Don 2 Monday Update

After a good weekend of about 47 – 48 crores (including all versions), Don 2 has done well on Monday with collections continuing to remain strong at multiplexes.

Early reports suggest 30% occupancy for morning shows and 80-90% collections for the evening and night shows. While it’s difficult to give estimates for Monday, we expect the collections to be around 7.5 crores nett.

The response has been extremely mixed – super strong at multiplexes (especially in metros), below average to poor at smaller centers.

Expected 4 day collections about 55 crores.

UPDATE: Our early estimates were pretty accurate. The Monday collections including all versions were around 7.5 crores in India.



  • @ NITIN

    Don-2 is a very good film. Only reason why it will never work in single screens is because “TOO MUCH ENGLISH” & “NO ITEM NUMBER” like “KHAIKE PAAN BANARAS WALA”

    It is one of a kind caper thriller & is actually done well but NOT a masterpiece. could’ve been in the hands of a better thriller oriented director like Sriram Raghavan.

    SRK can always come back to Single Screen audience with full on Romance with Yash Chopra. SRK can never loose audience. never. if thats the case Ra.One would never have collected 125 crores at BO.

    Indian masses will never ever forget him because he is truly a king of romance & masala audience either crave for full on romance or cheap garbage comedy. SRK is former.

  • @AJ

    SRK is born to play DON. WHY? Because he can “ACT” unlike overrated sanju who cannot act if his life depends onit. Ajay is the most overrated actor ever. same old sleepy eyes Malik Bhai in OUATIM. Imran Hashmi stole the show.

    SRK can act NATURALLY if needed. of STYLISH if needed like Don-2. SRK gave a evil performance with wicked laugh in DON-2. Easily one of this anti-hero best since DARR.

    Those Prison Scenes in Don-2 are DEVILISH. watch it again. Restrained at times. Over the top at times. clearly gets the message accross. Go watch the knife fight again. Better than what slo mo garbage of Sallu, ajay, sanju can ever do. Go watch the end fight. true-hand-to-hand combat done very well. NO Slow Motion cheap garbage Sallu, Ajay movies have.

    SRK has clearly pushed the boundaries of action movies forever with DON-2. Infact, SRK Don-2 is the best DON ever. Better than don-2006 & clearly better than Bachchan Don-1976.

    Give credit where its due. The man was truly menacing, calculating, devilish & Wicked at times. New York Times says this. SRK Don made the movie an engaging thriller which could have faltered easily.

    SRK’s stylized theatrical acting worked big time in DON-2, DON, Devdas, Darr, Baazigar
    SRK’s natural acting worked big time in Chak De, MNIK, RNBDJ, KHKN.

  • After the release of Ra1, 2nd day Ra1 did a business of over 23crs highest single day business, all salman fans were saying that with double the prints and publicity and tamil/telegu versions Ra1 could only beat Bodyguard by 1.5 or 2 crs which was expected as the movie released with 3400 prints and in all other languages. An article came up here as well as on KOIMOI that no body stopped Salman from releasing bodyguard in 3400 screens and nobody stopped salman from releasing bodyguard in other languages, at the end of the day Business is what all matters.

    I would like to say the same thing here Nobody is stopping SRk from making Masala Movies or remakes or whatever. Its the business thatís what matters at the end of the day and Salman is a clear winner here. Nobody can beat him at least in INDIA. SRk will have to keep trying to match up with Salman these days. and now look at don 2 looks difficult to even cross 100 crs.

    Ra1 couldnít break first day record of Bodyguard, First week record of Bodyguard and overall business of Ready. Now I know a lot of SRk fans are going to counter my opinions by saying that SRK is making difference in the cinema..hehheh what difference can you make by coping few Hollywood movies into 1 and called it RA1. Special effect were of a C grade Hollywood movie are about same as Ra1. Using a lot of adult jokes in a movie targeted for kids. Come on who r u kidding with. Nobody is stopping SRk from making Masala movies, its the business thatís what matters and SRK keep dreaming.

  • almost same as monday..WOW the film is holding well..and monday incl all version is 8Cr to be real..

