Dhoom Machale Song Video – Dhoom 3

Yash Raj Films has unveiled the first song from their biggest release of 2013 – Dhoom Machale from Dhoom 3. After John Abraham and Hrithik Roshan, it’s Aamir Khan’s turn to groove to the popular title track, along with his on-screen lady love Katrina Kaif.

The song promo was launched on the day when Aamir’s good friend Sachin Tendulkar took the field for the very last time to play a Test match. The launch was delayed as Aamir was at the Wankhede stadium to watch the ‘Little Master’ bat.

Watch the title song of 2013’s most-awaited release Dhoom 3 featuring the stunning Katrina Kaif and do post your views in the comments section below.




  • Dhoom theme music is easily one of the catchiest piece around but how come they managed to create such a drag song with it is beyond me :/,,, dissappointed,,, maybe they have a male version but how do we expect Aamir to dance :/,,

  • hahaha…itna hungama karke aisa Ghatiya song…Movie will be a big flop…not even 150 crores..Krrish 3 ke record ke pass bhi nahi aa payegi

  • what crap is this ??? come on man, pritam you cant betray me ???? i was eagerly waiting fir dhoom title track !!!! this is a remix version of dhoom part 1’s dhoom machale song, the original version was better infact. dhoom again is faaaaaar better than this. katrina is looking sexy but what the hell is wrong with song ?? pritam………..man you were in form yaar !!! DISAPPOINTED, even krrish 3 songs sound better

  • Simple, this time amir will be on high hill shoes,and kat will be in men sheos.height problem solve.to dance like hrittik ,amir should use body double.though nobody can match hrittik.but he will save it.or he will turn whole dhoom series in shame.using botox doesn’t help anyone to be younger.
    Hrittik rocks

  • I think Hrithik set the bar so high that they could never top that…or even match that…disappointing song….just a rehashed version of the 1st dhoom song…

  • Bad like hell i mean everything look fake its like askin seduction show

    really after all this year they come with this crap dance step

    go and see hrithik tack and you can see the epic fail here

  • Amit is not dancing . why ?
    Because he knows people will compare him with H RO.
    Amir may be perfectionist but he is nowhere in front of dancer HRO.
    He knows the truth.

  • Well, underwhelming to say the least. Katrina’s dance moves were fantastic, and she definitely looked hot, but the song was a disappointment with poor lyrics. It was nowhere near to the previous installment ‘Dhoom Again’, which was awesome as an audio as well as a video.
    I’d have liked to see Aamir dancing in this track, I think he’s underrated as a dancer. Hope its other songs are better.

  • When u hear the song its just an ok song , but the dhoom tune is already so popular that it will surely become a chartbuster
    The video is just mindblowing . Kat looks so damn sexy and has raised the hotness quotient to altogether a different level , kat just rocks , bang on though the signature Dhoom Machale Step could have been better.
    All in all a good start by the D3 team , lets see what they have in store for us wid the remaining songs.

    From a die hard Srk fan , and yeah we do appreciate good things..

  • I jst saw in Dhoom 2 title track tht story was of Aaditya chpora n here in Dhoom 3 it’s of a TASHAN fame director Vijay krishna acharya !!! Now this is surely gonna TASHAN 2 only !!!

  • Dhoom 3 song is good as video due to good dance notes by kat and stunt visuals but its disappointed as audio. Pritam music is let down same as per lyrics and singing. Wish they would use Sunidhi Chauhan for title track. There is no doubt it will become chartbuster due to signature tune and previous successful versions. I have seen since d3 first motion poster released that in every D3 article positive comments about d3 got dislikes more as compare to likes. I think Haters thinking that as on this site there are more dislike for d3 so it will be flop or a let down but they don’t know these likes or dislike can’t play any role of success or failure of any movie. Your effort will go in vain because in every department D3 is looking promising. D3 teaser got 83% likes with more than 13million views and d3 trailer got 11million views with 87% likes. First movie which logo,poster,teaser and trailer all got huge thumbs up.

  • Aamir made us proud again by shows his gratitude towards Sachin with his presence in stadium, haters who are saying he just want to marketing his movie he give him tight slap. We haven’t witnessed Aamir without his D3 hat in any public places but in the stadium he went without his hat and even postponed d3 song launch event by 2hrs because he want to see Sachin’s batting in the stadium and he did the same. And he will see whole test match in the stadium. Its sound good as he shows that his respect towards Sachin is more than any movie of him. And those who have a question what is the connection to dedicate this song to Sachin, i want to remind them as Sachin is being called Master Blaster and the english transform of Dhoom itself means blast, so a person who is able to blast is known as blaster and Sachin is master in it so the song itself a synonymous of Sachin’s blasting cricket Career, hats of to legend Sachin and Aamir, you made the country proved with your contribution to india in your respective field.

  • @Aks : very well explained but no use for haters. They wont understand as their minds are filled with hatred n jealousy.

  • I am surprised to see Hrithik fans behaving as srk fans. Guys dont let the success of K3 get into your minds. Hrithik himself wishes Aamir n Dhoom3 to break records. There is no doubt that Hrithik Roshan is the best dancer in bollywood n he took DHOOM franchise to a different level with D2. Few morons even declaring it as flop before its release. Are you nuts? Aamir movie christmas release with famous franchise. Come on guys be serious !!!!

  • after giving one atbb hr fans think hr better than srk or aamir. but reality is hr is far behind he have to go a long wayyyy.

  • after giving one atbb hr fans think hr better than srk or aamir. but reality is hr is far behind he has to go a long wayyyy.

  • To all Hrithik and Srk fans Aamir is father of 100 & 200 cr club so dont behave like a kid Dhoom 3 is going to break every record that 2 without any inflated figures like CE & K3 !

  • Indicine please compare the dhoom 3 title song to dhoom and dhoom 2 title songs.
    and also try to vote pool to pic best one.
    I am sure dhoom machale froom d2 is 100 times better than this new one.

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