Dhoom 3 Tuesday (Day 5) Box Office Collections

Dhoom 3 has collected around Rs 150 crore mark at the domestic box office, with record-breaking business on Tuesday. The film has collected Rs 20.14 crore on its 5th Day, which was again a working day. It was a holiday in Karnataka due to the passing away of poet GS Shivarudrappa. In other parts of the country, a few schools, colleges and offices were shut for Christmas eve.

Dhoom 3 is likely to collect around 190 crore in its first week and cross the 200 crore in its second weekend.

  • Friday – 36.22 crore
  • Saturday – 33.36 crore
  • Sunday – 38.03 crore
  • Monday – 21.71 crore
  • Tuesday – 20.14 crore
  • Total India Collections – 149.46 crore


  • This is unbelievable.150 crores in just 5 days and today is christmas holiday so collections will again rise.i knew that tuesday collection will be again 20+ bcoz the show i watched in PVR was almost housefull.

  • Dhoom3 was the worst film in the last decade or so….it’s storyless,brainless…….i downloaded from torrents…..and saw first 15 minutes and the climax……WTF was dat….even the crap brailess masal movies of salman were better than this……..picturisation of malang song was the only nice thing…..it’s collecting because of the Dhoom3 brand and i think thise who were appreciating here lkost their senses fully i guess…..WOM were extremely negativee and my friends were abusing like hell when they saw this movie on the first day after spenting money on this crap

    I have seen that no one here noted 800-900 screen more for D3 with NON HOLIDAY Release when compared to CE 3600-3700 Holiday realease with paid previes that did almost 6.75 cr with 800 screen having evening realease….
    Everyone will say CE had two holiday and paid preview in weekend but D3 with one holiday had also 800-900 more screen and in Hindi 600-700 which will clearly benefited D3 atleast 18 cr for only hindi

  • In 5 days “Dhoom 3″ has three 30+ crores days and two 20+ crores days.Today also bcoz of Christmas it can cross 30 crores.This is extraordinary.”Dhoom 3” has crushed all records badly and that too worldwide.

  • Its a shame that films like Chennai Express and Dhoom 3 are making so much money. No wonder why we Indians are termed as Dumb People in the West.

  • That is good.
    Merry christmas to our superstar Akshay and all akkians,@praveen,@aarush,@Rashid,@theskb,@its holiday,@akki the real fan of akki,etc.I also wish a merry christmas to all other actors and @indicine for their news and allowing us to share our views.@Babaji continue your fair analyst

  • Among all commercial movies of 2013,k3 is higly critically acclaimed. .d3’s rating was 63 out of 100 .but k3’s rating was above 70.

  • @SAKHI u said that u watched the first 15 minutes and then climax but u r also mentioning Malang song which was somewhere in between of the movie.What a big liar u r really.Caught u this time.lol

  • @sem when “CE” broke the records of “3 idiots” with almost double screens then it was fair for u lungiwalas and now it is unfair.Truth is “Dhoom 3” has crushed “CE” everywhere in the world except UK.

  • 30 crs is possible today, and another 20 for tomorrow so the total 1st week’s collections will be 200+ crs. If that is not a star power then I don’t what that is?

  • Haha .. nice to c excuses by SRK fans.
    Advantages of CE

    –> Rohit shetty movie
    –> Deepika’s awesome acting and star power. Pls note her unconventional film Ram leela also scored mor than 100 crs.
    –> Three holidays in first weekend. Then independence day holiday in first week.

    Then relentless promotions by SRK from soap ads to saas bahu serials. Srk went everywhere to promote the movie. Its like he is begging everyone to watch the movie.
    In comparison Aamir din promote the movie at all and let it be driven by his star power and brand name.

    Tats the real power of a super star.

  • Only good thing in movie was amirs acting. Abhishek uday and katrina are same expressionless and over acted pathetic in movie. Starting was also brainless. Indian also see the brainless movie and waste their hard earned money. This movie copied the concept from the prestige

  • @SAKHI
    You confessed piracy.
    Someone please complain to the anti-piracy agency and arrest him/her. We will get rid of him/her finally

  • @SAKHI
    Please if u dont have money to watch a film in theater then I advice u to beg on the streets.
    If u watch a movie for free from torrents instead of theater
    then you have no right to criticize or review it.

  • @ Indicine – How much was the collections for regional languages for Dhoom 3 on tuesday. As BOI reported 21 cr for hindi version. You reported 20.14 for tuesday, i aasume including regional collections. Is BOI overeporting or Indicine underreporting….

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