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For all Abhishek Bachchan fans who have been eagerly waiting to know more about his upcoming superhero movie Drona, we have some great news for you. The storyline of Drona has finally been revealed by the makers of the movie. Here is the Movie Preview (story) of Drona with partial credit going to Rediff for the storyline.

Drona is Abhishek Bachchan’s answer to Hrithik Roshan’s Krrish. Directed by Goldie Bhel (husband of Sonali Bendre) who last directed Abhishek Bachchan, Rani Mukherjee and Sushmitha Sen in the box office dud Bas Itna Sa Khwab Hai, the superhero movie is a out an out action film.

The movie is about a orphan Aditya, who has been brought up by a foster family. He has never experienced or felt love. The only thing that gives him confort in the world is a magical blue rose petal that comes wafting into his room, always making him smile through his tears.

One day, the petal leads him to a beautiful kada, which he wears around his wrist. He does not realise that this act will unleash forces he never imagined.

Evil sorcerer Riz Raizada (played by Kay Kay Menon) a descendant of the legendary demons, Asuras, has become dangerously desperate in his quest for a precious secret. This secret is the missing link in his grand plan of taking over the universe. To get to the secret, he knows he will have to defeat Drona. And herein lies his problem. He doesn’t know who or where the Drona is!

One day, Aditya and Riz come face to face. Riz sees the kada, and recognises him as Drona. Suddenly, Aditya is running for his life. Just as he is about to be captured, Sonia (played by Priyanka Chopra) comes to his rescue. She reveals Aditya’s real identity to him but he refuses to believe that he is Drona, the saviour of the world. Drona is in real the son of Queen Jayati Devi (played by Jaya Bachchan) of the kingdom of Pratapgarh.

Very soon, the fight between the good and the evil begins. And it is time for Drona to conquer his childhood fears to emerge victorious.

Few questions for our readers..

– What do you think of the Drona Story? Does it appeal to you?
– Can Abhishek carry off a superhero movie the way Hrithik brilliantly carried off Krrish? Surely a superhero movie requires perfect body language. Acting scenes need to be performed well too.
– Can Goldie Bhel who delivered the horrible Bas Itna Sa Khwab Hai succeed this time around?

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  • i would prefer if Hritrik have done that role, he has the looks and the body language and for the story it does seems to be so excited to hear. I dont know if the role suits AB Junior but i m sure that the movie does not suits him. AB Junior is good in the role of gangster like some of the movies sarkar raj, yuva and the role in the movie Dhoom. Anyway i wish him all the best.

  • The script sounds like a fairy tale, and the promo which I’ve seen is a bit like hollywood movie ( The Mummy),. Abhishek might fit, but we can’t say only after watching the movie. I think this movie would be nice for teens, youngesters ages from 10 -16 years, they’ll find it interesting.

  • That is what we have to see is Abhi able to carry his performance like Hritik or better than him. And I think he can because what he has done in Guru, we can’t expect from others but if we see Hritik in “Koi Mil Gaya” we can’t expect from others but others can also do it……………………………..BUT THERE SHOULD BE THURST, ISN’T IT ?

  • i would think that Abhishek will try is hardest but his body might be a problem. he doesnt have the worst body but he doesnt have the best. i love priyanka and i know that she will do a great job, and maybe the director will make a breakthrough with this movie. it sure sounds interesting. i love all the actors and actresses and i really cant wait for this movie to come out!

  • Yes! Story is good and should be becouse it’s Ab’s movie. I hope it will do well. And by d way who is hritik do he act i don’t think so. Dorna rocks!!


  • Realy after seeing the promo, i m just surprised that movie will work or not, because abhishek looks much better in sarkar and guru. So lets hope for the best.

  • I fell this is horrible story!!!
    I dont think that this is going to work……………..i was fed up while reading this story
    who’s gonna go and watch this film?
    this is going to be surely disaster like ‘ bus itna sa khwab hai’

  • I think this is a bloody story. Abhisekh doesnt suit in this role. Hritik is 100times better than him. The Director should not take him ya.

  • saw the promos..well for start it looks like a fun movie…and by the way all the people who are comparing to actors..i doubt there mental soundness…we cant compare a mercedes to a bmw… what a bmw offers is not of the same taste that merc does…so lets not compare guys and gals..grow up..rest all have a opinion as india is a free country…right of speech..well as for priyanaka..she looking truel a sikhni…and tht too awsome sikhni with guts and power…rest abt ab baby..he is a good guy , good husband, good acotr( we all agree that with Guru -dont we) …so why so hatred…lets see the movie…if its bad than no ab baby nthng can save it ,and if its good then ab baby is the Real “Drona” after being “GUru” of all..so enjoy guys…waise this is based on true story..not ficition..as max movie is lifted from a true folk story of rajasthan

  • The looks of Abhishek resembles that of the well known hero of the game Prince of Persia. Even the sword is quite similar and that thing about the villain played by K.K is quite similar to the villain in Prince of Persia ‘The Vizier’.

  • I think drona will shock the people who thinks that it will be a flop and also the Special effects of the movie will shock the people bcos this effects are created by the people who were behind the films like matrix and hulk.

  • I feel the story is pathetic. Mix of harry potter who too didnt know his identity and the use of Newton’s first law – external force is utilized to make him find his identity
    No idea about the special effects, as such i dont remember any hindi movie with good special effects
    Krish too was a bit funny that ways
    Any priyanka – she is like in every alternate movie that releases in India
    Yeh kya ho raha hain
    A bad movie faring well at box office is nothing gr8 – for eg all useless Akshay Kumar movies with silly comedies
    but one thing is sure – the story is not even close to good

  • Chirag: I think from reading your comment u didn’t see Love Story 2050 yet, the special effect in the 2nd half of the movie was so good, portraying the future, watch it if u didn’t, it’s worth it.

  • To all the ppl above AB just rocks and drona is going to prove it. He just look awesome and by seeing the sfx it’s definitely going to be of hollywood standards…all the best AB

  • I think, this not good to guess any think about anybody. And also we should not Underestimate any body. But what i feel about this movie is, 100% Action, doesn’t suit Abhisekh properly. He is a no dobut a very good actor, but his Body Language and Fighting Skills, dosen’t match upto that level. You may be remember, in Jodha Akbar, Hritik was not suit to the role. But for Drona, Akshya Kumar or Hritil Roshan could been a better choice. Any way, film is going to be released very soon. We are waiting for Abhi’s Performance.

  • To Satya,
    Please think before you state your opinions otherwise you come off as ignorant. Either you have not watched the movie and are going by hearsay or else you are too narrow-minded. Perhaps when you look at Hrithik you dont percieve him to be a majestic king but when he played the role he was more than convincing! He totally became Akhbar, and in a very majestic manner. He carried it off effortlessly. So give credit where its due and dont be so declasse with your freedom of speech.

  • i m gonNA watch drona today.. at night..lol…. and i dont know anything about that movie! hahaha! yo! have fun people and enjoy that stupaid movie! leave this site… dont read anything here! go to my website —> www (.) devanshusinha (.) tk .. u can also check out my youtube account that is www (.) youtube (.) com / nextblain

    and yes… drona is history… is gonna be a super flop!

  • Hey…….

    Drona is on the line of copy of the famous game Prince of Persia – Warrior Within , but still it cannot catch out with the same stunts

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