Dheere Dheere crosses 150 Million Views

Dheere Dheere has become the first Hindi song to cross the 150 million mark on YouTube. The song, which was produced in the memory of Gulshan Kumar by his son Bhushan Kumar, featured Hrithik Roshan and Sonam Kapoor.

It’s the most watched Indian video on Youtube.

Only 6 songs have crossed the 100 million mark – Dheere Dheere (150 million), Tum Hi Ho (111 million views), Gerua (107 million), Kolaveri Di (107 million), Zaroori Tha (106 million) and Kaliyon Ka Chaman (102 million).

The song was composed and sung by Yo Yo Honesy Singh and directed by Ahmed Khan.

Dheere Dheere - 150 Million Views

Dheere Dheere – 150 Million Views



  • Now Hrithik is back with MJD ! It will be treat to watch him on big Screen ! 9 Days to go for MohenjoDaro

  • how can they write lyrics by just yo yo… he was the one who spoiled the lyrics in fact… and it was only cause of hrithik that this video fetched so many views otherwise song wise its shit

  • Good thing abt yo yo’s dheere
    Sonam and Visuals

    hrithick dance 2wards the end was a big bore

  • At least this is the reason of Hrithikians to cheer for.
    As there will be no reason left when MJD is clashing with a promising film Rustom.

  • proud to be a hrithikian .. yes . only hrithik could have done it ofocurse with the help of aashqui theme and yo yo but still hrithik is the most important and major factor of it being croosing 150 million .. it will surely cross 200 million also … off the topic mohenjodaro team is promoting at the kapil sharma show ….. show will be telecasted on 7 august at 9 pm on sony t.v .. do catch it…

  • “mohenjodaro script is brilliant . hrithik s caREER BEST” _ soudeep chatterjee { member of CENSOR BOARD . AS ON 31 JULY 2016}

  • @indicine really! no more meaningful news, digging old corpse for news. There is promotional events of Mohenjo Daro and Rustom also BO update of dishoom. Trust me it meaningless bkoz kala chasma gonna runover every other YouTube records.

  • @Ultron A Salmaniac

    Dude…if it was due to power of YoYo why would it gets so much video views….YoYo was not in the video right?….if it was due to YoYo voice then the record would have been created for the most no of downloads for the audio…did that happen…? No right? So just STFU and accept the truth that the video was viewed for Hrithik Roshan!

  • sorry to say indicine but ap to youtube views ko pakr k rote rehte ho … views cant judge popularity of anyone .. mind it .. hmar commentwa show krna paleeejjjjj ……….

  • 150 Million is a huge landmark . Congratulations to Bhushan Kumar, Hrithik Roshan, Sonam Kapoor, Yo Yo Honey Singh, Ahmed Khan and T- Series for such a great success . The kind of success this music video has achieved is something which we have not seen in the last 3 or 4 years . Honestly the original song is much better than this but the locations and the chemistry are the highlights for such a massive success . But this song is much better than 90 % of Yo Yo Honey Singh’s songs . Cheers !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I have decided after a long period of reflection to put my weight behind Chustom n focus my energy on ruining this Maanvar Ritiks upcoming crapfest…!

    I just cant tolerate this alien reject who keeps on ruining my childhood memories like watching great X-Men cartoons, Agneepath, Dheere Dheere etc etc which Jadoo Boy ruined when he remade them BADLY…!

    He deserves to be punished

  • Around 100 million of those views were from households in the state of Manipulationpoor… Dont trust these numbers

  • Proud of this feat as an indian.And Salman has also achieved a rare feat of 2 movies with 400 plus domestic gross .please update it also ,indicine, please

  • Irony …… The song’s name is Dheere Dheere. But it is the first to cross 150 million views.

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