Did Salman’s fan-following increase after 10 Ka Dum?

Salman Khan made his debut way back in 1989 with Maine Pyaar Kiya and ever since his popularity has only increased. But for around 6 years – between the start of the last decade (year 2000) to around 2006 – most of his films were box office disasters. A few didn’t even manage a face-saving opening at the box office.

Then Partner released in 2007 and the film was a runaway hit at the box office, still it was Govinda who stole the show and walked away with most of the accolades. 2008 was another setback with two back-to-back disasters in God Tussi Great Ho and Yuuvraaj. Heroes too didn’t do well.

But around this time, Salman made his television debut with 10 Ka Dum. A reality game show that was so popular that the actor returned for Season 2 with 21 more episodes! Most of those shows with popular celebrities and friends from the industry were tremendously entertaining. Infact, few episodes have great repeat value even now as they are still amongst the most watched videos on YouTube.

Salman was at his entertaining best in 10 Ka Dum. Witty, sweet, charming with style and attitude that only he can pull off. Wanted released in 2009 when 10 Ka Dum was on air and the rest as they say is history.

The kind of craze that he enjoys today is unparalleled. Not even the likes of Aamir or Shahrukh Khan command the same kind of craze with the masses. Was 10 Ka Dum responsible for Salman’s increase in popularity and fan-following? Or was it just the success of Wanted that worked in his favour? Tell us what you think in the comments section below.



  • ya he is the man of the masses…and plus 10 ka dum was also a popular show….but it doesn’t help salman..to pull viewer in cinema halls….this show starts at the time ..he have failures…he was going through it too….i think the turning point is wanted….nobody can imagine radhey without salman…

  • i think both side importent 4 sallu…
    10 ka dum offcourse increase his popularity…
    But 90% credit goes to ‘Wanted’
    And 10% credit goes to ’10 Ka Dum’

  • Note it: Dus ka dum was just released.. But I have seen his unmatched popularity more earlier.. Even before dus ka dum he won so many polls asked by star news, aaj tak or so websites.. Now anyone wil say that were the small segment of audience where he won.. But i wanna ask if dus ka dum grows his popularity then why this viewers make him winner of those poll..??

  • Yea i dont wanna say he born popular but at that time when his dus ka dum on air his popularity was not increasing but decreasing, not because of dus ka dum which is not enough to save his duds.. Apart from salman fans (who immensly loyal all the time) everyone dint keeps trust to bought his movie tickets..

  • Wanted was a great movie (where Indicine recomends only 1time watch) thats what it open huge on eid day (monday).. The eid and salman combo, the 1st promo and music made dabangg huge.. But what realy such a big popularity came from? Still need to mention.. The actual popularity and love he received from TERE NAAM.. The movie was not so big boxoffice winner but bigger popularity it achieved in masses.. I’m not a big fan of the movie, i love wanted compare to all.. Trade may call dabangg but tere naam craze is untouched.. This is not according to me but the fact!

  • And lastly y people hate him? He is extremly handsome, he can be angry man, he looks cute.. strong voice and a complete man and now can act, dance.. A hero we want who has everything from face to feet..

  • Agree with Zolan.. Salman Khan’s Tere Naam look is still seen on many Richshaws in smaller towns.. That film was a big hit in the interiors.. It opened quite well too..

    But we still believe, its 10 Ka Dum which reached out to millions of viewers all over India that increased his fan-following. Yes, his die-hard fans were always there, but only fans can’t make a movie a HIT!

  • Zolanji.. Reason many of us dont like him.. and these are mostly the educated class from cities.. is because he cant act to save his life.. Just being a angry man or having a strong voice doesnt make someone a good actor.. can he be the character? Does he take characters that need him to change his persona? Is he capable of that? Of course he is not..

    And cute??? He is 45 man.. Give him a break.. He looks like middle aged man.. Not boyish cute and all!

  • Meera.. We spend money for entertainment, to enjoy, to laugh.. Thats what he gave to audience.. If audience like classes you said liked art movies where realism and frank characters and no entertainment is there then what is the meaning of spending on movie or watching on tv, is better to look your realistic life and enjoy.. But yea i even cant digest which is totally unbelievable cinema.. He may not do any challenging roles but it does’nt mean he cant act completely.. I love Aamir as an actor and Salman as a star.. He is paisa vasool!

  • yes…zolan u r rht….every1 likes paisa vasool film….i dont say serious cinema is nt good…but it should hav humour too like rang de basanthi….its a serious movie and every 1 liked it too….and salman offer good paisa vasool movies…which audience looks forwards too

  • Over here in nigeria,salaman khan is d most popular actor.People loves d humor in his films but wanted was so popular even among d kids.BIG UP TO ROBINHOOD PANDEY.

  • In nigeria,salaman khan is d most popular actor.People loves d humor in his films but wanted was so popular even among d kids.BIG UP TO ROBINHOOD PANDEY.

  • I guess it was TERE NAAM, which helped him to regain his loyal fans after all bad controversies..!
    but ofcourse it wasnt enuf..

    as still so much negativity was goin againts him..!
    But this man had emmense amount of charm, that time also he was so popular in masses, but prob was people was not moving to theatres because of neagativity…

    Partner gave him little bit boost..!

