Don 2 Collections: Week 3

The release of Players has severely affected the collections of Don 2 in Week 3 as collections dropped by more than 80%.

While we expected the collections to be around 10 crores due to the strong word-of-mouth, the film only managed about Rs 5.2 crores in it’s 3rd week. 

Weekly breakdown (Hindi version only)

  • Week 1 – 70.9 crores
  • Week 2 – 27.2 crores (62% drop)
  • Week 3 – 5.2 crores (81% drop)
  • 3 week Total – 103.3 crores

With the heavy drop in Week 3, Don 2 is unlikely to go past SRK’s last release Ra One and Aamir’s 2009 blockbuster Ghajini. The film needs about 4.5 crores to go past Golmaal 3.

In India, Don 2 is likely to end it’s run as the third highest grosser of 2011 after Bodyguard, Ready and Ra One.



  • impossible to reach READY’S collection—srk fans bura na manna.mvie thik thak thi,actng v achi thi lekin THE REAL THING srk pe ye role suit ni kiya-is se achha DON tha.

  • I don’t care about the collections.I’m pretty sure that SRK is going to win the Filmfare best actor award for his performance in Don 2.

  • @Indicine Team

    When BOI said Bodyguard is highest grosser of 2011,they said BOI is biased.
    When Koimoi said Salman Khan is most profitable actor of 2011,they said Koimoi is biased.

    So don’t tell such things to these Srk fans because they are leaving in different world.

  • Srk haters tumhe 5’7″ inch ka insaan (salman jisko acting ka ‘a’ bhi nahi ata) 6 feet k admi ko marta hua suit karta hai aur tumhe shahrukh 5’9″ ka suit nhi karta , grow up .srk will prove again that why he is the king. Haters achi filmo ko appreciate toh karna toh tumhe sikhna hi hoga nhi toh dekho masala filmo ka remake aur kush raho .

  • suckers srk fans where the things you been saying everywhere and very bad comment…what it is now? u should say salman is the only king of bolywood…. …i know jealousy ppl never imitated always..

  • srk don 2 is a good movie. i agree that bodyguard is the highest grossing movie this year and is right behind.ready also has a great collection. If don 2 regional versions are included its net collections for india is 109 crores after the end of 3 week and the movie is still running.Don 2 overseas collection is 64.5 crores at the end of third week which is the highest for any movie in is second at 49 crores and bodyguard at 40.5 crores.Overall Bodyguard is a winner but srk movies( and don2) are right ahead of ready’s worldwide collection.

  • Shahrukh is a consistent superstar, every year he is giving hit superhits & blockbuster… sallu is just a edge ahead of srk this year in india only..worlwide srk rulzz 2nd best after 3i…also agreed dat sallu moviz were highest grossing in india but his performance was not as appreciated as shahrukh in don2..dats y sallu’s non nominating for any awards..!!

  • @indicine from where u get these fake collections…
    Taran adarsh tweets today-Hindi-106 cr,Tamil and telgu-1.6 cr and tamil-1.2 cr
    And boxoffice india not given the whole collection till week 3

  • Is there any other actor in bollywood who can shell out 125 Crores from his own pocket n produce an experimental movie? Can Amir Khan or for that matter Salman Khan do the same?? I dnt think so. Despite Investing 125 Crores, it was SRK who had d last laugh. He made money from all quarters including various brand tie-ups, Merchandise Sales, Console Games selling, Telecast of Music launch, Music Rights, Satellite Rights & what not. Even Net box office gross (excl. Tax) from India were a fat 115 Crores (Hindi), 8 Crores (Tamil n Telgu) & almost 50 Crore net frm Overseas mkt. If that wasn’t enough, he is going to release the movie in 40 more countries in Feb this year n dat again would bring him some big bucks. Plus there must be many more avenues like DVD sales, Downloading, Extending VFX facilities to other producers etc etc.
    Now if we all think that producing a movie like Ra.One has made SRK poorer by a few crores, then I’m sure SRK would like to do d same as often as possible. Ra.One was a marketing masterstroke from SRK & he must be given his due credit for the same.

