Does Akshay Kumar deserve all the credit for Housefull 2?

Housefull 2 has opened to a spectacular response at the box-office, and the credit for the film’s success – almost entirely has gone to Akshay Kumar. Yes, he does have a huge fan-following at both multiplexes and single-screens, but most of his releases in 2011 didn’t exactly set the box-office on fire.

There are several factors that helped the film get a bumper opening. One, Housefull is a popular brand, much like the Golmaal series of films. Two, both Sajid Khan films Heyy Babyy and Housefull 1 were successful at the box-office. Three, there are atleast 4  other stars in Housefull 2 who have a following of their own.

  • John Abraham – He may not be a superstar who can command a good initial with solo-films, but John has a HUGE fan-following with the youngsters, especially the fairer sex. Infact, John is mobbed almost anywhere he goes in India.
  • Jacqueline Fernandes – Fresh from the super-success of Murder 2, Jacqueline too has a reasonably big following with the masses.
  • Asin – She’s a household name down south and has played the female lead in blockbuster hits like Ghajini and Ready.
  • Ritesh Deshmukh – Last film Tere Naal Love Ho Gaya, where he played the only male lead was a hit.
  • Rishi Kapoor – He may not be a big star today, but Rishi’s performance in Agneepath received tremendous appreciation.

What do you think? Does Akshay Kumar deserve all the credit for Housefull 2? Will Rowdy Rathore open to a similar response? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.




  • 70% should be attributed to him since he was the main attraction and was the main lead amongst the juniors, also 2011 was not hot but his films still collected healthy 40 plus crore, as well as he stole the show, so it would be remembered for his character, and also perhaps mithun da. rishi and so on are just playing fathers role u can’t say they had any hand in pulling in the audience. other credits goes to the music, anarkali, well written masala film and promotion. 3I was multistarrer but do we hear people talking about that? It is really annoying when akki proves people wrong they find excuse to downgrade his success.

  • Getting 13.5 crore in 2700 screens is not good!! AGNEEPATH did 22 cr in 2600 screes..Akki is going through Bad Patch in his Career…Hope he will be Back Soon

  • Yes all credit goes to Akshay. He did the best perfomance of all actors in the movie. Audience laughed more when Akki was on screen

  • john or ritesh’s film hardly open, so its ridiculous to claim they pull this much people, actually akshay is helping to promote actors like john, ritesh to the audience when they are in his movies. maybe 5% they might of had an effect, but not all, also akshay’s performance was the best amongst the cast with mithun da also. The film also didn’t boast of A grade heriones, asin and jaqline are not major crowd pulllers like katrina or kareena or zarine khan. Ritesh and shreyas played sidekick comedians if you think about it. Houseful is a brand ofcourse, and sajid contributes majority to akki.

  • Acc. Johhny Lever n Mithun were Best…!! For me Housefull 2 worked only because of Johhny Lever & Mithun.Rest Sucked:(

  • Johhny Lever Saved Golmaal 3 & same here he was the best thing in Housefull 2.He deserves all Credit.

  • I never knew johnny lever was supposed to be heroes lol, and mithun da was good but he’s in fathers roles, so its silly to say so, film heroes ke vajai se chalte hai

  • John’s Force got 4.8cr opening in 800 screens better..more than akki’s Thank you,Patiala House etc. Etc…People Here are underrating John’s StarPower..He is Very Popular among Girls n Youths!!

  • lol at john’s starpower, force collected life time 20 crores. Its not about who is big but the main thing is akshay’s performance was the best, and it wud remembered for his character, as well as he played his famous character wickid sunny.

  • if ta movie failed in ta boxoffice do we blame only akshay?maybe in tat case all credit can go to him.

  • Yup Akki deserves it.But don’t forget Mithun,Johny,Riteish and John.They were all great too.

  • Yes, all credit goes to akshay. his acting was fantabulous….i m still smiling when i remind akshay’s scenes.this is an award winning acting but comedy movies don’t get awards which is very unfurtunate. akshay is the biggest star in the movie and he has highest fan following….no one will say 3 idiots was a sharman joshi movie or madhaban movie.everyone says it’s a amir khan movie. just like than this is an akshay kumar movie.

  • If SRK can gett credit for (KG3, Kal How Na How, Mohabteen, KANK) So why not akshay. this is just the beginning. all Haklu khan’s fan have to Waitetill Jun. i am sure RR will shatter all of you.

  • If SRK can gett credit for (KG3, Kal How Na How, Mohabteen, KANK) So why not akshay. this is just the beginning. all Haklu khan’s fan have to Waite till Jun. i am sure RR will shatter all of you.

  • Thats a stupid question..not at all Akki with just himself in this kind of movie wouldn’t pulled of by his own…though his action movie shud get him all the credit but Houseful-2 has a big starcast…..

  • I watched it for mithun da it duznt matter if hes in a fathers role or woteva role it is. so if my ticket money contributed towards the films success then its becoz of mithunda. i wud not have watched this film in cinema if mithunda was not in it. only one khan in bollywood ajay dev khan

  • Aamir Khan is the best he wont make stupid films like Housefull 2

    Look at Aamir Films

    3 Idiots ATBB
    Ghajini ATBB
    TZP – BB
    Rang De Basanti & Fanaa Blockbuster

    Shahrukh is an old gay who should die and Salman is crap murderer

  • houseful got 13.5 crore opening and everyone is saying it was due to akshay then why not desi boyz didnt got such an opening?? even desi boyz is of similiar genre, this shows houseful got good opening coz of its brandvalue and fresh promoz

  • akshays only blockbuster movie was welcome it also was a multi starrer movie and akshay got credit for this movie only coz his next film singh is king was superhit else no body will speak about akshay and if we talk about his comedy acting then no body can beat saif ali khan in comedy but he choose to do different type of role and saif even got national award for his comic acting for the movie hum tum, i mentioned this coz uper somebody was saying no body can get award for comedy acting, aamir, saif is better than akshay in comedy films i think bollywood badshah sharukh is also far better than him but sharukh didnt do much comedy films so ppl wont agree

  • kis baat ki credit, movie to avg. ya abv avg. hi rahegi. haan opening zarur akshay k chalte lagi ho, but movie to ghatiya thi. akshay work with good directors lyk vipul shaha & stop doing these crappy films.

  • all those who are putting comments against AKSHAY are clearly intensional…. remember guys when the trailor released these people were talking only of akshay….this is TMK2,akshay has lost the ability of choosing a movie, another crap akshay comedy etc…. No body was talking about other actors in the movie.Now when the movie did well everyone is trying to pull out credit from akshay…if it would have been a flop then they would have blamed akshay for that….. shame on these people.

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