Don’t compare Heroine to The Dirty Picture – Kareena

The bold look and dialogues of Kareena Kapoor in her upcoming film ‘Heroine’ definitely reminds us of Vidya Balan from ‘The Dirty Picture’. Though lot of comparisons made earlier were denied, the launch of the first trailer has made comparisons inevitable.

However, Kareena is miffed being compared and says “I am not getting into anybody’s shoes. I am very comfortable in my own and I would say that no one will get into mine either.”

She also said that ‘Heroine’ has nothing similar to ‘The Dirty Picture’, and that it is ‘unfair’ to compare the two.

Clarifying that the two films are different, Director Madhur Bhandarkar said “I liked ‘The Dirty Picture’. The film was about the rise of an item girl in the 1980s. Our film is more modern in its approach. The two films are very different and you cannot compare them.”

“There have been so many films based on underworld. Also so many cop films have come like ‘Singham’ and ‘Dabangg’, but no one compares them. Then why are people comparing these two films,” asked Bhandarkar.

Produced by UTV Motion Pictures, ‘Heroine’ also features Arjun Rampal. The film is scheduled to hit theatres on September 21st.



  • It’s inevitable to compare both movies. The theme is similar, the rise and fall of a movie star weather item girl or super star. Maybe they would have waited 2 years b/f releasing heroine. Vidya is a much better actrees that Kareena.

  • Heroine seems to be like the modern version of The dirty picture. Kareena is jealous of Vidya. In Vidya’s short carrier she has achieved so much without the help of Khans. Kareena took a dig at Vidya earlier also commenting about her fat figure. Kareena is surely jealous of Vidya.

  • but kareena defenitly tries to be like vidya in the heroine trailer you can defenitly see that
    just her acting is not like vidyas ACT

  • It’s true! We don’t have to compare Super Hit “The Dirty Picture” to the Super Flop Heroine!

  • The dirty picture trailer is more better than Heroin.. Kareena copied vidya balan. Heroin will be biggest flop of the year. Vidya is success without any superstar in her movie.. Vidya proof her from dirty picture and kahani. Kareena is nothing for khans or any big banner ban movies.

  • I feel that Heroine will be similar to the movie “Fashion” a rise of a heroine, model, then frustrations, but am sure it’s gona be a good movie for Karina

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