Drunk Shahrukh Khan abuses cricket officials

Shahrukh Khan has involved himself in yet another major controversy. News channels are reporting that an ugly spat took place, between SRK and Mumbai Cricket Association (MCA) officials, soon after the Mumbai Indians vs Kolkata Knight Riders in Mumbai.

The actor was supposedly drunk and abused the cricket officials at the Wankhede stadium, soon after the IPL match concluded at 11:30PM Indian Standard Time.

MCA Treasurer Ravi Savant told Rediff “He brought a few people into the field of play and when the security guard tried to stop him, they all around 20-25 abused him and attacked him. They also hit our security guards. Shahrukh came totally drunk and he misbehaved with the officials. We will ban Shahrukh for life from the Wankhede stadium. We are also going to file a police complaint against him”

Some news channels are reporting that SRK charged at Ravi Savant and verbally abused him using the ‘F’ word.

Update: An FIR has been lodged against Shahrukh at the Marine Lines police station.

More updates soon, stay tuned.



  • though i am a salman khan fan but had sympathy for srk also. The news really shocked me. Hope best of luck for srk and i think everything wl be clear within 24 hours. Todays media make a hype in case of renowned celebrity.

  • loser shahrukh. it might be another publicity stunt by this pompous khan. loser loser loser !!!

  • Hey..all other actor fans..please leave the fight at the moment..this is unbelievable..an absolute shocker

  • I am a Shahrukh Khan fan and used to get hurt when Salman fans used to abuse him in different sites. I did not believe that what he did was a publicity stunt, that his success throughout these years and the ultimate loss to Salman as the king of boxoffice had made him insane. But I now can see, how right they were ! He actually has an attitude problem. I hope I won’t have to see Rajesh Khanna like end to his hereto-now glorious character. What a shame ! :(

  • I can not believe that,maybe the members of MI team did that as kkr won,the match was on their ground

  • I am praying for SRK and his family. I hope SRK and Gauri are not having problems in their marriage. God Bless SRK, Gauri, and family, and bring them peace.

  • Pleas shah rukh sir what are you doing?
    Its not good for you,ur family and your lovers
    we feel pain about you?

  • Pleas shah rukh sir what are you doing?
    Its not good for you,ur family and your lovers
    we feel pain about you

  • There are enemies between shahrukhkhan and MCA ,I think that is why they prevented him from entering the stadium and that is why they claim that he was drunk

  • na na na na na na na na he he he good bye.immm immm immm nahiin i am the king,baadshah and owner of bollywood & now the whole organizer of ipl ?pehchana mein hoon koun ? Mein hoon don, don 2,don key.i am the best,i am the best.

  • All Salman Saif & now SRK are Full of ego n are Drankards…they all are Blot for the Mankind…if you are Successful that does’nt u can do whatever u can..ALL KHANS ARE just like that…Now I know WOrld is going to end Soon:(

  • Complete nonsense!!How can such a gentlyman ever do that?If it was salman then I would have believed it because that is the habit of salman khan.False news,I am sure the officials were sdalman khan fans.

  • Mca askd for an autograph srk denied ’em… Dey filed a report against him and nw he is banned frm wankhade big deal!!!

  • I don’t understand how can some one become fan of Khans…these SALMAN n SRK are so called ‘Nachainya’…they can do anything for money…i feel sorry for the people…who call these ugly people their idols…Bhai log learn to respect your Parents n Teachers…these Actors…are just shits.


  • over reacter get the right punish he is to far ambhisious n think he is the king of all in every field
    hope ish incident k bd zameen p rhega srk,

  • @sarthak: jst like forest officers asked 4 SALMAN’S autograph he denied, dey made chinkara case na,
    hw illogical is ur reason

  • @aayushsrk: he is not a gentleman, he is a 2 faced guy, dats y i like SALMAN jo dil mein wo zubaan pe

  • “He abused using de F word” What the FU*K is that??? How can someone be abused using this word??? What country is that where even using this word on someone is “abusing” =))))
    Jesus Christ :D

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