Dhoom 3 vs Kick: The better trailer?

The trailer of Kick has rocked both the internet and the trade. Soon after the trailer was launched, trade analyst Komal Nahta tweeted “UNBELIEVABLE! That’s the word to describe the KICK trailer. Remember my words: this one has the potential to cross DHOOM:3!”

Amod Mehra said “After seeing the trailer of #KICK I am convinced it will NOT break previous initial records.. It will S-M-A-S-H them !!”

Exhibitors are also gearing up for a huge Eid weekend and expectations are high that Salman’s return to his favourite weekend could break all standing box office records – including those set by Dhoom 3.

So, during times when the trailer is the most important factor for the box office opening of films.. which theatrical trailer do you like more? Dhoom 3 or Kick? Watch both the trailers and submit your vote!

Dhoom 3 vs Kick? The Better trailer?

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Dhoom 3 Trailer

Kick Trailer



  • Dhoom 3 trailer has action action and only action which is hi class stuff. So yes Dhoom3 trailer is BEST

  • Definitely KICK.

    Though both movies have many copied scene from Hollywood Blockbusters but still KICK is looking better product.

    Salman suits the role. But Amir was looking misfit as a Villain and His twin brother act was not up to the mark. Amir’s acting as a disturbed brother was dull.

    Hopefully Salman will pull off the Devil’s role with conviction. Best of Luck

  • most the scene in the kick trailer are scene to scene copy from hollywood flicks like Ironman3,mi3,the expendables,salt .

  • I’m a huge hater of aamir… But there is not 1 % of doubt dhoom 3 trailer is far better than sick… With dialogues like jo duniya ko namunkin lage vahi mauka hota hai kartab dikane n all… Superb chase sequences n music dhoom 3 trailer is 1000 times better than kick

  • Maybe nahta forgot dhoom 3 on non holiday friday broke highest single day record no chance of kick breaking that record as buzz for dhoom 3 was sky high. Yes I’m the same Vikram SRK fan but facts are facts.

  • Our bhai jaan insipred lots of other actor to convert a south hit movie into a blockbuster bollywood movie

  • Best of Dhoom 3 trailer-
    1 jackie shrof introduction and dialogue
    2 aamir running down on a building (what a stunning vfx and camera work)
    3. Aamir’s dialogue and flipping the coin
    4.kat’s deadly moves from kamli
    5.small view of 5 crore song malang
    6.mein ghar aa gaya baba
    7.action scenes in river
    8.that stunt and back vily by aamir khan over uday
    9.And final battle between aamir and abhishek in that tunnle
    10.that AWESOME stunt between the two bridges
    11.Aamir throwing his hat on screen

  • Nahta said the same about ett,don 2, ra.one, bodyguard that they will break 3 idiots record. lol everyone knows what happened

  • Dhoom3 without a doubt… D3 far-2 better than fake Rt , fav , likes,views waale salman ki kick… Also in kick they copied it frm krrish3 and D3

  • Undoutedly Kick. Kick has every chance not to break Dhoom’s record cos Salman looks kike Hippopotmus in the movie.

  • dhoom3 record wil be broken dis year by either kick or hny, but don’t worry pk will be another talash as their is no huge dhoom brand, katrina n yrf banner.

  • look at these srk fans they comment before salman fans it shows they like the trailer more than salman fans.

  • 3:21 PM comment is not mine….
    Some fool is trying to use my id…

    Kick trailer is better…but it lacks in the background score department…

  • ★★★★★

    Honestly, Dhoom3 trailer is the best ever till now,
    actually D3 has extremely big plot and bigger scope.

    But Yes KICK trailer is no so behind from D3,
    KICK trailer is fucking awesome, Wow Salman’s attitude, KILLER.

    As far as Dhoom3 record is concerned, KICK will definitely break some of those:

    KICK collection prediction:
    1st weekend – 90cr
    1st week – 200cr+
    2nd week – 50cr+
    lifetime – 300cr

    Yes the 2nd week(67cr) and overseas($28m) records of Dhoom3 will sustain
    and also the 3rd, 4th, 5th week records of 3Idiots will also sustain comfortably.

    Last word, KICK is going to found a new club in Bollywood I.e 300cr club.
    Salman Khan Power.

    And Yes at the end of the year, P.K. will enter the 300cr club founded by KICK and recreate all records again.



  • srkians when d3 trailer released…its wrst ..krissh3 was better…
    now srkians when kick trailer released…d3 is the best…kick is crap…

    lol grow up..dnt spoil name of ur so called ” global king”

  • Kick trailer is owned by Nawazuddin Siddiqi and Randeep hoonda. It’s rare that supporting cast over shadowing main lead in the trailer. Acting power won over special effect.

  • Trailerwise,It should have been kick vs k3,nt kick vs d3 as kick is competing wid k3 on youtube. Or it cud have been kick vs k3 vs d3.

  • No chance breaking the records of Dhoom 3, non holiday weekend release, with eid release KICK. and D3 trailer is undoubtedly far far better than KICK trailer.

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