Don 2 – Records to beat!

The week for Don’s return is finally here and like every SRK release, all eyes are on the box-office collections. Fans of the actor would be nervously hoping for a record-breaking opening. After all, his last smash-hit was Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi in 2008. Every since, it’s been Aamir Khan and Salman Khan who have been hogging the limelight. 

Can Don 2 re-establish SRK’s position in the industry? Let’s have a look at some of the box-office records that the film chases this weekend.

  • Day 1 Record currently held by Bodyguard (20.5 crores) – This could be broken, but with December 23rd being a working day, we expect Bodyguard to hold-on to it’s record for the the time being.
  • Highest Single day collections currently held by Ra One (23.5 crores) – Unless the word-of-mouth is negative, Don 2 should surpass Ra One on Christmas (Sunday). We expect the film to collect 25 crores on 25th December.
  • Weekend Record (3 days) held by Dabangg (48.5 crores) – Unlike Ra One and Bodyguard, Don 2 has a three-day weekend. Again, unless the film carries negative reports, this record should be easily broken. Weekend prediction – 55 crores.
  • 1st Week Record currently held by Bodyguard (101 crores) – If Don 2 does 60 crores in it’s 3 day weekend and the film is liked, then it needs to do about 10 crores everyday during it’s weekdays. Difficult, but possible. Week 1 Prediction: 90 crores.
  • Lifetime record currently held by the mighty 3 Idiots (202 crores) – Unlikely, highly unlikely. 3 Idiots not only had great repeat value, but carried the best word-of-mouth for any film in the last decade. For Don 2, it will have to be an exceptionally good film to even come close. Lifetime collections Prediction – If Good (175 crores), Mixed (145 crores), Negative (100 crores).

There you go, we expect Don 2 to break the single-day and weekend records. The rest would depend on the content.

We have tried a different style of prediction for Don 2. Do tell us how you liked it. Your predictions are welcome too.



  • i think movie will certainly better than and will be the highest grosser of the year .But i hope it will beat 3 idiots record which seems very difficult fingercrossed.

  • don 2 prediction:

    By looking at promos and 6 dialoque promos ,I think film be definately good.
    Moreover it is a Farhan Akhtar film. Stylish action sequences, great dialoques.The only obstacle is negativity about srk amoung few people which I am sure after Don 2 will not be dere.

    1st weekend : 55 crore

    1st week : 80 + crore

    Lifetime : 160-170 crore.

    Overseas it will be highest grossing bollywood film of 2011..

  • i am praying it 2 break 3 idiot’s record of 202 crore. But it will Undoubtedly, Unthinkably, 100%, Unquestionably cross 150 crore mark.. may be 180 crore mark.

  • I think Don 2 will torn apart the records of Bodyguard. But it seems like Misson impossibe to break 3 ideots record. Life time should be 160 crore. Overseas will help a lot. Waiting for the return of Don.

  • Salman khan bollywood ka bodyguard hai or isse jayada banne ki uski okat bhi nahi hai bodyguard hi…..hi….hi……….!!!!
    Fikar mat kar salman shahrukh tujhe jald hi apna bodyguard bana laga yu ro mat. ……………………!!!!!!

  • salman khan :- bodyguard lovely singh reporting sir !

    shahrukh khan(Don) :- sir ! sir, bahut sarif sa lagta hai call me DON

  • It is just a start, you will see what happends after the release of Don-2. All records will be broken down one by one and new history will be created by King Khan.
    I know that it is very very hard to break the record of ‘3 Idiots’ but it is not impossible for Badshah SRK.

  • I am all set to see don 2(2D) on 23rd in big cinema(KANPUR). On 23rd 5 people 400Rs per person.
    On Saturday I’ll visit cinemax(KANPUR), in 3D, 15 friends including me, cost 260Rs per person.
    On Christmas I’ll in Lucknow at PVR.With my aunts and uncles to celebrate christmas with Don 2.
    And my school is also taking us too Inox(KANPUR). On 30th of December to celebrate New Year, in 3D.

    And so I will learn Don 2 by heart as I have only seen 4 movies this year.
    2.Harry Potter-8

    I am Srk’s Big fan and DON 2- India(200cr+) & Overseas(110+).

  • First day 17-18 cr weekend 57 cr first week 90cr, life time 190-210, overseas 100-120 tats my prediction hope it turns out true…inshallah

  • m sure don2 will collect more than 250 crores.. hehehehhahahhahah… jus joking. is there anyone who wanna bet on don2 vs bodyguard???? open chalenge to all srk fans.. if likes by audience ( 120-125 crore) if mixed( 100-110) crore n if people dont like( 80-95 crore)… comon srk fans.. accept my bet.. if don2 beats bodyguard, then srk is the real king n if bodyguard beats don2, then u srk guys have to accept that salman is the real king… no more this record n that record… whoever wins. the looser have to accept that salman/srk is the real king… is that ok srk fans????????

  • I think this time king khan is really back with bangg, the trailers are highly liked by audience, hits dialogs, good songs and the buzz around don 2 is extraordinary evrywhr,, now its seems this movie has the ability to break 3I records ;)

  • Sounds great. I think Don2 can make its goal. Coz the story is great,the acting is great and overall its srk film. If fans support the film this film can make 200+ crores business. All the best. Eyes on 23 dec…….

  • Before 25-oct u all srk fans said raone will break 3 idiot record but it was failed to even cross ready lifetime collection. Now u again saying that don 2 will break easily bodyguard record and a guy written story of don 2 is good i want to ask him did he watched don2 before its release hope srk invite him to see this movie kya kare promotiom me help milegi waise i think don 2 ka collection ra one se bhi kam hoga aur agar film ki report good hui tab bhi bodyguard ka record safe hai.

  • I agree with @indicine these predictions r looking very much possible. For me i think 150 crore is very much on the cards nd all records will be broken except 3 idiots lifetime record. But there is nothing impossible if there is srk so be ready for surprises. As it is Farhan Akhtar movie so content will be good at least nd with good content srk can break any record. Best wishes nd good luck to srk nd Don2 team.

  • am tired say that Don 2 is another flop but ppl they don’t listening…so NOW just bring on….


  • As srk said that u can hate or love me but u can’t ignore me. As we can see srk haters just can’t stop themselves to comment on this page.

  • As sallu said that if u don’t like me then sorry, if u like me then thank u.if u srk fan then stop talking abt sallu ok. As we can see sallu haters just can’t stop themselves to comment on ever page.

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