Dum Ghutta Hai Song Video – Drishyam

The sensation singing pair of Rekha Bhardwaj and Rahat Fateh Ali Khan sing the latest song ’Dum Ghutta Hai’ from Ajay Devgn’s keenly-awaited upcoming film ‘Drishyam’.

The film also stars Shriya Saran as Ajay’s wife and Tabu as the police officer, whose son goes missing.

Watch the song video.

Song Video: Dum Ghutta Hai
Music Director: Vishal Bhardwaj
Lyrics: Gulzar
Singer: Rekha Bhardwaj, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan



  • Opening is not impressive but it will be become sleeper hit.
    And Plzzzz. @Indicine write the review of BAHUBALI must must watch movie. So its mean it will be rocking for 2 week. Means another jai ho is coming. Because bb buzz is more lower then kick(26)
    My pre.BB (19)

  • after each n every song Driyshaam just gets more n more excited too watch. 1st rich content oriented movie of 2015.
    From Visual bhardwaj to Tabu to Vishal Devgn to Gulzaar to Nishikant to Ajay Devgn…all National Awardeez..blockbuster combo!!

  • I challenge that this movie will cross 100 crores in India because the STORY is the KING. I watched this movie in Telugu, Malayalam, Tamil, Kannada languages. It was never a flop in these languages because the STORY is the KING.

  • Much better than all Bajrangi Bandarjaan crappy songs. People should save money to watch this brilliant film rather some Eid headache film like BB.

  • Ajay devgn will definitely win ur heart…
    I already watched original one….
    must watch guys seriously must watch….

  • Ajay devgan is much bigger star than 60 crores club flop star akshay. Drishyam will make more than baby and gobar is back and Singh is Ching. If brothers make more than drishyam than the credit will go to only dharma productions who have made sarookh’s career and Sid. No credit will go to floppy Kumar.

  • @ Aisha I will challenge film won’t collect collect more than baby . Baby is best film of the year .

  • Dostoo just wait and see BBhaijan will be a great movie of 2015 and it breaks all the records. Bhaijan rocks on this Eid..

  • @akki is zero shut up and wait and watch. Drishyam will be much bigger hit than flopshay kumar’s baby.

  • All songs of the same sort won’t work for any movies. Why does this movie want to be so serious? To flop?

  • Even Prakash Jha used to have one song for rowdies. This movie looks good, but marketing-wise, it will certainly flop. They released a trailer. Then dialogue teasers, that were repeated from the trailer. They are releasing soon and killing excitement. Movie might be called cult after few years, but now they need to earn and for that, they need to fool people by showing something exciting

  • 1st day-8cr, 2nd day-9.5cr, 3rd day-11cr, 1st weekend-28.5cr, 1st week-50cr, 2nd week-22cr, Life time-75cr.

  • @akki is king
    Well if you had read my 1st article on drisyhaam trailer I already said I wasn’t expecting a 100+ crores but if it does then that’s a bonus. No matter how I love ajay I am not sentimental. I call a spade a spade. Not Like u so anxious to castigate ajay that its my name u remember whether. Read my comment above and tell me wen I challenged baby n gabbar??
    My reason, this is a slow but classic movie n d genre itself is d first family thriller may be after Talaash. Though this is more elaborate. I don’t care if it collects what mnik or talaash or baby collected. Ajay dosent have much to prove. Unlike akki chasing ranveer sid admin kapoor records. His NATIONAL n film fare award among d current superstars is only mentioned with big b. So @akki I just want d crowds to appreciate d movie and let it’s verdict n footfalls b very respectable okay?
    I normally like your comments n ballaji comments cos u praise n respect ajay. Read my comment before your sick friend started bashing ajay which made me put him on a very low level n maturity meter. I always mentioned ajay n akki name toghether before a jealous fan of yours started acting childish n then I sidelined him TOTALLY. Don’t fall into that category cos even till 2mrw Akki is always going to be some1 I deep inside respect n admire alot. So it’s up to u to just come attack me on comments I ddnt write I don’t care. Where u go wrong I will reply only u n ballaji. So relax and think more of BROTHERS breaking Ajays OPENING DAY WEEKEND 1ST WEEK TOTAL LIFETIME NO. OF 100 CRORES and above all @least have a solid award forget NATIONAL concentrate on Filmfare. I wouldn’t say all these things if u wrongly attacked me for a comment I ddnt make. Take not n let peace reign for now esp during this ramzaan period. Thank you

  • @akki is
    What d budget of baby n gib? D budget of driyshaam? If twm2 before release was taunted to d almost double of gib..wldnt u n yr friends wldv bashed bashed d users saying it? But don’t worry we Ajay fans know d benchmark ajay has created for Akki to challenge. But if you observe nobody even gave u a like or dislike? Know why? Cos it’s not u saying it it is your oda side so as ajay fans we forgive u for that comment. Once again don’t start something u can’t finish? Your comments may b forgotten but yr impression lasts. So just b NEUTRAL as long as nobody comes to an ajay article n first thing is to bash ajay over akki. Total cheapness n insecurity is wat we take those to be. finally go to articles of best film from 2010-2015. I gave HOLIDAY numb 1 position?? Why? Cos ajay fans appreciate oda actors wen due! No akki fan will rate ajay movie numba 1,from 2010-2015?? So d ball is in your court.

  • @ Aisha ur kind information i like ajay very much he is such good actor . But u are criticize akki sir so I have written nothing against him . Anyway all the best from akki sir fan to drishyam film .

  • @akki is king
    I only critize wen yr friend comes to an akshay kumar article and start passing racist comments on ajay sir n my beautiful country.
    Thanks, wish brothers to be successful too.

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