Dilip Kumar’s wife Saira Banu denies heart attack reports

Dilip KumarDilip Kumar’s wife Saira Banu has denied media reports that the legendary actor suffered from a heart attack. In fact, family and friends of Kumar have informed the media that the actor’s condition is stable and he is taking normal food.

“We are praying that he recovers fully. He is stable now. He had viral fever a few days ago and later felt a little discomfort following which we decided to get him admitted to the hospital. He is conscious and also eating food now.” the yesteryear actress Saira Banu said.

Lilavati Hospital’s spokesperson Dr Naresh Trivedi also told reporters that “there is no cause for concern. He has been kept in the ICU only for observation”

Dilip Kumar’s friend and biographer, Uday Tara, also denied reports of heart attack saying “No, there is nothing like that. He had mild fever and complained of breathlessness”



  • Media is like Salman fans who just are assumers and very bad at it. Dileep kumar admitted in the hospital so media assumed it must be a heart attack. Similarly when Salman khan visits hospital for plastic surgery then fans assumes it must for blood donation or to help the needy. Well let’s wish the real king of bollywood a speedy recovery

  • @Incidine team: it’s the regular excuse media gives, they have lot of excuses in stock, some body said something and they reported it without confirming it. Or else why would Saira banu want to hide dilip kumar health condition?.

  • @Nilesh. Dont take it seriously, dilip kumar is fine, it was just a fever. Salman is here bcuz of media and salman fans who assumes lot of thing about him like he is good hearted and der is no one in the world who does donation like salman etc etc… honestly speaking what I feel is, Salman is like a Swami. There are lots and lots of Swami’s in India who earns a lot and make some donation and from that good will they earns thousand time more again, that’s how good Image is being created. Salman is following those Swami’s route. And u fans blindly follows him. Well we dont have to look at salman’s intention behind charity bcuz anyways he is doing some donation, that’s what matters. But the bad part is, when he do some crimes then he can get away with that good will he made with the charity, that’s the problem. Recently u can take the example of Asaram babu, who escaped from so many crimes. My point is nobody shud use charity as a tool to cover up or escape frm the crime

  • @Soroop: Why did you bring Salman’s name in it? Salman doesn’t need to do any plastic surgery. He is one of the finest looking men in the industry unlike your King Bhaiya SRK. You guys need every platform to bring Salman down. Shame on you all. Dilip Sahb is not doing well. Pray for him rather than criticizing the biggest Superstar of Bollywood Salman Khan.
    Get Well Soon Dilip Sahb!!

  • @ Soroop: Yaar you are SRK fan and I am Salman, but honestly they will not give us 25 paise from their accounts, so request to you, enjoy their films but do not become so obsessed with the star to drive him down his bedroom.

    I am least concerned, what they do in their personal lives, till the moment they entertain us, and that is big task in itself. Neither, we are 100% saint.

    Take potshot but not to often that it becomes our character.

  • @sourav. Salman gone under knife, however, not sure but how can u be so sure ?. That’s why I told salman fans assume a lot of thing in their fantasy world and claim as if everything is true

  • @Nilesh. I dont want 25 paise from any one bcuz rupee has fallen down. Im here for good time and Im sure ur also here for the same reason. Im talking against Salman may be due to the love for Srk. But I knw Im not making any big mistake bcuz he deserves it and he shud be in jail by now.

  • @Nilesh. Ur telling me to be selfish, to mind my life and shud not raise an opinion about anyone?. I shud suppose to say something if I again something frm it otherwise I shud shut my mouth up, isnt it?. That’s bad advice frm ur part I guess. Honestly speaking I dont want Salman to go to jail bcuz I like his films too but I dont like the fact that he is using his influence to escape jail term and I also dont like the fact that he is misusing charity work for publicity. And u as a Salman fan want everyone to keep quiet and mind der business.

  • @ Soroop: Shedding crocodile tears on the page of Indicine will do no good to your cause, come on streets, I will support you.

    There are lot of issues facing this country:
    (i) Gender Discrimination – Raising boy child, through surrogacy.
    (ii) Disrespect to Indian Flag,
    (iii) Using Slangs on poor gate keeper,
    (iv) Supporting Pakistani players at the time of National Tension with Pakistan,
    (iii) Bofors Case,
    (iv) Keeping AK 47, with wrong means,
    (v) Chinkara Case,

    As far as Salman case is concerned, there is no hardcore proof, but for others you check google and youtube you will see the proofs.

  • @Nilesh. im not shedding tears, I m not golden hearted like u and Salman khan. As an Indian citizen I can express my view for that I dont have to get on the road baby, I can express my view while Im in closet also. Regarding ur Salman, he has 1 police constable as witnesses and he did speak out before he passed away. After being a witness, he got death threat frm different corners, suddently he has been affected with deadly disease and after that he is thrown out of his own house and atlast he died in a public road like a crazy dog. Point to be noted is, these all happened after he became witness of Salman case, do u find these all thing convincing at all?

  • nw in india two peoples are much popular salman and modi in both of them lif 2002 was bad yr after tht both r famous fr dr good work

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