Do you think a sequel to DDLJ will be made with SRK – Kajol?

Joginder Tuteja answers 5 questions from Indicine readers

Q. How is the response to ‘Himmatwala’ promos? Will the film be able to enter the Top 3 opening weekends of all time? Does it stand any chance to beat ‘Rowdy Rathore’ in all respects? – Aashish Thapar

A. Response to the promotion of ‘Himmatwala’ has been good. In fact it is better than that of ‘Housefull 2’, which by the way had went on to do a business of around 120 crores. The film is all set to challenge the best opening of the year so far, hence coming close to the collections of ‘Race 2’ which had scored around 51 crores. However it would be a tough journey to enter the Top-3 opening weekends of all time as Salman Khan and his films (Ek Tha Tiger, Dabangg 2, Bodyguard) have raised the barrier. It does stand a chance to surpass ‘Rowdy Rathore’ since the next biggie (Ek Thi Daayan) comes only three weeks later. Of course the pre-condition stays on to be content.


DDLJ Sequel

DDLJ Sequel

Q. Do you think that a sequel to DDLJ with Shah Rukh Khan & Kajol will be made? It could be DDLJ 20 saal baad and they have children. A good family story with some young cast. It starts of from where it ends where Kajol gets on to the train. It’s just a thought. Aditya Chopra, are you reading this? – Dev Krishna

A. Of course it’s just a thought and Aditya Chopra could well be listening. If you have a bound script, you may well approach his office; it is always open for creative people and their thoughts. Personally though, I don’t see the film’s sequel happening. I would rather let a classic stay untouched.


Q. My question to you is why is Shahrukh doing only romantic movies and Salman only action? On the other hand we see Manoj Bajpayee, Aamir Khan, Nawazzuddin Siddique who are very brilliant actors and they are doing different kind of movies. But Box Office is ruled only by either SRK or Salman. In India is it the star who runs the movie or the story? Why is a big budget movie made only with Shahrukh or Salman and not a brilliant actor like Nawazzuddin? – Ram Prasad Pandeyji

A. This is not a phenomenon which is ruling in today’s times. Back then in the late 70s and 80s as well, there was this huge New Wave cinema that had found it’s origin. ‘Actors’ like Naseeruddin Shah, Om Puri, Pankaj Kapur, Deepti Naval, Shabana Azmi, Smita Patil etc. were in vogue and there was this widespread belief that they would eventually end up toppling the star system. Nothing happened then, nothing is going to change today either.

Bollywood in general is an out and out visual medium with a strong eye on commercial visibility. Yes, there is a change taking place with a ‘Kai Po Che!’ or an ‘ABCD’ or a ‘Vicky Donor’ finding audience. However it is the superstars who continue to rule as they have managed a much wider reach. Also, one has to understand that if big money is being spent on a Shahrukh or a Salman, it is because they have ruled for 20 years and more and have earned that right due to continued successes. Same can’t be said for other ‘actors’, whether senior or newly arrived.


Q. 2013 is one of the odd years where the ‘most hyped’ & ‘most talked about’ movies belong neither to SRK nor to Salman Khan. Where would the two superstars stand respectively after the two biggest releases, being ‘Dhoom 3’ and ‘Krrish 3’, star neither ? – Hamza Khan

A. Yes, you are right in saying that ‘Dhoom 3’ and ‘Krrish 3’ are the most hyped and talked about films of 2013. In fact that’s commendable considering the fact not a single frame of either of the two films has been revealed so far. However that won’t make any difference to the standing of superstars Shahrukh and Salman who have been around for years.

‘Dhoom 3’ and ‘Krrish 3’ are bound to be noticed since former has Aamir Khan being seen in an out and out commercial role after years while latter has Hrithik Roshan returning after a hiatus. As for Shahrukh and Salman, wait and watch for the hype to build around ‘Chennai Express’ and ‘Mental’, both of which are on the right track. Having said that, it is a fair assumption to make that the journey towards the 200 crore mark looks much brighter for ‘Dhoom 3’ and ‘Krrish 3’.


Q. With the success of films like ‘Dabangg’ and ‘Dabangg 2’, ‘Rowdy Rathore’, ‘Singham’, ‘Bodyguard’ etc., it can be seen that the Indian public loves such desi masala films. However, why is it that films from big banners (such as Dharma and Yash Raj Films) often make films that are more overseas-appealing? Isn’t that strange, given the fact that a lot of these films end up with a maximum of just “Hit” status in India? – Rick Sandhu

A. Taste of audience cannot be generalised. Yes, the aforementioned ‘masala’ films have worked but then more than just the content, it is the overall package that worked. If you see the question just above, this year’s biggest grossers are expected to be ‘Dhoom 3’ and ‘Krrish 3’, none of which can be expected to fall under the quintessential ‘masala’ category.

