Dhoom Tap Song Promo – Dhoom 3

Here is the third song promo from Dhoom 3 featuring Aamir Khan who performs a tap dance to the pulsating beats of ‘Dhoom Tap’.

The dance moves are somewhat similar to Hrithik Roshan’s dance steps in the title song of Dhoom 2.

Watch the ‘Dhoom Tap’ and tell us what you think.



  • Hahaha !!! Aamir looks like a kid !!! Yashraj why r u spoiling Aamir’s image by giving him this sort of dance??

  • Wow.This is something extraordinary.48 year old Aamir is dancing like a 24 year old.Great reflexes.It will be a big treat to watch this song in theatres.

  • So what? Even HR’s tap dance steps were similar to a lot many earlier dancers. The point being?

    I wish indicine stops its Om Hrithikaya Namaah chants ASAP! It’s getting on the nerves!!!

    And please have the decency to post comments that may not be flattering to you!! Stop this talibanisation.

  • Just heard the full audio song “Malang” of “Dhoom 3”.It is superb.So after the average title song “Malang” and this “Tap song” is looking is looking very good that means Pritam has done a good job.

  • And I hope to watch a good movie with a decent storyline something which Aamir’s presence guarantees. Agar OTT dancing hi dekhna hai Dhoom movies mein (like the over excited kid HR in Dhoom 2) toh Naache Mayuri is a much better option than HR movies ;)

  • Amir is not the right person to do such kind of dance. His dance moves looks silly and funny. He is conscious about the steps and doesn’t do it properly. Only Hrithik or Shahid can do sucha dance. Either he should have trained more or makers shouldn’t have given him such a dannce. Agree with YOGESH;YRF is spoiling such a great actor’s image by giving him this sort of dance.

  • And Indicine, please tell me the date of the music release. This is the 3rd time I’m asking you. I’m itching to know;can’t wait for it.

  • It’s just a promo. .but whatever i saw,it didn’t impress me at all. .i didn’t like the body language,did n’t like his expression at all.dhoom spirit is absent.

  • @fireblade:when this entire country underrate hro and chant for amir,salman,srk ,then u have no prob.and when indicine told something about hr,then u have problem! !

  • Good atleast aamir did something out of his comfort zone…the music is gr8 this time unlike the title song…
    But they could have changed the background which is looking similar to dhoom 2 title song like.

  • Now this is just great marketing strategies which r creating high enthusiasm among audiences as they will now watch the film as well as unheard songs…
    Dhoom 3 did’nt needed music to attract audiences to theatres,it had dhoom brand and aamir for that job,so they r now utilising music as their strength.

  • The song is fantastic, nice beats and Superb dance. A 48 year old guy doing dance better than any actor of his age, hr learnt dance and doing that no one can do better than him but even we noticed underperforming dance moves in ‘raghupati raghav’ even he was just 40 year old. When he did d2 dance step when he was 33 year old, so if Aamir can do that moves good way not better them him no regrets. @fireblade you are right ever since dhoom 3 first motion poster till today we haven’t witnessed any positive comment or post by Indicine, that’s why i said in previous post that this site standard is decreasing day by day, but i can’t expect more from this site is the one who had given 3 star to 3 idiots in their review, but don’t worry even haters will hide their faces once movie released and break all records. KEEP GOING ON haters.

  • @fireblad……hr’s tap dance similar to which dancer?plz give name nd vedio link…i want to watch….may b amir is perfection in acting but his tap dance is way bad than perfect……his steps looks really funny…..i m not a amir hater bt i must say his dance is so bad…..even his gajini’s dance is better than it…..solo dance by a amir is a serious fault

  • @aks…..gud joke mamu….underperforming dance by hritik in raghupati raghav???plz tell me in which age amir dance move is better than hritiks raghupati raghav dance???at 33 amir’s dance is lyk morning exercise….u can see his amirs dance before 15 year when he is 33 nd then compete that with hritiks dhoom 2 dance…..then u can u understand how foolish is ur comment……hritik is god of dance…..no one compete with him in dance…..amiir is a child in front of hritiks dance

  • what is this???????? its pathetic. Aamir khan is an great actor. But I have to say he fails in this dance big time. Looks like when dancing he is too conscious, disappointing

  • hahaha really?what a joke….similar to HR`s dance steps
    I love Amir and Dhoom franchise but this dance steps are crap

  • THAT’s good but hrithik roshan dancing is better but i can say that amir khan in a good way the music is tapiing but not amir khan but is good

  • Aamir awfully dances, but his choice is clear. He wanted to avoid comparison with Ritik. Therefore he chose dance which else nobody danced that it to anybody didn’t compare!
    Then it was necessary to dance to one, without backing dancers, as in Ghajini. He beats a tap dance as piles hammers, horror!

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