Ek Chalis Ki Last Local – Movie Review

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Genre : Comedy
Director : Sanjay Khanduri
Music Director : Xulfi, Sandesh Shandilya, Ankur Tewari, D J Aqueel
Lyricist : Xulfi, Mehboob
Starring : Neha Dhupia, Abhay Deol, Snehal Dabhi, Deepak Shirke, Ashok Samarth, Vinay Apte

Reality is a question of perspective; the further you get from the past, the more concrete and plausible it seems — but as you approach the present, it inevitably seems incredible.

?Ek Chalis Ki Last Local? directed by debutant Sanjay Khanduri, is a comic thriller. The plot is entirely based upon the story of two young people whose lives are changed dramatically and forever on account of sheer luck and chance. The movie is a captivating drama with series of episodes meshing with each other. It?s confusing yet an intriguing comic drama.

Nilesh [Abhay Deol] a product of a middle class background was a normal guy who worked as an executive in a Call Center. After a hard day?s work, he reaches Vikhroli station only to miss the 1:40 AM last local train back home and has 150 min at his disposal before the next train arrives. These 150 min held the unpredicted episodes which changed his life drastically and proved to be a momentous episode of his life.

While waiting at the station he made an acquaintance of a girl named Madhu [Neha Dhupia] who faced the same inconvenience. Unfortunately autos were on strike that day and they ended up spending the time in each others company. Together they get on an expedition, one thing leads to another and circumstances spiral off into experiences and events that are a madcap experience.

Nilesh was innocent, impetuous and immature but still believed that he could come out of any situation through sheer willpower. Soon he was to be ensnared in a series of situations which put his so-called skill to test! On the other hand Madhu knew what her strengths and weaknesses were. The powerful weapon she possessed was her beauty and she made ultimate use of them to get out of deceitful situation. But in spite all the effort, she did find herself fenced from where it was not easy to escape. She had a cunning outlook to her but then she was also susceptible at heart. Situations they faced were wacky & beautiful, unpleasant & uncanny yet adventurous.

Director Sanjay Khanduri views together disparate episodes to create a compelling adventure. He has handled some sequences adroitly and his effort is praiseworthy in light of it being his debut film. Cinematography is first-rate.

Ek Chalis Ki Last Local is a stretchy fare. The movie is not captivating in the beginning but takes you by surprise when it picks up pace as the film progresses. The faint and dark humors take you by surprise and so does the mystery and thrill. The ending is dragged and made a mind-numbing experience. 20 minutes can be easily trimmed off from the movie for better impact. Repeating and unnecessary stretching scenes are repelling.

Abhay Deol carries the middle-class look very well and gives a candid performance. Neha Dhupia is lovely and has done an admirable performance. Ashok Samarth as the policeman is outstanding. Snehal Dabhi as Habiba bai is fantastic. Deepak Shirke is incredible. Virendra Saxena is satisfactory.

Ek Chalis Ki Last Local has shades of brilliance but 10 to 15 minutes can be easily trimmed off from the movie for better impact. Repeating and unnecessary stretching of scenes are repelling.

Box office prediction:
Due to the lack of a star, Ek Chalis has to depend on word-of-mouth. The business should be good at multiplexes, especially in the metros.

Rating: ★★½☆☆


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