Did SRK say he’d leave the country if Narendra Modi wins?

Over the last couple of days, after Narendra Modi’s landmark win over the ruling Congress party, a minor controversy erupted on social media when a bunch of people asked Shahrukh Khan to leave the country. They claimed Shahrukh had threatened via tweets to leave the country if Modi wins the Lok Sabha elections.

Since then, we have been bombarded with emails and tweets with readers asking for a clarification over Shahrukh’s alleged remarks.

To clear the issue once and for all, Shahrukh has always avoided commenting on Modi. Back in 2011, when a reporter asked SRK if Modi would go on to become the Prime Minister of the country, Khan had said “I can be in trouble in both cases if I say something good about Mr. Modi or bad. People would not allow me to leave Surat (Gujarat), please don’t ask questions on politics”

So what made a section of people claim that Shahrukh had threatened to leave the country? Well, it all started when actor Kamaal R Khan (who calls himself KRK) tweeted “So I am leaving India forever as I promised. I don’t know if SRK n others will keep their promise but I will keep,”

A fake morphed image of Shahrukh’s tweet has also gone viral on social networking websites like Twitter and Facebook. While Shahrukh’s manager has refused to comment over the issue, we can confirm that the image that is being shared is fake and Shahrukh has never tweeted anything about Narendra Modi.

A clarification was also issued by BJP’s Varanasi wing – “Be aware guyz @iamsrk never said anything about #Namo (Narendra Modi), it was mindless KRK. So don’t RT & share wrong thing about SRK”

Facing the wrath of Shahrukh Khan fans on Twitter, KRK too tweeted “Truth is that Aamir, SRK or Salman didn’t say tat they will leave India but someone Baby KRK is making fake tweets of many celebs for publicity. People please note I only said that I will leave India if Modi Ji will become PM I have left India. SRK Salman or Aamir didn’t say anything at all.

There you go then, Shahrukh hasn’t said a word about Modi. In fact, on the day the BJP decimated the Congress, SRK tweeted “What a solid mandate given by the ppl.It proves again that the only constant is change.Now to move forward with strong & active faith,India.”

UPDATE with SRK’s latest tweet : “Good time to tell all fools who r talking of a tweet that I didn’t tweet, u suck as much as the grammar of that fake tweet & I’m being kind.”

Below is the fake image that is being circulated on social media.

Fake image of Shahrukh leaving the country

Fake image of Shahrukh leaving the country



  • KRK is a bitch since birth…nd SRK haterz r spreading false rumours, posting morphed pics on FB & Twitter…as usual dey r only busy in defaming him..anyways d official handle of Na.Modi has clarified nd resolved d issue..thanx 2 dem…

    SRK haterz u SUCK!! Keep trying 2 bring him down nd get Trolled! :p

  • No. he did not. don’t know how people are so dumb to not understand the difference between Srk & Krk. I’m a Salman fan but I don’t support this kind of nonsense. it’s really disgusting to see people spread this shit.

  • People always gets confused between our king Srk and Krk coz both use bad language in their tweets and the short form of their names looks similar

  • Now INDIA will be much more releived coz this mindless ludicrous publicity hungry KRK has left India…
    Now,Deshdrohi 2 will release in Pakistan,i,guess…

  • Thanks indicine to clear doubt, even i was confused that i never heard any this kind of tweet of srk. Hope it will clear soon.

  • Our king will never leave India coz whenever he goes outside India the airport staff trouble him which never happen in Indian airports

  • @indicine please close this issue there is no news in media. Harlldly one or 2 online news paper published this report with clarification. Now move on.

  • Morphing anyones image with false claims is pathetic whether its Srk or Salman !!! Srk I support you on this.

  • Its good to see that all srk salman and other fanzz supports srk on this issue thanks to all you srk salman all are pride of india they cant say ever like this nonsence by KRK. Thanks ,@hiritik i am srkian like your support its srk fans vs Salman fans is like our daily bettle but whenever such types of cheap issues we all should support our actors to Be one.

  • SRK also tweeted “Good time to tell all fools who r talking of a tweet that I didn’t tweet, u suck as much as the grammar of that fake tweet & I’m being kind.”

    Those who believed this fake image are real fools as this image does not have a date and time it was tweeted whereas a real tweet would’ve had a date & time.

  • Thanks salman fans for support… SRK haters you suck… Kuch bhi karlo dhoom 3 ka record tumhara baap tod ke rahega

  • It is truth that srk said that he will leave India, if modi wins. I think he should go to afganistan as early as possible.

  • I also believe, SRK might have not said this (I am Salman fan and an hindu) but want to know from tech savy guy, how in twitter from SRK’s profile such tweet have been made. See the tweet above, it is @imsrk.

  • Thanx @indicine for making clear, though i m not fan of srk bt loosing such a superstar would really give shock to bollywood.

  • Srk suckz, Amir rocks. Fanally srk become from nightmare. Hope next time not rumours.Best of luck….

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