  • what a crap figures indicine!!!! When you are writting like these figures you must tell the truth .
    Why you are not adding regional collections ? Aren’t these collections going to the producers ? What a s****d site…….!!!!
    DON2 is the third highest grosser in 2011 and it crossed 223crore only in three weeks and iam sure that it will past both BG and RA.ONE which collected 229crore and 240 crore respectively.
    Besides that”Don 2″ is still doing
    outstanding business in its 3rd
    week. Below are the figures of
    its business – “Don 2” will do decent
    business in next 2 weeks too
    as “Players” will not be there
    in theaters much and no big
    release is happening in due
    Here are collections of DON2:
    1st Week 75.45 cr , 2nd Week 28.89 cr , 3rd Weekend 4.02 cr , Total Domestic collections 110.06 cr , nett Total Overseas collections 66 cr nett , Total Worldwide Nett collections 176.06 cr nett , Total Worldwide Gross collections 223 cr nett , Lifetime Domestic Nett Expected 114 cr nett , Lifetime Worldwide Gross Expected 245 cr.

  • To put the
    matter to the rest, below is the
    comparison of SRK’s last 3 releases and all time top 5
    grosser – Film 2nd Week Collections My Name Is Khan 17.89 cr nett , Ra.One 14.58 cr nett , Don 2 28.89 cr nett “Don 2” is by far the best
    trending film of Shahrukh or
    any star in recent times in non
    festive season. Top All Time Grosser In Recent
    Times (last 5 years) are – 3 Idiots 369.50 cr , Ra.One (overseas release pending) 240.00 cr , Bodyguard 229.25 cr , Don 2 (still running) 222.50 cr , and My Name Is Khan 220.50 cr . So without any doubt, “Don 2”
    is a super hit film. It should
    easily finish among top 3
    blockbusters. It does not matter you call it
    Blockbuster, Super hit or some
    other term by so many
    websites which keep taking
    names and copying the data/

  • @ indicine …at the end of the third weekend itself don 2 net collections in india was 108 crs net ( all versions), from where u got 103 crs?? wiki also says 108 crs at the end of third weekend.

  • SRK is Australia and Salman is India.. India wins a series in 2 to 3 years and looses all other ones.. Australia looses one in 2 to 3 years and wins remaining.. India never wins outside Asia but Australia beats India in India most of the times (SRK films perform well outside Asia but Salman’s movies don’t..).

    India won the world cup in India once and in England once. Australia won it 4 times with one hat trick.
    That means India is not the best cricket team but Australia is.. But we think India is best because we love India. And we will come up with numerous theories to explain why Indian team is better than Australian team.. Just because we are Indian n we love India the fact cannot be changed that Aussie cricket team is better than us.. Just because fans love their sallu they cannot change the fact that at the end of the day SRK is better actor and number one bollywood star worldwide…

  • srk is made for only king no one can take his palce last 15 year he ruling thr bolly wood
    no one take palce

    srk srk and srk

  • We all agree Don2 was good movie no doubt and enjoyable…But if farhan would have taken hritik it would have already crossed 150cr and if Bhaijan then 200cr was insult to him it would cross 250 cr…Even not so good film Ready grossed over 130cr and so so good film Don2 hardly crossed 100cr, srk ruined it :p

  • Top 5 actor of all time 1-kingkhan 2-dilip kumar 3-big b 4- rajesh khana 5-aamir khan..srk is the raja of india he is the one actor who rulzz b’wods more timezz den the other actorzz..

  • DON2 (Hindi) will have a lifetime boxoffice collection of 107-110 crore. Have all the possiblity to end below Golmaal-3. Two factors going DON2’s way for crossing the 100 crore mark, firstly, no films in the 2nd week and a disaster named “Player”, else it would have been a tough situation. DON2 is a clean HIT in India and Super HIT in overseas. SRK is back but not with a big bang. SRK will have 2 releases on 2012, Yash Chopra directed lovestory and Chennai Express by Rohit Shetty, hope 2 see the best of SRK in 2012.

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