As for Dharma and Yash Raj attempting only overseas appealing films then well, the change has started happening. Karan Johar is producing films like ‘Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani’, ‘Ungli’ and ‘Gutka’, all of which are soaked in Indian flavour. In fact the very titles say it all. On the other hand, Yash Raj’s slate of films like ‘Mere Dad Ki Maruti’, ‘Aurangzeb’, Sonam-Ayushmann starrer, ‘Gunday’, Anushka-Sushant-Parineeti starrer are as ‘desi’ as they get.


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  • DDLJ sequel would be a fantastic idea. The story can continue 10 or 15 years later, with SRK and Kajol now having a son.

    But the risk is, they could mess it up big time if they don’t get the script right. Aditya Chopra and co should be very careful. It could take some shine away from the old classic if they mess it up.

    Either way, I’ll be looking forward to it :)

  • In DDLJ sequel Srk will have a son and Srk will teach him the tricks on how to become a good roadside romeo but Kajol will be a good mother and she will bring her son back on track.

  • yup sequel will be great !!!…but only 1 change will be needed to cast salman in lead role to make it atbb…also we can’t ignore shahrukh…well he must play salman’s dad!!

  • It a gossip that ddlj sequel will be made? Aditya Chopra is currently busy with big budget Dhoom 3 and Paani.

    SRK is busy with much-hyped films like chennai express, happy new year and Don 3. But no doubt srk kajol is a dream jodi, i am waiting for the most romantic jodi on the silver screen. We may see kajol in cameo role in chennai express and may be cast opp srk in karan joher romantic drama a 1000cr film says kjo.

    The king of romance with the queen of romance in the sequel to the most romantic film of all time. WOW! I can’t wait for DDLJ2.

  • K3 or D3 releasing in last two moth nov and dec. In 8 month it will be clear that which movie is the highest grosser. If mental or ce cross 200cr then it will be clear that these two films are the top two films of the year. K3 and d3 are much hyped but a class and multiplex films like ZNMD and don2 are not like blockbuster dabangg2. So my prediction

    1 mental or ce
    2 boss or ouata

    Salman, Sharukh or akshay will be the top star in 2013 not Aamir or HRo. If k3 or d3 get negative reviews then both film will not work. And for mental, chennai express, boss and rambo rajkumar is a limited budget desi masala film if they get good word of mouth then all of them may be ATBB.

  • 3 idiots and Ek Tha Tiger was not Masala, both were Big ! So Dhoom3 and Krrish3 has chances, Masalas Like Khiladi786 just 63cr SOS also just 88cr. So any good entertaing Film can work.

  • No we want DDLJ sequel, with Salman/SRK/Aamir playing Grand Pa of Youth SuperStar RANBIR. Khans are Uncles. Its time for Young Ranbir to rule.

  • Jeez I thought it was quite hypocritical of Jogi bhai when he said a sequel to DDLJ should not be made as an original film should be left untouched… These were my sentiments when srk did Devdas and Don and completely messed up both iconic films with his irritating overaggressive acting. Double standards at play here.
    But I think DDLJ sequel should be made but this time with bhai jaan reprising the role of Raj and Kareena playing the role Simran. The story should be told in flashback mode by Kajol as to what happened when Raj and Simran boarded the train. It should be an adventure where Raj and Simran have to travel through rural India and make it all the way back to London. They will encounter many baddies and neverending turmoil but that will be the action quota for the masses.
    Ok okay before srkians jump up in the air and start cursing me, I will keep a role in the movie open for our beloved King Srk. Infact I think srk will be good at this role and that is he will play the role of a depressed and drunkard train driver. King should already have a train drivers uniform from the sets of Chennai Depress so thats money the wardrobe people and costume designers will save on.
    @star This will be an All Time Block Buster in part credited to srk… :-P

  • @Ranbirfan stop joking are you seriously thinking that barfi crossed 100 crore due to his star power no it’s because of the content and the oscar hype game which was played by utv so stop joking and i can guarantee he can’t give any 100 crore movie this year and it’s a fact.

  • @ranbir fan i also like ranbir but khans time is not over just yet. Khans have billion strong fan following.. which will continue for the next ten years. So, khan mania will continue next 10years. But srk is always suitable for romantic role and expect srk, shahid kapoor will be fit for ddlj sequel. After rocket sing Ranbir kapoor never cast any yrf project only ranveer sing cast. So keep dreaming that ranbir play the character of raj.

  • it will be amazing if they make DDLJ 2 with the same cast king khan and his magical 3 letters SRK with kajol , in this part they will have 2 kids boy and girl like srk real kids, any way ddlj is close to SRK and Guria real life, they olso have family problems before marriage.

    waiting for it ,it will be great one but if they have the right story

    also wating for CE & krish 3 & i dont care if they will be a big hit or bb or nothing i am gonna watch them because i know they will entertain me it is a trust issue i have abig trust first in SRK then hrithik he is a v.g actor .
    RK is not bad himself but i only love 3 and he is not one of them.



    thats it no more

  • Ranbir only suits next-Gen Raj, Old Khans with wrinkled face will look his GrandPa! LoL..hope YRF will take Youth Superstar Ranbir and Kick Old Uncle Khans.

