Dhoom 3 China Trailer

Dhoom 3 releasing in China on 25th July 2014. Starring Aamir Khan, Abhishek Bachchan, Katrina Kaif and Uday Chopra.

Watch the China trailer of Dhoom 3 below.



  • But the trailer is’nt in Mandarin,so will Chinese people only watch it with subtitles….??

  • Plz babaji control yourself from Trashing Dhoom 3 again,you have done probably 20 times…that is enough…

  • The #1 film of Bollywood Dhoom 3 broke all records in India, overseas and worldwide. Now moving to break records in China. If collection is great then lifetime collectiom will cross 600 crores worldwide!

  • So Dhoom 3 is ready to rock in China also after worldwide record breaking success.Aamir khan is truly number 1 in overseas as top 2 grossers overseas belong to him.

  • Ritesh Deshmukh bigger than our perfake Amir besause Ritesh also give Blockbuster,superhit,hit and semi-hit. GRANDMASTI 2 ka dialogue….,
    Patient- pregnant rok ne ka dawa do sir
    Doctor(ritesh)-yeh loh condom (mere kam ka nahi raha)
    Patient – isay dudh ke saath lu yaa paani ke saath…
    Doctor(ritesh)-isay kelay ke saath lo….
    Ha ha To Much fun…….

  • Dhoom 3 overseas collection with increase more after this big release in china and now it is very difficult for our king to break this aamir record in overseas and it can take another 4 years for our king to break this record but we hope that chinese government will atleast give their legion of honor award to our king


  • @banaji ki lungi Your trashing of Dhoom 3 is childish n makes you sound like a big baby who is envious of Aamirs success bcoz your flopstar Akkis crappy homage to China- “Chandni Chowk To China” was a total embarrassment n disaster in China.

    @nipin lootera You clown who has more ‘nipin IDs’ than “sss khan” has lungis- Dhoom 3 is not Revenge 3 bcoz your Rohit 3 should have been titled Revenge 3 bcoz Super Wannabe Hero Rohit was seeking revenge from Kaal for killing his Papa Rohit…! Rohit 3 would have most likely collected 244cr had it been called Revenge 3 attracting a larger adult audience due to a better title as opposed to the children audience it actually did attract who thought Rohit 3 was a cartoon…! To be fair cartoons are better than that crap but thats criticism is more due to the crap vfx on offer by Sarkars Chilli Company…!

  • @navin uncle
    You are forcing me to trash it again,but i will not.
    And moreover K3’s revenge story was much better n justified,but here someone did’nt gave u the loan ,so u started to rob his bank…lol
    I hope whenever u need a loan,u get it..otherwise u will also start ur childish revenge like ur aamir,but u will be caught within 5 min. even before reaching ur bike.

  • Good for the producers of the movie.

    Isn’t it ironic, that Aamir robs all the banks in the movie, and producers of movie are getting richer and richer? lol.

  • what a big shame on roshans ,copying several sceans from Hollywood superhero movies,then they call it sequal to Krrishh,

  • @Babaji yes all scenes of Krrish 3 r justified like jumping from 1 building to another and then jumping on plane without ticket and becoming shock up and shocking everybody.lol

  • @sachin11, its a superhero sci fi film, and you wanted your regular science in it ? no wonder why you liked a crap film like dhool:3 where aamir was walking and running on the walls which is very mch sensible.
    @Navin Uncle, please make me remind mangal pandey,dhobi ghat,talaash etc. aamir shamelessly used the success of dhoom and dhoom 2 to make dhool:3 successful. it gave people a wrong message that whenever bank doesn’t give you loan, you rob them. lol!
    but funny thing is that crap film didn’t even show a single robbery scene.
    Reason ??
    reason is simple, aditya chopra didn’t have any script, he just desperately wanted to cash in the popularity of dhoom franchise, so he didn’t have any idea how to show fantastic robbery scenes which are the heart and soul of a dhoom film, so he skipped it and showed aamir running out of bank with endless kristen stewart expressions. lol

  • This china trailer of dhool 3 is just like china maal, cheap and fake! chinese people are habituated to watch action legend jackie chan, they wont be interested in a dedh futiya actor.

    logic of dhool:3, you can’t speak a single properly the whole movie but you can sing perfectly in tu hi junoon! wow rip logic! rip aamirtards.

