• Exellent Pre_release report by who :D ? Friends of Zoya,Farhan,Chamar Ranveer ,Plastic chopra and Ducknushka :D Same like Bombay velvet :D

  • The dog (Pluto mehra) voiced by aamir is the best thing about this film as said by many celebs

  • I was really excited for DDD but there is something missing . The trailer was ordinary and the songs are pretty average or can be said mediocre . The cast is impressive and this is the last hope for the movie to succeed . Anil Kapoor said that the Movie is better than the trailer and i hope this is true . Zoya hit the bulls eye when she made ZNMD which is my favourite movie and it is really close to my heart . If i will watch the movie i will not keep any expectations so that i will not be disappointed .

  • I think this one going to be flop because everything related to ddd is too boring

  • Even if the movie is good then also it will suffer due to TWMR excellent hold and two big comptetions in next two weeks.

  • This is going to be another disaster like bombay velvet. …..budget is so high. ….songs nd trailer have been totally rejected so no chance. …….

  • Tasteless useless meaningless promos.. Guaranteed FLOP…
    Useless over the top rubbish garbage…

    And exceleent reports???..
    It is carrying all negative reports..
    It is Zoya Akhtar ki Aag.

    All celebs coming out of there den to support this under-furnished FLOP film out of fear like Bombay Helmet..


  • There are cinema who r wannabe ,,, who pretend to be intelligent…. But in reality they r nothing but hollow……!!..

    Bombay velvet n dil dhadakne do is such cinema……!!……

    BV is biggest disaster of indian cinema history……

    And fake superficial dil dhadakne do will also follow same fate…

    Mark my words….
    DDD = Disaster…

  • Ranveer singh is such a Meh.. Why to watch ranveer singh buffoonish act? ..

    Better to watch RGV ki Aag rather than messy convoluted Zoya Akhtar ki Aag !!!!!

  • NYC
    A Good Movie to Watch This Weekend !
    I believe it will be Above Average/HIT Sometimes Ppl Here Talk So illogical & Rubbish Things Dat sometimes It gets to be a little Too much & Even Without Watching it , they call it 3rd class , Crap Etc etc ..

    First Watch then criticise .

  • Flop!!Zoya Akhter and Ranveer ruined it…
    Should have been better if Hrithik-Zoya Combo was there…Missing my fav movie ZNMD very much…

  • DDD will definitely do greater business than Akki’s two flops of this year. Akki as continued his streak of flops after flops. Only Sid can save him with Brothers this year.

  • Tanu weds manu returns will beat all Akki starrers lifetime, also become first 100 cr grosser of 2015, much ahead of flop actor Akki. Poor Akki fans.

  • Media working overtime trying to drum up interest in this average comic caper…. Wit has been lost n replaced by desperation…

  • TWMR may still be first choice this weekend as its WOM is super strong here in the UK n I assume in India more n more ppl will come to know about its success and opt for it over DDD…

  • That gunda is irritatingly awful surpassing his very own high standards of mediocrity… now thats talent which even arjuna kaoor cant find…

  • @Challa, phir toh bhai taiyaari kar le indicine se jaane ki. …b’coz of ddd is looking another bombay velvet. …

  • these guy floppy aka sambudha is so obsessed with akki, if akshay is flop actor then why waste your meaningless time on him.he talks of akki begging do you know how many cars, houses and cash he has. if he do nothing from now till his nineties you wil be more likely to beg than him. He attained all that wealth by working hard not like you writing childish things every time. it was unnecessary for me to waste my energy on you but it was about time you were put in your place.

  • Desperate times needs desperate measures.

    No one expected TWMR to do so good. This is giving sleepless nights to the makers of DDD.

    @Indicine, how do you calculate budget of a movie. Is it that you just take the figures what makers provide?

    I guess most of the movies like Piku and DDD are very much overpromoted which is not accounted in the official budget released to the press.

    During the realse of Piku, at every prominent junction, signals and roads the poster of Piku glared at you. Then there were news papers splashing all over with posters, random interviews, paid columns, then tv interviews etc.,

    The same is happening to DDD. In any music or entertainment channel, you can see promos of DDD in some format every 10 minutes.

    This film is very heavily promoted, and i guess the actual budget should be atleast 15-20% more than the official one.

  • There is nothing exciting about the movie as far as I can see from trailers. Good and interesting star cast, and that’s about it. Would much rather watch abcd 2 and hamari aduhri kahani.

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