Don 2 Week 1 Box office Update

Last Friday, when Don 2 released worldwide in 41 countries – film critics thrashed the film, the trade pundits predicted doom after the euphoric initial weekend – but, it’s Shahrukh Khan and Farhan Akhtar who are laughing all the way to the bank.

Not only has Don 2 done fantastic business over it’s 3 day weekend, the film has continued it’s good run during the weekdays. On Monday, with a drop of less than 50% compared to Friday, the verdict is clear – Don 2 has received tremendous appreciation from the classes (multiplex audience) and is set for a long run at the box-office.

Unlike SRK’s last release Ra One, the strong word-of-mouth has resulted in good collections on Tuesday and Wednesday. The total so far is around 67 crores including revenue earned from dubbed regional versions. With one day remaining (Thursday), Don 2 is likely to end it’s first week with a 72 crore all India nett.

Like we have always been saying, we expect the trending to be similar to Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara. The drops are likely to be a little higher with Don 2, as both the release (print-count) and the number of people who watched it in the first weekend, were much higher than ZNMD.

Don 2 verdict – HIT. Should cross 100 crores in 12 days and end with lifetime collections of 115 crores. Could have been more without Players, which belongs to a similar genre.



  • @ indicine pls tell the budget of don 2, acc to wiki and other reliable sources it’s 75 crores, so if don 2 crosses 100 crores which is definitely it looks to then how can it will be a hit only?? Pls reply.

  • Dear Bothers,

    I’m from Bangladesh and a big fan of Bollywood movies, I was going through your comments and really very shocked and surprised to see none of you are commenting about the movie most of you are biased of some one. If you are a fan of Amir khan then you don’t need to hate SRK or SK..and vise versa. And you don’t need to pay to like all of them. If I go for story 3 idiot is the best movie, if I go for entertainment then dabang is the best, and Don 2 is the best thriller action movie. So pls don’t compare. To me the best movies of this year :

    ZNMD – Story.
    Chillar Party – Comedy.
    Rockstar – Music, Acting.
    Don 2 – Action.
    Bodyguard – Music.
    Pyar ka Panch Nama. – Comedy, Story.

    And one thing I must say, Salman Khans fan are also like him, Speaks from heart not from brains. Dabang, ready and bodyguard all of them are blockbuster but these movies have very average story, then again, was a good try but I guess the direction was not up to the mark. And SRK was pathetic. Doing good business doesn’t always means that the movie is good. Dirty picture did very well but is it a good movie? Well I don’t think so, then again a nice film like No One Killed Jessica was flop.
    So like the movies, and don’t be biased of any actor.

  • One more thing, from the trailer it seems like the up coming movie players is a copy of ‘The Italian job’.

  • it’s not about srk or’s about the movie and don2 is a super thriller movie.on the comparison with bollywood other movies don2 is far far better than other movie.if we talking about hit movies like dabang, ready , bodyguard, there is no unique story line,acting level is not so good.half of movie ir running on songs,faltu comedy etc.and the real story is of 30 minute. STOP GOING FOR MOVIE LIKE READY OR BODYGAURE.AND AS SALMAN IS FAVOURITE AT BOLLYWOOD SO WHY DON’T HE TRY FOR INNOVATIVE AND NEW LIKE AMIR KHAN AND SRK.

  • @ indicine don 2 had collected 63.5 crores (total 5 days domestic nett all versions), as per wiki, komal nahata and add estimated 6.5 crores of wednesday (acc to box office report site) then 6 days total is 70 cr domestic nett for opening week with thursday still to go. Pls clarify.

  • haha what hapened now srk fan a big slap again don2 will not even crossed ready same as RAONE…srk did a good job but movie was average….but whats come to an end both srk movies didnt break ready lifetime record, BG AND DABANGG are out of reach…..boht bolte ho release se pehle or baad men jb record nahi tutta to stupid excuses dete ho…srk ne ye kia wo kia blah blah blah…..a big slap again at all srk fans….GOD BLESS………..

