Dil Dhadakne Do is a great film to be a part of: Aamir Khan

He’s known to throw up surprises one after the other to Bollywood audiences — and after essaying an alien onscreen, superstar Aamir Khan made no bones about voicing a real life dog in “Dil Dhadakne Do”. He says he so thoroughly enjoyed the movie that even playing a dog in it was a “pleasure”.

Director Zoya Akhtar came up with the idea to make Aamir give a voiceover to the adorable and philosophical bullmastiff Pluto in the multi-starrer film on a dysfunctional Punjabi family.
“It was a joy for me to watch it (‘Dil Dhadakne Do’), and a pleasure to be a part of it even if in a small way. I was happy to do it,” Aamir told IANS in an interview on phone from Mumbai, after the release of “Dil Dhadakne Do”.

A dog’s role wouldn’t be one that we thought a superstar like him would do. No?
“(Laughs) … well, I loved it,” he said with a chuckle.
Aamir recounted how he cruised into Zoya’s directorial, the story of which is set in the backdrop of a Mediterranean cruise.

He was lucky to watch the movie on Zoya’s invitation much before it hit the screens on June 5.
He said: “I got a call a few weeks ago from Zoya, and she asked me to see the film. I saw it and, of course, Pluto was also there in the film. His voice was given by Javed Akhtar saab (who has penned Pluto’s lines) at that time.

“When the film got over, Zoya asked me what I thought of it. I told her that I loved it, and it was really amazing, and that I laughed and cried through it. I loved every character, it was well-written and every actor has performed well.

“When I told her I loved it, Zoya said, ‘Listen, I want you to play Pluto’. I was a bit surprised … because I thought Javed sir had done a great job. But I said ‘okay’. I had loved the film so much that I was just happy to be a part of it … I think it is a great film to be part of.

“So, I didn’t even think twice. And I said, ‘Sure, I will do it’. And two days later, I was dubbing for it. That was it.”

While Aamir is not literally in the frame, his voiceover for Pluto the philosophical dog has been grabbing limelight given the importance of the character in the narrative of the film, which otherwise has actors like Anil Kapoor, Shefali Shah, Ranveer Singh, Priyanka Chopra, Anushka Sharma, Farhan Akhtar and Rahul Bose.

In real life, Aamir is, as he described, “a real animal lover”.
“I had two dogs, and now I have cats and a dog. Earlier, I had a Boxer named Chhoti and another was a pariah dog named Peanuts. Now I have a Yorkshire Terrier, and she is called Imli,” he said with a childlike excitement.

But Pluto, he says, is “quite different from the dogs I have had”.

“My dogs have been quite crazy. Pluto is a very philosophical dog. He is really into observing human nature and has a take on everything. But yes, since I am an animal lover… (I know that) pets very much become a part of family,” said the 50-year-old, who is a father of three children — sons Junaid and Azad, and daughter Ira.



  • Aamir Khan’s PK has crossed 100 crore in China itself, global megastar introducing the world’s most populous country to Bollywood.
    All hail the Ace of Bollywood!

  • This role of a DOG was much better than his real life roles in DHOOM 3, GHAJINI, TALAASH, DHOBI GHAAT !!

  • Aamir is by far the biggest superstar of bollywood.
    Founder of 200 crore, 300 crore, 500 crore, 600 crore and 700 crore WW

  • Did not expect this from aamir khan…..!!…
    Backing a bad film…..!!…

    He could have backed Gabbar or Baby…..!!…

  • Nothing so special or like-able in this film..
    Don’t know why industry insiders , actors and makers going gaga over it..

  • The narration of Aamir as Pluto Mehra was a great idea by Zoya Akhtar . The lines written by Javed Akhtar are pretty good and it shows what Pluto thinks about human nature . But apart from this the movie was not upto the mark . Many people went to see the movie because of the recall value of ZNMD . The weekend collections are pretty good . These are the 3rd Highest Weekend collections in 2015 after GIB and TWMR . But honestly i think the movie will drop from today . The amount of drop will determine what sort of failure it will be . If this movie flops then it will be the first time that a movie is a flop which has been released on Post IPL period . Best of Luck Aamir for Dangal i hope you can give a brilliant movie with a stellar performance . I hope the movie will be worth the wait .

  • i want to ask a question to aamir what is bad if we hindu pray to rivers, sun, trees, animals and other things who gives us chance to survive in this world and why we pray to a god we dont know who is he? and also we dont have a proof of his existence in this world. loved his previous movies but pk is really a bullshit movie and if aamir want debate please talk to a real hindu not to an actor who played a role of saadhu what his director said.

  • Hahaha so aamir acted as a dog in the movie …. it is not common he has already done alien in pk lol


    AJAY in intense Roles

    AAMIR in experimental Roles

    AKKI in comedy

    HRITIK in dance



  • Promotion full ON. The weekend collection is good, but not great, and hence these media gimmicks to sustain it in the week.

