Dhoom 3 Movie Stills

The Dhoom 3 teaser that was released on the internet yesterday has received a fabulous response. The teaser trailer has already received more than 1.5 million views.

We have a few exclusive movie stills captured from the teaser. Aamir looks cool playing a super-villain for the first time in his career, while Katrina Kaif looks super hot!

Aamir Khan Bike stunt in Dhoom 3

Aamir Khan Bike stunt in Dhoom 3

Aamir Khan rides BMW Bike in Dhoom 3

Aamir Khan rides a BMW Bike in Dhoom 3

Aamir Khan in Dhoom 3

Aamir in Dhoom 3

Katrina Kaif rope stunt in Dhoom 3

The stylish Katrina Kaif looks stunning in the films teaser that was released on 5th September

Katrina Kaif's hot look in Dhoom 3

Katrina’s hot look in Dhoom 3

Katrina Kaif - Dhoom 3

Her entry reminds you of AIshwarya in Dhoom 2

Abhishek Bachchan - Dhoom 3

Abhishek Bachchan plays the super cop for the 3rd time. A regular in the Dhoom series now!

Uday Chopra still from Dhoom 3

Uday Chopra too is now a cop and has the best bikes in the world!

Uday Chopra Bike stunt in Dhoom 3

Uday was last seen in Pyaar Impossible a couple of years ago



  • Kat is looking superhot. .
    But uday and abhi are looking the same what they were in dhoom2.about amir,he will act good. .but looks is okay.

  • Why this Dhoom 3 was copying Hollywood and Dhoom 2 in many ways
    Motion Poster was copied from The Dark Knight
    Motion Poster background music was copied from NFS 2 game(Pritam a copy cat)
    Teaser back ground Score copied from Evil dead 2013 as the trailer released long back(Pritam a copy cat)
    Teaser Entrance of Aamir reminds us Mr A From Dhoom 2
    Teaser Entrance of KATRINA reminds Aishwarya in Dhoom2 and place resembles Dhoom Again back ground from Dhoom 2
    Teasers Logo Reminds us Ghost Rider Spirit of vengeance
    Teaser had ABHISHEK always chases through helicopter like Dhoom2
    Finally John and Hrithik had done every inch for Dhoom Franchise here Aamr had nothing to do
    Even Salman had done some Mindblowing stunts in ETT and Dabaang series

  • @ Amit: You are not an Aamir Fan, in earlier page also you have written length and breadth about that.

    You are jealous, that Aamir is going to break all records – left, right and centre.

  • even ek tha tiger teaser was better than d3.action was also better than d3.d3 needs good wom,mixed wom is not enough.otherwise it will end at 180-190 cr coz it is not 4 d family like ce.only salman and srk can give huge hit with mixed wom.

  • @navin dhoom 3 wont collect 200 cr it will collect 1000 cr in international market.lol 3i collected 26 million dollar in 4 years bcoz of excellent wom.his all film are below srk and salman’s worst movie ra1 and d2.salman in india and srk in international market.ur aamir is nowhere.hritik will be d next king after salman and srk.

  • Aamirr roxxxx.. Awesome teaser its better than holy’d mvi trailer….this mvi definitely collect 500cr world wide.

  • sorry for kat same as aish, aish has done same as kat in dhoom 2, eagerly waiting for DHOOM 3( supercop abhi, ali and master thief amir). more than 300 cr in india and 150 cr in overseas for sure

  • Aamir is Intellegent actor and will not sign movie any crap script. There should be something differ which will not be disappointing to their fans. Surely it will collect 230+ cr in India. Overseas can’t predict for 100 cr. but still manage to collect 85 to 90 crs.

  • srk cant play police officer role So all police related movies r crap……height of dumbness….now dhoom-3 & krissh-3 shd get gud response at bo..to take industry forward….

  • superb. Waiting for a good summer pop corn movie. Dhoom 1 was fab. Dhoom 2 spent too much time on Hrithik-Aish instead of going ahead with steal jobs and action. I really hope Dhoom 3 concentrates on heists rather than on emotions

  • dhoom3 will be totaly on content basis movie in hollywood style, may be aamir me hritik jaisi height, aur dance skil nahi h, but talent and sense of humour me he is too much forward.
    When ghajini came then all haters told aamir is not suit in action movie, but he accept the challenge and make 100cr benchmark in bollywood

  • to all the fan and haters of aamir khan
    U can love him, u can hate him, but u can’t ignore him
    He is god of acting.

  • yashraj banner, dhoom franchise, katrina and aamir khan. This is the best combo of bollywood ever, surely 500 cr net collection worldwide

  • some aamir hater person saying that it will be flop and it will earn 135 to 150 cr domestic , then how can they say that it will a flop, it will be superhit. Jinke fav hero ne aaj se mahine bhar pahle 125 ka figure bhi nahi dekha tha wo aaj kuch jyada hi uchal rahe h. this is aamir’s quality no body expect him below 150 cr movie

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