  • Salman Fans
    don’t think ever imagine salman in romantic movie because it will be utter flop
    example- Yuvraaj, Main aur Mrs khanna , Marigold

  • if there is an appealing bound script like the original classic and music composers jatin lalit
    if not
    a remake acted by shahid and amrita rao will be welcome

  • All Salman haters keep barking about his past failures, ur srk had said haar ke jeetnewale ko baazigar kehte hain. I wud say flops se consecutive 5 BB ko baazigar ka baap kehte hain. :p

  • OSO vs ETT Opening Weekend Japan.. OSO 1.8-2 cr(15 screen) (est) #ETT 2.1 cr(30 screen)..
    King khan Rules..
    What would the collection be if OSO had 30 Screen ??
    SRK wins again….
    Lol! Salman fans

  • Answer to those who r saying if srk is replaced by salman khan the result will be like mein or mrs. Khanna or like yuvraj….!!!lolxxx…

  • @IMAM : keep dreaming of srk beating salman in India.

    @radha : i would say same if u replace salman with srk in HAHK, Dabangg and ETT.

  • 2013 one of the best movie will be SATYAGRAHA because something special in movie that ‘s why mr.devgn choose the movie will give his one of the best performance and could get 3rd national award

  • @hrithik if srk is replaced then the movies will be a hit maybe blockbuster..not all time blockbuster…but salman in DDLJ sequel will be a super duper flop..

  • Where were this loser Salman fans when he was giving mein aur mrs Khanna, god Tussi great ho, veer, salaam -e-ishq, jaan-e-maan, saawan, hello, London dreams, kyon ki, Shaadi kar ke phas Gaya yaar, lucky, marigold, heroes, etc. do they really want me to count how many flops he gave in a row..on the other hand Shahrukh gave blockbuster like Chak De India, Main Hoon Na, Swades, Om Shanti Om, My Name is Khan, Veer Zaara, Rab Ne, Don, Chalte Chalte. It was only when Salman realized that Amir and Shahrukh are giving competition to each other and he was not in the news except for his drunk driving, hunting and beating women realized that only way he can stay in industry is by copying south movies so all the rikshawala watch and he can be in news like Shahrukh and Amir. Chill guys n look at the record before talking. He is still copying Mental from Stalin (south Indian movie), Kick from South too. Try something new Sallu miya!

  • @hrithik he would have been called Baazigar if he would have not copied 3 of those 5 BB from south. For example, wanted was copied word to word, same with Bodyguard and Ready. There is nothing wrong in remakes but there is also a limit to it. SRK, Amir and Ranbir are doing all originals. SRK and Amir has done remakes too but not like 3-4 in a row like Salman. So get some facts!

  • @hrithik
    Ha ha ha ha
    Who cares about sequels to HAHK, BULLSHIT ETT N crappy dabanng 2
    Here we were talking about All time classic DDLJ.

  • @Damnnn…! Not you again and dear oh dear another farcical comment left under your name. I think you actually DO give a damnnn which is why you leave such far fetched comments. :-)
    @cutehero so according to you srk has got how many blockbusters under his name??? Please reference the source where you got this ‘new’ info from as I be interested in verifying this breaking news for myself. ;-)
    Cheers guys and for your safety you two jabronis should drink some frooti juice like your king so that you can build up your courage levels in order to endure 3 hours of mindless masala crap from Team Shetty. The documentary on depressed train drivers will feature heavily on srk driving the express train called Chennai Depress travelling to and from chennai dropping of your comrades ‘xzone’ and ‘IMAM’ to a mental asylum in outskirts of Mumbai.
    Frooti juice should be consumed with caution as it can lead to health and mental deficiencies but Im sure it wont do any harm to you 2 clowns as the damage to your already feeble minds has already been done by JTHJ. :-P
    @star bhai roxXxXx

  • @radha : your comment shows how biased and double standards you are. There is no point debating with you when you have decided to be double standard. One simple example is Salman Khan has done HAHK n Dabangg with super success, means excelled in romance n Action genre. Let srk prove himself in action genre (he needs to give a Blockbuster not a struggling hit like Don or Don2 to prove it.

  • @cuteboy: its nothing but u r jealous n double standard, i am if srk had done remakes n given Blockbusters u wud have hailed his success, Last but not least i said salman is baazigar’s Father not a baazigar and for your information only Wanted, Ready n Bodyguard were remakes and Dabangg which was original & Veer came after wanted. They were not released consecutively. And you talk about getting some facts, it shows how factful ur comments are.

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