Detective Byomkesh Bakshi Total Box Office Collections and Verdict

Detective Byomkesh Bakshi is yet another medium-budget YRF film that has failed to do well at the box office. The film took a poor start on Friday (national holiday), showed decent growth over the weekend, but collections came crashing down on Monday.

Due to the huge drop in business on each weekday, the film has lost more than 75% of its screens in Week 2.  In fact, Hollywood’s biggest grosser in India ‘Fast and Furious 7’ has retained most of its screens this week too and has replaced Detective Byomkesh Bakshi at several high-end theatres.

Day-wise collections of Detective Byomkesh Bakshi below, followed by business economics.

DayBox Office Collections in India (Crores)
Day 1 (Friday)4.2
Day 2 (Saturday)4.5
Day 3 (Sunday)5.36
Day 4 (Monday)1.68
Day 5 (Tuesday)1.57
Day 6 (Wednesday)1.34
Day 7 (Thursday)1.22
Day 8 (Second Friday)0.62
Day 9 (Second Saturday)1.22
Day 10 (Second Sunday)1.42
Day 11 (Second Monday)0.48
Day 12 (Second Tuesday)0.66
Day 13 (Second Wednesday)0.43
Day 14 (Second Thursday)0.33
Total Collections25.03

Economics of Detective Byomkesh Bakshi

1. Budget including print and advertising – Rs 32 crore

2. Revenue

A. Lifetime theatrical business in India = 25 crore (expected) i.e 12 crore distributors share

B. Satellite rights – 4 crore

C. Music – nil

D. Overseas – 5 crore (expected) i.e 2 crore share

3. Total revenue (a+b+c+d) – 12 + 4 + 2 = Rs 18 crore

4. Loss expected (Budget minus Revenue i.e 32 crore – 18 crore) = 14 Crore

Verdict – FLOP



  • Another Flop By Youngistaan First Half Of 2015 Is Saved By Akshay Kumar’s Baby & Fast & Furious 7 Otherwise Our Youngistaan Is Failing To Cross 50cr Mark At Box Office Despite having good songs & Opening Gabbar Is Back Will Cross 100cr & Bring Smile On Distributors Faces!
    Rip Youngistaan Team

  • we accept this…all movies released this yr are ..diffrent dark or classy…
    like baby..badlaapoor too…no big masala entrtainer yet… nt many great new songs on mobile…n we r missing it …. waiting for GABBAR…BHAIJAN , FAN DILWAALE… big stars big sets. big money records compitition…..n great songs too..

  • Tevar+ Badlapur+ Detective Byomkesh Bakshy All This 4 Movies Failed To Cross Baby’s 4 Days Collection Film With No Music, No Promotion, Only 2500 Screens With Clash, Low Ticket Price Makes 51cr In 4 Days While Our Youngistaan Lifetime Collection is Below That Despite Hit Music & Good Screens!

  • don’t worry sushanth.u r too talented to b bogged down by failure of ur 1 film and that too a critically acclaimed film like dbb.

    I and several other ppl hv noticed the spark in u to become a huge superstar in near future.v all loved ur performances in ur 2hits kai po che,sdr and even in ur latest byomkesh.and u had already won our hearts as manav in trp topper pavitra ristha.

    the entire nation is eagerly waiting for ur upcoming film ms dhoni and as far as youngistaan is concerned the seniors in our team will b stepping in to get us out of trouble.

    so u don’t need to worry about anything.just keep doing ur good work.


  • Finally, a different article. Wow! Congrats Indicine.

    Coming back to the article, i hope the movie somehow recovers its costs.

  • Bad news.
    I was expecting this movie to be average atleast.
    This time good movie fails.
    Meanwhile, Fast & Furious 7 has collected around 72 crs in iss first week.
    And Furious 7 was also a very good movie . Enjoyed it a lot

  • They should have kept the budget to max 20cr. There is daily big advt of the movie in the newspapers. Again a misjudgement by the makers.

  • Extremely sad to see a film like this getting flop!!
    And I don’t know why but the industry people themselves did’nt supported this film,neither I saw any celebrity attending its screening..These Karan Johars n others who support and appreciate so many films,where did they disappeared this time??
    I did’nt saw any celeb praising Sushant’s performance.When Varun gave a good performance in Badlapur,all were going gaga after him but seriously I did’nt saw any of them this time..instead all were busy watching Furious 7!!
    And at the end of the day,they switch on their twitters and start quoting that It’s a shame that a hollywood film has done much better than a bollywood film..Hypocrites!!