    Sorry Aamir, we want your film, where you are the main lead.

    @Indicine, we are still waiting for your article on PK……this paid article is not gonna impress.

  • Highly disapointted by dil dhadakne do. Although it was not the film which was on my watchlist,but was expecting atleast a good film by Zoya.

    A major disappointment this year…….. Dil dhadakne do…
    Wastage of Time,Money and Energy ….

  • Beautiful article for a Beautiful Film I watched DDD truly I enjoyed the movie
    Movie deserves 100 crore All Multi Stars was good even Rahul bose was also Good Hatts Off Zoya Akhtar

  • @ every aamir fan- i am not aamir hater but i cant like a movie like pk which is made for such intellegents viewer who are actually fools. they are destroying nature day by day because they feel god is living somwhere out of world and all things in the world is just for consumption. fools make a relation of love to trees, animals, rivers etc and save them from impurities and,you find god in all of them. in short every smallest to biggest thing in world is god cuz god means genrater, operater and destroyer. aamir may be a perfectionist but religion is a subject where aamir is not perfect. making 340 or 700 crore is nothing infront of making a good movie. in my opinion omg is still far better movie than pk.

  • @saksham hahaha luvd ur comment.’amount of drop will determine how much bigger failure ddd will b’
    bro u r so confident about ddd failure.all the best

  • @Legend Srk’s acting isn’t just limited to dancing,fighting or comedy.He is a combination of all of them.Continue your hatred towards him to overcome your jealousy

  • @yuvraj you are the biggest fool as you didn’t understand pk btw DDD is a nice movie I just feel farhan akhtar should have been given more screenspace

  • @ Yuraj I think you are atheist. you belive in chamatkar which happens by human. but you dont know about god , just give me a some answers then i will agree with you. Ig god doesn’t exist so who can rain on earth, how the sky stands without any pillars, who makes a day and night in your daily life, i have lots more questions bt first give me a ans in these. if engineers makes a car so who is a praisefull engineer or a car and god who produce all humans like raam and ravan so whome u should pray man or god? Aamir khan had a gutts who showed a reality. whole world praising Aamir bcz of that realities but you and your babas who didn’t liked his activities bcz he had opened thier frauds.

  • @yuvraaj…..in Pk it is not shown tht dont worship the trees….river or gods…….in OK only message is to stop wasting the money on the wrong number baba’s….dont ask thier suggestions. …..dont talk to wrong number baba’s…..just talk to the god directly. …..who not anywhr….but in ur heart……

  • #yuvraaj…it is shown tht..be true…keep ur heart clean & just worship the gods only….not to tht wrong numbers……

  • @legend aamir khan. Well I don’t know how u arrived at Srk being an over acting hero? Can’t start naming his classic movies cos they r to many! Okay if over acting then let it b! Over acting grosses 45 crores opening day? Or 5 100 crores movies to his name. It’s d audiences that determines d box office status so I still dont understand wat u mean by overacting. Wake up yaar.
    Finally yr statistic is not accepted bcos any true Bollywood watcher for years will dispute
    1. Salman best in action? No way I give it to Akshay Kumar and Ajay Devgn
    2. Experimental roles Aamir? I may agree but I will add Shah Rukh and Ajay Devgn too. Versatility gurus!
    3. Intense role Ajay? Yes I agree but I will put Aamir and Shah rukh too here.
    4. Comic Akki? Yes but if looking @ comedy most successful franchise I think it’s golmaal then I will add Ajay Devgn name here too. He does it more natural.
    5. Dance Hritik? Yes agreed wit this but if he dosent tighten his belt Shahid would b added along wit Hritik.
    6. Overacting SRK? Dude get a life! Salman and Akshay are in dis category. Not SRK!!
    I respect Aamir alot. I welcome SRK being d face of Bollywood internationally. Salman I find him cool but his looks supersedes his acting without any doubt. Ajay Devgn unsung superstar but definitely a master class dude who can act wit any big celebrity n still dominate d movie. Hritik mixture of desi n foreign breed physically n acting wise. Akshay quantity over quality but a fine actor. Can’t wait 4 brothers n drishyam! Just have a feeling that Drisyam will Edge out brothers but fingers crossed. Pls have respect 4 king Khan okay!@!!!!!

  • @Mr Yuvraj why are u asking these questions just to aamir khan??? ask d same questions to rajkumar hirani, vidhu chopra n makers of d movie .. Why target aamir just bcoz he is a muslim??? He is just a part of a movie which rajkumar hirani made…

  • @Arjun fan yes DDD will be a flop or above average at best …. there’s no chance for it t be a hit…. Yes if there were 2 open weeks it may have been a hit… but wid hak n abcd2 arriving in d following weeks its tough for ddd…

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