Did you know: Hrithik was the first choice for Don?

Did you know, Hrithik Roshan was the first choice for Don?

Director Farhan Akhtar and Hrithik had mutually decided to work together in the Don remake, after Lakshya. But after writing the script, Farhan felt he needed a more mature actor and approached Shahrukh Khan. Hrithik was obviously disappointed. But the rest, as they say, is history.

Soon after missing out on Don, Hrithik was signed by Yashraj Films for Dhoom 2, which went on to be one of the biggest blockbusters of his career. Both films released in 2006; Don collected 51 crores at the Indian box-office, while Dhoom 2 was the biggest grosser of the year with 81 crores!

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  • But recently i watched an interview in which SrK said on being asked how did Don(2006) came to Farhan’s mind.

    He said..Farhan and Srk were watching Lakshya..and after the film..Farhan said casually to srk..that lets make a remake of orignal Don.

  • As laksha was flop don will also be flop with hritik. Srk gave don a new recognition i also heared farhan saying that srk was always the first choice for don.

  • @Indicine.
    From bollywoodhungama.com and Taran adarsh I got the news that
    Don 2 Collected Rs 75.51 cr nett
    in Week 1 [Hindi + Tamil +
    Telugu versions]. Breakup:
    Fri 15.55 cr, Sat 15.32 cr,
    Sun 18.22 cr, Mon 8.85 cr,
    Tue 7.08 cr, Wed 5.49 cr,
    Thu [early estimates] 5 cr.
    Total: Rs 75.51 cr nett. The
    film has fared
    exceptionally at
    multiplexes. But you told that Don 2 collected 51 crore.
    Which information is true? Please reply.

  • yeh site walay hamesha hrithik ko promote kartay rehte.zara agnipath aane do they ll said agnipath performance of hrithik shud get awards blah bla blah….

  • @ indicine , hi i wanna send u an article regards highest grossing movies .. i emailed u but u never replied plzz tell how can i send u……

  • @indicine to be honest dhoom 2 didnt have that collection because of hritik. dhoom franchise was already big because of dhoom 1 and credit goes to john who looked absolutely fantastic. as far as srk vs hrithik is concerend people are not dum enough to realize that srk is bigger brand than hritik. hrithik is good but very picky interms of movies. he only like to work with big producers with good scripts but cannot accept a challenging script trying to go in aamir’s way but can never be like aamir. in 2010 he gave two big disaster movies even ranbir beat him. one more thing indicine can you tell inside fact of why kites and guzaarish were disasters and new hunk ranbir’s movie grossed more than both

  • Oh..But i think, hrithik might replace srk in don 3..Both are great actors..Both are fav my actors…Agneepath will shattered all records of box office..

  • Who said Hrithik is not accepting challenging rolls, dear first of all u should check ur GK since this comment should be for Shahrukh reason he can do only romantic rolls. Now Check Hrithik’s career Kaho na pyaar hai- Romantic, Kabhi khushi kabhi gam- Family drama, Koi Mil Gaya- Mentally challenged and challenging roll, Dhoom2- super villain,Krrish- super hero, Jodha Akbar- Great Akbar’s roll critically acclaimed hit, Guzarish- Physically challenged roll again critically hit, ZNMD- super hunk . Who else has done more variety rolls than Hrithik in only 10 years. Movies like guzarish is not easy to accept dear since it demands skilled actors and he done it so well that every real physical challenged person praised him for that roll………….. come on guys there is no comparison for acting between Hrithik and Shahrukh, just grow up guys. Only Aamir is the person in industry who dare to do this much variety movies ok……….. Who is senior actor in industry who dare to work against actor like Sanjay Datt. But still he accepted that challenge………..is it not enough for u guys…………..Just grow up guys … Dhol peetane se Don2 hit nahi ho jayegi. Aise hi Ra- ine ke time bhi u fans do the same thing and after 2weeks result are there to open ur eyes……………….

  • Hrithik as don lol..wt a joke,, only srk suit as don.. I forgot original don after watching don chase begin and then masterpiece don 2 king is bk..im very big fan of new don series..waiting for don 3..

  • SRK is more suitable for a villainous role than Hrithik. Hrithik looks like a good man. In dhoom 3 also although he did villain’s role, I personally feel someone else would hav been better than him for that role.

  • bhai koi directors ko samjhao ki ek tha bandar mein lallu ko nikalakar hrithik KO DAL Lein,nhi to wo api d grade acting se picture dubane wala hai

  • Jst wait 4 agneepath u al ful..nd see wat cn hrithik do that he had never done yet.. hrithIk is d god of actng,dancng nd in look..

  • when hrithik appeared as don in don 2 for few mins ..that moment mind start comparing sharukh and hrithik in don’s role and i think hrithik is not that stylish as sharukh and hrithik cant match sharukh’s charisma, in short i cant think of hrithik when there is sharukh

  • ya….all srk fans r rite……srk suits in villain bcoz he does not luk like hero from any angle…..mostly his parrot nose…hrithik rocks and will rock

  • U guys know dat agneepath collected more than 113 crr nett at the box office in just two weeks nd ur don 2 just collected 110 crr nett at the box office in 6 or 7 weeks now plz think the fool and old fans of srk , whos best? Hrithik or ur dumb grandpa srk??

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