Don 2 Review

Don Ke Character Ko Bhulana Muskhil Hi Nahi… Namumkin Hai! It’s one of those films, where one character overshadows everything else and stays with you long after you exit the cinema hall.

The sequel to the 2006 hit, Don 2 has the exact same star cast with a few additions. Shahrukh Khan returns as Don, Priyanka Chopra plays Roma, Boman Irani is Vardhaan, Om Puri is Malik and Lara Dutta is Ayesha. Additions are Kunal Kapoor, Aly Khan, Sahil Shroff and Nawab Shah.

Expectations: SRK’s last release Ra One, irrespective of it’s box-office collections, was an average film. With Don 2, almost all the trailers were great and with Farhan as the director, our expectations were high.

Don 2 Review

Unlike most biggies, Don 2 has a story to tell, one that has plenty of twist-and-turns. Even though Don 1 released more than 5 years back, the iconic characters are fresh in the minds of the audience. And Farhan has wisely avoided wasting time on character introductions, as Don’s new crime begins as soon as you settle in your seats.

The second half begins a little slow. While we loved the film, the sudden change-of-heart for Don was hard to digest. Why ruin a character that was built to be cold-hearted, someone who is selfish and cared for none? The brief romance between SRK and Priyanka comes across as forced.

The action sequences were good, but nothing that you haven’t already seen before. The camerawork throughout was fantastic and so was the background score. There was no scope for music, just one song in the first half and the other during the credits.

From start to finish, what really stands out are the dialogues by Farhan Akhtar – every single wisecrack by SRK was applauded.

Coming to the performances, it’s Shahrukh Khan’s show all the way. He’s fantastic, his expressions and his voice modulation works big time. While age is fast catching up with the superstar, his stubble-look (first 15 minutes) worked well with the character that he was playing. Wish they had retained it throughout the film. Boman Irani like always is a class act. Priyanka Chopra looks pretty and is good in the action sequences. Kunal Kapoor plays his part well. Om Puri and Lara Dutta have a small role. Sahil Shroff does well in his very first film.

Overall, Don 2 works mainly because of three reasons – SRK’s performance, Farhan’s direction and those fantastic dialogues. At the box-office, the film has opened well and should continue it’s good run for the next 2 weeks. Many have asked us about the repeat-value. For us, Don 2 is a one-time watch in theater and second-time on DVD for sure.

Rating: ★★★★☆



  • dont agree with ur review……

    First half slow, The second half begins a little slow.
    15 min hairstyle should be continued…..
    the sudden change-of-heart for Don was hard to digest. Why ruin a character
    The brief romance between SRK and Priyanka comes across as forced.
    The action sequences were good, but nothing that you havenít already seen before.

    So why r u giving 4 star.. Give 2 or 3…. Here u r playing diplomatic by giving 4 star u r pleasing SRK fans and by finding so many flaws u r pleasing Salllu fan……

    Though i m hard core SRK fan……… Very happpy by seeing 4 stars……..

    BLoackbuster ……..130cr………

  • Gaurav, we have never tried to please any star-fan, not with our Don 2 review or any of the reviews before. Because at the end of the day, if it’s a positive review – we hate SRK and are Salman fans, if it’s a negative review, vice versa. Pointless arguing about it.

    Now about the points that you mentioned. We never said the first half was slow. Second half, yes.. it begins a little slow but soon picks up pace. We also didn’t like the fact that they changed SRK’s character , the change of heart was too quick. That probably was the only negative. The romance was too brief. We liked the film as a whole and would definitely watch it once again when it releases on DVD / TV. Oh and we forgot to mention, it’s easily SRK’s best performance since Chak De India. Hate when he goes over-the-top (read Ra One, Om Shanti Om), but here his performance was restrained and the way he delivered his dialogues were outstanding. Under good directors, he’s one of the best actors in the industry.

  • after reading this review.. muskil hogaya hai ghar me baethke rahena.. just got and update in fb from one of my friend i.i “Thrill at his Best…!!!

    Just “Experienced” Donism of KinnG..!!!

    Really, it was an awesome experience to experience the Real thrill…!!! 2nd half was Rocking enough to feel the Thrill..!!!! Unfolding the twists at the Climax was the best scene..!! S.r.k at his best in Comic scenes and hilarious dialogues.!!

    A must watch Film..!! My rating- 9.5/10 (-0.5 for piggy chops acting)..!!

  • Great news! 4 stars by Indicine… Got to be really good. But unfortunately I can’t watch it for the next 2 weeks at least, since there’re no movie theaters around my workplace. Will hav to stay untill I go back home.. :-( Sob Sob.. Will post my reviews once I watch it.

  • @indicine-while you are saying don2 is a must watch movie, why are you decreasing its repeat value by suggesting to watch it on tv second time? If it is worth 4 stars i think it is really an excellent movie and the audience are wise enough to decide whether to watch it second time or not, i will see the movie tonight and then tell how good the movie is in my opinion.

  • I have seen the first day first show of Don-2.
    The film is Excellent, King Khan’s acting is Extraordinary. SRK (Super Rocking Khan) proves that why he is called the Badshah of Bollywood. Besides this Farhan Akhtar’s work is also Brilliant. I am sure that it will be a Mega Blockbuster.
    My rating is – 4/5.
    Now, SRK please make Don-3 for us…

  • @Deepak, because the suspense and thrill would be missing. You’d know exactly what to expect next. What makes Don 2 a great one-time watch, is the audience is kept guessing as to what will happen next. You are always aware that Don is too smart to be fooled. Actually thought, he was using both Priyanka and Kunal!

  • Audience movie dekhegi ya nahi wo unki marzi tum tu aise bol rahe ho jaise ke movie dekhne ke paise tum de rahe ho wo tu dekhne walo ke upar depend hei kanjos ek bar aur dil wale 2to 5 times…. Tum tu ddlj ko bhi buri film kaho ge

  • Best movie srk..loved it..indicine wale pagal hain..kehte hain 1 time watch..wat a joke..agar dhoom 2 maine 5 bar theatre mein dekhi hain..tho don 2 bi jarur dekhunga.

  • Indicine wht u think about action sequences, I think it was better than and farhan did a great job. While I was watching a movie its look to me as i m watching a hollywood movie, climax was so unpredictable and Don did’nt change he was using roma and he knows her weakness that’s why he is king of romance he knows how to handle ladies

  • Thank you indicine for replying but if you have given don2 4 stars it should be good enough to get some repeat audience.

  • expected many more negatives frm indicine review…even if the person who walks through any frame had prblms tht wuld hav bn pointd out by indicine coz thz is srk muv…n 4 stars…thn d muv must b gr8…

  • wht a movie srk rocksssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss call me donnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn.blocbuster movie of the year

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