  • And now since the film has flopped I don’t think YRF will back them to make a sequel for it even though a sequel was very much on the cards..
    A lot of hard effort goes wasted and craps like “Leela” will be registering good cash this week! #Shame

  • success and failure r just 2 sides of a coin.if u all remember correctly then from September 2013 to September 2014 8 out of our 9 releases were bo success
    2ram leela
    3 htp
    5 mth
    6 2states
    7 ek villain
    8 humpty sharma

    besharaam was the only failure out of 9releases in 12months

    so if v can hv such a terrific run at the bo then v should also accept our poor run of late without any shame unlike akki emmy fans who keep on giving hundreds of excuses for poor performance of their fav star

    akki emmy will nvr make a comeback bcz of their arrogant,stupid,excuse making fans but youngustaan will bounce back soon bcz of our honesty

    twitter cnt make movie hit …
    twitter reaches to section of audience which already knows about film.. many people recognise film wen they hear songs …. bhatt camp made hits even with tv actors using songs n sex only… cm on even the darkest haider had great music…

  • These are the types of articles that I like from you indicine. Keep them coming, and please update collections of Furious 7 in India and Worldwide too.

  • ssr is a good actor … he is far more better than pathetic arjun kapoor … xpressions nd tones of varun ayushman srk r great .. so movies of them shuld work … dis movie got same result as that of flop crap tever

  • Sad that the movie failed.. I personally like it a lot and recommended it to friend.. who did not like it.. Some had a problem understanding it..

  • I want to watch this but it doesn’t seem to have been released in the UK. I’m still waiting for NH10 here!

  • @Babaji

    Well said! I at least expected Rajkumar Hirani to tweet about Sushant. Sushant had worked in PK without taking a single penny! He happily tweeted how awesome NH10 was, but was seen nowhere at time of DBB. Same goes for people like Karan Johar, Aamir khan, and many many others.

    They all are like “Apna kam banta, toh Bhad Me jaye Janta” And this Aamir khan complains how *quality* films are declining in bollywood but *loves* FF7.

    So if a rohit shetty blows 10 cars the film is trashy. But if Micheal Bay does the same, it’s awesome! (I know he ain’t the director of ff7 but he’s another carblowing specialist)

    I may be a fan of Ak and RKH’s films but at its core this entire bollywood fraternity is full of hypocrisy and double standards! Sushant has no contacts in the film industry. He had made a good film. He deserved some support.

    I have nothing against ff7 Its a nice franchise and people love to watch fast-paced action films. But bollywood and hollywood should be judged on same levels. Perhaps bollywood should be judged in a more lenient way because we don’t have that kind of a budget to blow 500 cars in one film.

    Too much hypocrisy!

  • @gj007….well said….there are some people who judge movies differently when it is done in bollywood they say crap and when same thing is done in hollywood they say nice….but in overseas most of the bollywood actors are famous than these hollywood actors…

  • it was a bakwaas film ..i saw a bit of it and then stopped it cos it was meandering too much.. it would have never worked in any case…had they shown me the film earlier i would have predicted the fate

  • I think its doesn’t matter that there are any songs or there are any itom songs are makes the movie hits . I think Byomkesh bakshi is a fantastic movie and I m waiting for his 2nd part

  • DBB is a great movie. Superb cinematography, great plot with complex twists, high production values and brilliant acting by all. To hell with box office reports! I simply love this movie. Among the many scenes in it, one scene lingers in my mind for its brilliant shock value. A youngster (member of revolutionary group) lies dead on a dentist’s chair with his chest slit by a weapon. Byomkesh and Ajit enter the dentist’s chamber and find the body lying in a pool of blood. It’s the city of Calcutta before independence, and a radio in the dentist’s room is playing the Woody Woodpecker song, with WW’s amusing laugh at the end (children who watch WW on Cartoon Network will be familiar with the laugh). But the same laugh sounds horrific and scary in the setting of the movie, like a ghostly laugh from another dimension. Now THAT’s classy cinema.

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