  • @ Ishan

    Sallu’s film get good response despite being garbage content wise is for 3 reasons:

    1. south india audience is no different from north india interiors. If regional Blockbusters are remade scene-2-scene with over the top direction & loud acting. It will be called “PAISA VASOOL”

    2. Insert a pooular hips swinging “ITEM NUMBER” like “character dheela” or “dhinka chikaa” or “munni badnaam huee”. It will get the whistles going & again PAISA VASOOL.

    3. Desi audience is generally not good looking with out of shape figure. Sallu’s looks & style is what north indian slumdogs & rikshawalas would like to look like. fair skin, muscular physique & killer attitute with expensive shades. Thats why SALMAN BHAI sells. something SRK can never be. He has too much boy next door looks. Same goes with akshay, ajay.

  • Hello everyone mai srk ka bahut bada fan hon maine deewana se lekar don2 tak saari film dekhi hain srk tum ek cheej ka dhyan rakho film me aap ki thodi kami rah jati hai me aap ki sirf do fight hain jab ki fans aur chahte the jaise robot me kitni fight hai aur love story bhi hai me love story gayab hai mai samjhta hon ke love story wali thems film nahi hai magr fans ye nahi samjhte don2 me bhi love story bhi honi chahiye thi aur action aur bhi hona tha aaj kal ki filmo me end achcha nhi hota fans ko end bhi best magta aur ek baat public ko hero ki insult nahi chahiye

  • Good news for all shahrukh fans … Don2 has grossed a whopping $7.1 M in its opening weekend overseas..surpassing the mnik record of $5 M… And by this speed it will be the biggest grosser overseas of 2011 in a week ( currently) and may be biggest of all time in long run .. In usa it grossed $2.1 M which is more than combined of bg and ready weekend

  • some of the people are talking about villagers which is really if they are not going to watch shahrukh movie, my dear all coz of these villagers you are getting foods to eat everyday and most important you cannot force anyone to go and watch movie they watch the movies which is simple good songs good stories.

  • @indicine……don 2 oveseas opening weekened collection update in bollywood hangama by taran adrash….ur should be update collection as soon as possibile..

  • Abash…we got that yestarday…….Don 2 beated bodyguard lifetime overseas collection in just 3 days… kept our hope to beat the bodyguard overall collection….

  • i have watched the film,,,, excellent film to end the year,,,, much better than that of bodyguard, Ra. one, ready, dabang and all other recent superhits….

    srk is at his best…. in terms of every thing…

  • Plz follow the link for truth

  • Hey i m a villager bt m bored of watching such south action.
    don 2 is amazing and the sequel will also come there is everying looks realistic whether its unarm combat or street racing scenes. After a long time any critically acclaimed and a superhit movie

  • Guys…… the first effective drop has been seen for Don 2 today….which is quite natural for every film…according to BOXOFFICE REPORT.NET,. Don 2 may collect 6.5 crore all over the India including all versons….guys what do you think..will don2 able to jump on its coming holyday…

  • Indicine can you please explain this to me:

    How come box office india is quoting US Dollar 5.4 million for overseas collection
    Taran adarsh is quoting US Dollar 7 million for overseas collection

    Much Appreciated

  • Don 2 Holding Up Well At Multiplexes

    Wednesday 28th December 2011 11.00 IST

    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    Don 2 is holding up well at multiplexes in big cities as Tuesday collections are in the 6.25-6.50 crore nett range. The collections till date are 59-60 crore nett for the Hindi version and the week is looking to close at around 70 crore nett with the regional version adding another 2.50 crore nett.

    The film has been liked the urban metro audience and coupled with the Christmas period, the film is recording strong collections in Mumbai, Delhi NCR and Bangalore.

    The single screens are seeing drops since Monday but the film will do well on the strength of multiplex business and should be able cross the 100 crore nett mark for lifetime business though the Ra.One (Hindi) lifetime total of 115 crore nett may be tough to surpass.


  • Bro Inder thats wrong,.the actual tuesday collection of don 2 is 7.6 crore….I dont know why, but BOI is giving less collection information about Don 2…they did it about don 2 weekend collection, monday collection, showing that don 2 monday collection is 6.5 crore…when actual fegure is 8.1 crore,.then they changed it…and now again on tuesday….

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