nonsense about their g#y star and his g#ydom.

  • ETT crosses 200-crores
    It was predicted, expected and so it comes as no surprise that Yash Raj Film’s Independence Day release, the Kabir Khan directed, EK THA TIGER, has touched the magical 200 crore mark.

    Netting nearly 2 crore in its latest outing, the Salman Khan-Katrina Kaif starrer crossed the 200 crore mark in five weeks, just from India.

    Glamsham report.

  • Kyon modration pe hai…..i think ur my fannnn but dont forgt”mujhe pe ek ehsann karna mujhe pe koi ehsaan na karna…”

  • @champion. completely agree with u . when a so called disaster of srk(as said by haters) collects 220 crores worldwide and does a profit of more than 80 crores what ll happen if jthj is accepted worldwide. he he.
    lets talk about salman and akshay disasters. combine would not cross 100 crores worldwide leave alone in India. he he he. slap to combined haters

  • fight among srkians and salman fans benifited the other actors as their movies getting gud responses and our heros movies get mixed responses. Think guys unity is the best policy.
    srk and salman are masters bcoz of our love and our hate can make them disaster ok

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