  • @mughal, bodyguard was a blockbuster in malayalam and in tamil too, if any other actor acted in bodyguard then also it will become blockbuster, actually bodyguard got lot of negative word of mouth due to salman , suppose if ajay devgan acted in it then it may able to cross 200 crore mark for sure

  • read in some newspaper that after getting lot of bad reviews for his acting salman started going for acting classes, good for him best of luck salman

  • after getting lot of bad reviews for his acting salman started going for acting classes, good for him best of luck salman, let see he will improve or not

  • due to bad reviews for his acting for body guard and ready, salman started going for acting classes, lets see he will improve or not

  • after getting lot of bad reviews for his acting in body and ready salman has started going for acting classes heard that he hired best acting teacher in the world

  • Don 2 is best action movie till date after dhoom series..
    N m also lukin frward to players the official remake of italian job..

  • acctualy prob ye he ki bolywood ab bolywod nehi raha, hamare k…ki….kiran maniac srk ne bolywod ko holy me badalne chala o v unoficialy. holy scenes chory karke,actualy srk karna kaya chata he? ki o holy star he aur baki sab desi,phele ek bakwas ra1 then bond,MI series filmo ka scene chory karake bina logic ke don2 banaya,iska story jitna na bolu utna achha he, 90,s me b ya c grad holy filmo me curency plate chory karneka story jo audience bahat bar dekh chuke he.seriously srk d holy star so pathetic. 3 idiots,munna bhai series,golmal series,dabang,ghajni,ready,rajneti,bodygaurd,singham jese pure indian story v bahat successful film sabit hua he so why?

  • Don2 – SRK’s performance is so brilliant, so awesome, so cool, so smart, so stylish, so dashing & mind blowing and so memorable……The ‘King’ is really back…..

  • I am a HIGHLY critical moviegoer and I picked apart “don: the chase …” to pieces … but this movie … it was ONE OF A KIND for Indian cinema. For years I have cringed at Indian action movies but this one was soooo believable and sleek! And for those saying SRK did badly seriously I am an Akshay Kumar fan and I think Sharukh’s action sequences were brilliant! Firstly I loved the Krav Maga-esque fighting and if he was any bulkier his movement would have been restricted and hindered the flow. Besides a lean, muscular body is most suited to action not salman’s over the top body, harnessed and performing over the top inane stunts, which look obviously fake and I would never show to my gora friends. But Don ahhh finally an action movie I can recommend to all my friends and family. Blus bonus points to Farhan for keep sleazy sex and kisses out of the movie.

    Whether Don 2 reaches the collections of Ready or Dabang or Bodyguard (WTF!!) is really a reflection on the Indian moviegoer NOT the movie which is a pioneer in all the right ways!

  • I hv seen don 2 four times nd i still want to watch it for the fifth time its an awesome movie. Srk the don of bollywood. Love u srk.

  • I dnt knw what is the prblm of dese SRK fans first dey say dat DON 2 will break BODYGUARD”S record & wen it is clear dat DON 2 cldnt cross READY dey have started dis new thing datt SRK brings orignal movies common guys agree to the fact dat SALMAN IS A BIGGER CROWD PULLER DAN SRK

  • Wen RA.1 broke the highest 1 day collection record dey said no 1 stopped SALMAN to release BODYGUARD in 3400 screens nw i say no 1 stops SRK tto put gud music in his films den why dey blame dat SALMAN movies works bcoz of good music

  • what my heart truly says is..
    Amir: Gazni was remake of south it was already having the publicity people will definitely come and it become huge hit.
    Salman: salman last releases which becames hit as like Wanted,Dabang,Ready and Bodygaurd all are south movies.all are it became superhits.

    but about Don2 ..its original movie.its collection will be 100+ crore mark means its a blockbuster.
    even though shahrukh had not any romance or not there any love story in the item songs like the salman moview were having…

    i am not having doubt that Salman and Amir are great but as per the review SRK is far ahead than both these..

    so i can say SRK is real bollywood king….best ever thing i can like abt SRK is he never pull down others leg as like Amir try to do…he prove on his own way…

    best luck SRK..hope in future u will get succeed lots no one will reach near to you….

  • I think sallu is not good actor.he always shows his funny body in his every movie.and without wanted,his action is very funny too.his fans always think that he has the best body.but look at the john,ranbir,shahrukh…i think salman is 1000 mile behind them.SRK is best.he won best actors award in 8 times as a record.but where is salman?salman fans,fuh!

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