Don 2 Boxoffice opening and weekend predictions

Farhan Akhtar’s Don 2 starring Shah Rukh Khan, Priyanka Chopra, Boman Irani and Lara Dutta has opened to a fantastic response all over India. The opening is not as huge as Ra One, but the reports from the morning shows are good.

Considering the fact that the pre-release promotion was low-key and the music wasn’t a big hit like some of the other big-grossers this year, the credit for the opening goes entirely to the star-power of Shahrukh Khan.

The afternoon and evening shows of Ra One were affected by the Diwali festivities around the country. But with Don 2, the collections are expected to remain rock-steady throughout the day.

We expect the Day 1 collections to be more than Ra One (15 crores), but could fall short of Bodyguard’s historic start (21 crores). Comparisons would be unfair though, with today being a working-day, unlike Bodyguard which released on a holiday (EID).

Early weekend predictions

  • Day 1 – 17 crores (all versions)
  • Day 2 – 17.5 crores
  • Day 3 – 21 crores
  • Weekend – about 56 crores (which would be break the 3-day weekend record held by Dabangg)

What’s your prediction? How did you like Don 2? Tell us in the comments section below



  • Don 2 is all time best Bollywood movie!! it should easily beat all movies!!!.. Watch Don 2 Once everyone, u will enjoy it

  • i saw the film DON2 I really liked it it is going to be biggest blockbuster of all times and salman dekhta reh jayega

  • Don2 is mindblowing supep but it’s collection not good because of ra-one .who guys say don2 is nt good they are really st….d

  • don2 is better than because in the day of shah Rukh khan has promoted much thats why it hit in box office but in the demand of public it is flop but in the time of don2 sharukh has not promoted much then also picture hit in the box office and in the public demand also

  • sempre pi interessante, spmaireo che continuino a lavorarci sopra ancora un bel po’. oltretutto la grafica sembra anche migliorata rispetto le vecchie immagini.Anche the conduit ci stanno lavorando molto sodo sopra, e si vede anche dal fatto che la grafica in generale migliora sempre pi .se tanto mi da tanto, dovrebbe essere un capolavoro all’uscita.Anche perch scordatevi di avere un nuovo zelda da qui ad altri 2 anni.

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