    The VFX should go to dhool:3 because despite the 8 inches difference between katrina and aamir’s height, the vfx team gave it awesome effects and made both heights same in the film LOL


    Whenever you are dealing with a criminal which is robbing a big bank without any trace,no clue and is very difficult to catch, you don’t call the CIA or FBI or S.W.A.T, you always call the best cop duo in whole world, mumbai police’s jai and ali !!!!!

    jai and ali have played a vital role in catching laden also. lol

  • well i dont like to make fun of aamir but, i wanna ask to @Krriss3-from Xmen to shaktiman
    tell me which scene in K3 copied from hollywood marvels superhero movies? Tell me which scene or which mutant and their super power is copied in k3 from x-men??
    Even kaal have to move his fingers or hands which is far diff. Than any mutants power from x-men.

    If K3 is copied from x-men coz it has mutants in movie, then also avengers is copied, isn’t it?? As ur point..
    Well the other point is there is no one in bollywood who can make more prestigeous and better sci-fi movie than Rakesh Roshan Like K3..
    And @Navin tell salman then dont copy krrish which is for childrens as u said.. And childrens learn from our elders, that proves salman doin more childish things in kick, nor he is superhero niether he has super powers still he is doing all actions which is like only superhero can do.. And as human he is doin all superheroic action what only liked by his fans who didnt have brain.. Who are new born childrens.. I dont wanna say anything about D3.. Childrens cant get what scientific art n magic, to get it people must have well mind 1st.. :D

  • marvels superhero movies definately better than K3 coz its low budget movie compare to marvel movies..
    we like if spidy jumps from 1 building to another but when hrithik do it, it make bad ? Rofl super logic, Tell me whats a great story in iron man 3? Really it has great story?? :/ it has btr vfx technique use, but not story, batman, xmen has gud stories, but whole krrish series also contains with good story and awesome content…

  • and @Navin K3 and D3 has just 10cr difference as adjusted gross domestically, and u knew the hike ticket price of D3 compare to K3, so dont tell only D3 attracts larger adult audience.. With 500 extra screens compare to K3..

    As today stratagy of adjusted gross both movie earned,
    D3 – 311cr
    K3 -300cr

  • @ankan Salman buys righrts to remake movies- theres no law to stop such a practice as its business so why he should stop doing remakes is beside the point you moron. On the other hand Roshans dont buy remake rights and they dont practise this bcoz if they did then they would be paying out royalties to every single superhero movie ever made bcoz Rajesh Sir has plagiarised from more than 1 movie so thats why he dont give credit to Marvel etc etc. Please comprehend that n repeat it back to me bcoz I wanna make sure you properly understand it….! :-P

  • @sachin11
    Being a salman fan,it does’nt suites you talking about logic and justification.
    I can prepare a list of illogicalities in salman films and indicine will be tired up in posting comments…
    I did’nt started this time,your juvenile uncle provoked me…

  • @babaji ki dhool- you changing your lungi here bcoz you ran out of wisdom in the 19th century n lost your senses in the 20th century n now tragically you have lost your lungi in the 21st century…!

    So sad to see a grown old man resorting to such skullduggery just bcoz he is being mocked n LAUGHED at by everyone and their dog…! You give a bad name to old men who can act gracefully n with dignity but you lost all your dignity when you watched Akkis Holiday only to realise its some spin off crap from 24….! Grow up or put your lungi back on n stop drooling over Aamirs Dhoom 3 success….!

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