Don 3 being planned?

Don 2 is yet to release, but there are rumors that Farhan Akhtar, who was not so seen on directing Don 2, is pretty keen on following it up with Don 3.

Sources say, Don 2 has shaped up well and lead actress Priyanka Chopra has gone on record saying Don 2 is Farhan Akhtar’s best work ever.

If Don 2 works at the box-office, it could well rival the Dhoom franchisee and the 3rd part will most likely happen. If it does, it’ll be interesting to see if Shahrukh Khan will return as Don or if Farhan will opt for a new actor.

Since Farhan was keen on casting Hrithik Roshan as Don (for the remake), could Hrithik’s special appearance have something to do with Don part 3? We wonder..

More on this after the release of Don 2.. 3 days to go!



  • i cant wait to watch don 2! its gonna be the best film ever! i am watching the first show of the first day! it will be the biggest hit ever in hindi cinema when it releases! i also really like the songs zara dil ko tham lo, dushman mera and mujhko pehchanlo! i cant wait!!!!!!! :D

  • don 3 ko koi nai dekhe ga agar srk don na bana ,zyadatar log don 2 srk kee wajah se dekhne ja rahe hai
    don3 srk ke bina flop hogi

  • There is only one don in bollywood nd that is srk. As Farhan said that Srk is the best choice for Don role. So i don’t think he will make mistake by replacing srk. Right now i hv only one thing in my mind nd that is Don 2.

  • Hrithik and don! way..SRK is perfect choice..plz don’t do dis mistake farhan..if u want u can give second hero role to hrithik like arjun rampal did in don.

  • anti srk sense of indicine again speaks up…why dnt u guyz wish lallu sallu for d role of don in don3…grow up indicine…grow up…

  • (below is the part of interview of Farhan akhtar at the launch of don 2 video game)

    Farhan quips, ” If at all the Don from the video game was to come alive, all my trouble for SRKs dates for ‘Don 3’would be solved!” True, after all getting King Khans dates has never been a cakewalk.

    But thanks to the director, at least now we know what to expect from the film and the plausible sequel.

    -the freepress journal

    So now it is all clear that SRK is one n only choice of farhan akhtar for lead role for Don 3, & will also for 4, 5, 6,……. Lets hope, so Dont worry srk fans, it was only rumors, nothing else, aftet all farhan akhtar is a smart guy…

    @indicine, what do u think ? m i right or wrong ? Pls answer me, i want… in fact we all here want to know what is truth… Pls reply….

  • to be honest when i watched hritik in krish, his outfit kind a look like some old cuban drug dealer not a super hero. nobody can be a perfect don as srk. hritik might be fit for a role of police officer in don 3 who gets his a** kicked by don

  • Shurooo hogaya hrithik ko promote karna.
    guys this site made for promoting Hrithik roshan.

    i definately sure indicine will give 4 to 4.5 star after agneepath released and said hrithik ll win award for this .LOL

  • For sure,Hrithik will add some more excitement in Don2 moreover all the praise will goes to Hrithik.Don1 was a super-hit film but Sharukh was criticized for his bundel acting.Hrithik roshan is the best option for Don3.

  • @indicine huge srk fan here and i would not like srk to be replaced but hrithik in other roles is a huge yes yes especially pcs love intrest or a nemesis of don wouldn’t it be great if these two had a final battle in don3 and would lose all the drug empire the perfect fall of the biggesr anti hero of all time DON :D

  • I want only SRK as the lead actor in Don-3. Hrithik can do the supporting role.
    And guys, here is a Fake Sourav who is just a Coward and he is using my name to hide his own name. He always writes Negetive Comments about SRK. So be careful of this Stupid Duplicate Sourav.

  • all srk fans jus imagine srk doin jodha akbar,dhoom2…n as we all knw he failed in his superhero avatar….no 1 praisd his perfrmnce..jhoongoor(cockroach) kahin ka…n hrihtik can luk way betta than srk n dt 2 in don getup..jab srk acha dikhta hai toh hrithik dus guna zyada acha dikhega….fckin srk fans ,support ur srk bt don insult hr…even srk kids like hrihtiks actin nt of his father,..

  • @wingsuiter, yup quite like your idea.. Would be interesting to see what Hrithik’s role in Don 2 actually is. If they kill his character, then he won’t be returning. Farhan has said he is keen on working with Salman too, so it could be him. Wonder if he will suit the role of Don.

    Whatever it is, I doubt they’ll make it similar to Don 2. There will be something interesting in Don 3 cast-wise.. i.e if it does happen :)

  • At the moment,Hrithik is the no.1 hero because excitement of people towards Hrithik is getting up day by day.The best example is his film ‘Agneepath’.Agneepath has costliest satellite right-41 crore while Don2 has satellite right of 34 crore Moreover Agneepth has the most Youtube clicked.The excitement of Agneepath is all because of Hrithik.Remember all SRK fans, Karan johar has chosen Hrithik for his great magnum opus film’Agneepath’.Why not SRK for Agneepath because SRK has not been performing well for the last 2-3 years.MNIK and did not perform well in India.MNIK is not a clean hit.All SRK fans must remember that Hrithik is best choice for the remake of BIG B’s film.

  • oh come on friends….we all know that, we are the die hard fan of SRK…..But remember my friends no one can rule for ever ….Oneday SRK must have to go also….Remain that , after the three khan jomana(SRK,amir,salman) Hrithik is the future KING of Bollywoood….he is my fevourite Star also after SRK…..

  • @Indicine team-SRK fans will not like now that Hrithik can replace him in DON-3 but I think it would be perfect If Hrithik’s role extended in the movie and already DON-2 is getting publicity because of Hrithik’s role in DON-2.

  • User Reviews: Don 2 (2011) best action film by Bollywood
    10/10 | amanirani52 | 8 Dec 2011

    Today i saw the special screening of Don 2 in Dubai film festival.Frankly speaking I was stunned by the movie.Simple plot but the twists and turns in the movie were amazing. I will not reveal the plot details because you will loose interest in it.But the story is simple after becoming the underworld king of Asia,Don has targeted European underworld, the film shows the way in which Don fulfills his dream.The movie is at par with Hollywood action movies.Car chase,action,stunts,visuals were awesome.Shahrukh Khan was at his best,he gave a special feeling to the movie.But Boman Irani,Priyanka Chopra,Kunal Kapoor have also done a great job.Nawab Shah was also outstanding, he deserves a special applause. In the end Don 2 is a fine made product with an open ending.It is a must watch this holiday season.Farhan Akhtar has once again proved that he is a fine director.His directing skills are awesome, he should direct more movies.


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