    But Dus ka Dum helped him alot to reach each & every home..!
    and it was the show, which turned all positive for salman..

    people started loving him.. from this show..!

    but it doesnt mean that it helped wanted..!

    Wanted itself was great movie..
    his character was unmatchable..

    I bet, if wanted would have released 2d, then it was way ahead that 3I..!

    and after wanted… he became, Lion of bollywood.. the roaring khan..!

  • It Dint Increase then Its Since Ages……But Haan That Was A Platform Which Made Bhai To Connect In Their Living Rooms That Evetually Made Them To Rush To Theaters :)

  • actually bhai ka bad luck srk se dosti thi.. jub se bhai ny srk se dosti khatam ki hai bahi ka goodluck start ho gaya hai.. panoti sala srk in bhai life..:P:P

  • I tink it was salman’s problems in d past dat has made his films nt to b big bcos i can’t imagine a film tlyk kyon ki which i first watched nd made me took a likin to salman, wil b a flop in india..the film was cool jst dat d endin was bad..sorry 4 bringin this to d topic: who has noticed dat evrytyme a salman film is gettin ready to release,medias wil find sumtin bad to bring out about him..4 example,wen his film ready was gettin ready to be released..there was a story brought out then dat salman went to anil kapoor’s party nd slapped a fan of his named ajay again wen bodyguard is abt to be released,the same media brought anoda story dat he went to sanjay dutt’s party nd fought wit bunty walai…why re dis medias always afta salman…jst let him b pls…he is a made star,he might have done sum wrong tins in d past bt nobody is above mistake,pls leave him alone..wit or witout u,his films wil b bb..thank u

  • i dnt agree

    But for around 6 years – between the start of the last decade (year 2000) to around 2006 – most of his films were box office disasters

    in 2003 : Tere Naam (clean HIT)
    in 2004 : Mujhse Shaadi Karogi (clean HIT)
    & Garv (Clean HIT)
    in 2005 : Maine Pyaar Kyun Kiya, (clean HIT)
    & Lucky (abv avrg)

    in 2006 : BABUL spcl apr (CLEAN HIT)

    thn 2007 partner, nd govinda ddnt steel the show, 2009 wanted, 2010 DABANGG, 2011 READY and …..

    the big break waz nly in 2008

    2001 and 2001
    Hum Tumhare Hain Sanam (May 24, 2002) (Released) …… Suraj
    Tumko Na Bhool Paayenge (February 22, 2002) (Released) …… Veer Singh Thakur/Ali
    Chori Chori Chupke Chupke (March 9, 2001) (Released) …… Raj Malhotra
    Kahi Pyaar Na Ho Jaaye (November 17, 2000) (Released) …… Prem Kapoor
    Dhaai Akshar Prem Ke (September 29, 2000) (Released) …… Special Appearance
    Har Dil Jo Pyaar Karega (August 4, 2000) (Released) …… Raj/Romi
    Chal Mere Bhai (May 5, 2000) (Released) …… Prem Oberoi
    Dulhan Hum Le Jayenge (January 15, 2000) (Released) …… Raja Oberoi

    non of them waz disaster …

  • Salman Khan was always a big Star. People always wanted him to do solo hero movies which he is doing right now that what makes a big diffrence. People watch salman khan movies just for his presence. :)

  • @Zolan: very well said, i’m not a fan of Sallu but i love him, i just love him not as an actor actually i don’t care about his acting skills but i love him as a star i love the fact that despite his limited acting skills he is still ruling bollywood. And despite the flops and his personnal problems he is still the biggest superstar, sallu rocks… and Meera you just shut up, you don’t like anyone, no Sallu, no Aamir, no SRK…
    Fuck u’re fav HR!

  • Salman is da biggest star of india.dere sud b no doubt.he defeats self-proclaimed badshah srk in every survey,b it on internet or tv.yea dkd did immense 2 boost up his craze

  • yes ofcourse,he ws jst nthng b4 wantd muvie givin us all disasters..i heard marigold’s lyftym ws 77 lakhs lool…aftr dus ka dum he gaind support 4m masses,n afta dt with srk contoversy nd katrina affair n his bad attitude he gt famous dts it,nthng coz of his talent n ol….n ppl r crzy 4 him lol..and d final outcome is ,he cn nli gt famous thru controversies…

  • salman khan iz a hit-shit onli coz of his controversies.he ws js a disaster @ d box office frm 2000-2009..he gt famous wid d show n more famous with srk fights n includes d quarrels btwn him n kat..he cn nli cum up with his dirty tricks nt coz of his talent (ooppss..he dsnt hav )…so d mass ppl wil continue likin him despite of all dese..mass u rockk…

  • Did Salman’s fan-following increase after 10 Ka Dum?
    I Don’t agree with this comment…

    Salman Khan is a born superstar, from his first film to till date, neither of his film has become a disaster or super flopped, they might just have done the average business but majority of them are runaway hits and few are biggest block busters of bollywood history, example is Hum Aapke Hain Koun, Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam, Tere Naam and recently Dabangg.

    The coming movies of bhai are not becoming just hits but they are going to become all time biggest block busters…Waiting for Bodyguard to be released to break Dabangg and Ready records.


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