Details: Hrithik Roshan’s role in Don 2

Finally, we have some details about Hrithik Roshan’s role in Don 2, which so-far has been a well-kept secret.

Sources say, Hrithik will be playing the role of Don himself and in one of the scenes he will remove his mask and it’ll be Shahrukh Khan in Disguise! The source also adds that it’ll Hrithik will appear in a short action scene, following which he will reveal his real identity.

Don 2 Hrithik Roshan

Could the scene be similar to the poster?

Last year, Hrithik shot for Don 2 in Berlin and his special appearance in the film was kept as a surprise element.

Either way, it’ll be fun to watch Hrithik and SRK share screen space once again.

Note: These are unconfirmed reports, Hrithik’s role could be totally different from what is mentioned above.



  • Who said Salman is tiger khan..didnt he poach deer..
    He is a deer khan..

    DON2 is gonna be super…
    Waiting for hrithik to unmask himself..

  • jelouse people sorry srk n hirthic is a flops actor as you can see with out deniying their flops n be hosty



  • Shahrukh and Hrithik are the biggest Icon of Bollywood and they both are much much much better than Aamir and Salman.

  • I want to share an old news about Badshah SRK.
    SRK not only have name in the Earth but he have name out of the Earth also. In 2010 a Crater in the Moon have been named ‘SR Khan’ which refers the name of Shahrukh Khan. SRK is the first and only bollywood actor whose name is used for a Lunar Crater. King Khan got this extreme honour from International Lunar Geographic Society.
    (If any Anti SRK thinks that my comment is only a fake then he could go to ‘Google’ to search ‘Moon Crater SR Khan’)

  • SRK to Police- I am dddd……….
    Police – Dumb..?
    SRK – nai yaar I am DDDDDoo….. ddddo
    Police – Dog ? Donkey?
    Srk(Finally) – I am Donnn…
    Police – Nice joke budhhe kisi aur ko suna…….hahahahahahahha

  • @Sourav
    Heard about it. I know its true. But Sallu’s fans like me will not believe this. We are already planning a “bahana” to avoid this. Though we know SRK is great, but we’ll never accept this in front of the world. I also know that Ek Tha Tiger will be pathetic movie, but I’ll manage to keep saying that it will be good.

  • @ indicine:

    whether confirmed or not , its disgusting for publishing such a surprise element of the film now… it would hav been a big surprise for the people… a movie site should not do anything lyk this.. i am really dissappointed…

  • Hey guys i have a question. Its not related to SRK or Sallu.

    As of today the highest grosser for hindi film in india is 200cr and 100 cr oversees.

    And if a filmmaker make a movie with production cost of 350cr…. Even if the film is awesome better than 3 Idiots and for overseas better thn MNIK…it will be a flop…..

    Wht my question here is should nt be there any other measure to see whether the film is hit or flop beside Budget…

    Because here best movie of indian industry is flop becos of budet?

  • SALMAN IS THE BIGGEST SUPERSTAR OF OUR understand fake vinay.
    and i am the biggest fAn of most wanted khan

  • The biggest super star in the last two decades and the second biggest super star in the last decade behind SRK , are coming together and this will create a magic like k3G.
    The don 2 haters are hiding them selves now.
    Srk roxxxxxxxx
    don 2 roxxxxxxxx
    viva SRK and H.ROSHAN

  • Very disgusting yaar…dnt be chamcha of any one.why u ppl fighting due to others???
    Me gonna make it simple 4 all sk and srk fans.
    Salman khan..)having milestones films in start lyk mene pyar kia and hum apke hn kn. .after dat he went deep sleep…at the same tym shahrukh wakeup with ddlj and kuch kuch hota hai. . .
    After dat shahrukh was ruling bolywood undisputedly till rub ne bna d jodi. .then it was Aamir with ghajni nd 3Idiots. .After dat salman came again with d bangg…so in short all 3 khans are valueable and lovable 4 all.

  • Why does everyone come here to hate on SRK and Hrithik? They are both GREAT actors. Salmon does his thing but is mean and rude to others. He thinks he is too good for anyone. I hate his movies because he cant act well and he is not funny,
    That is MY opinion. I prefer SRK and Hrithik. Great movies, and great men. I loved Ra One and cant wait for Don 2! I dont hate Salmon and I am not going to go to his message boards to put him down, people should not be so jealous and come here to put down SRK or Hrithik. And I love that Kunal Kapoor is in the movie!

  • omg …y r sallu fans degrading srk n hr in der related page…dt shws hw uneducated mst of his fans are…jus say salman iz gr88 in a page reltd or publish abt him….bt dnt degrade other actors…evry1’s gr8 srk,hr,sallu,aamir dese 4 r capable of breakin n makin records…so hate them bt dnt cant ignore’em

  • Aamir Khan on a tv show:-

    Maine Shahrukh ke bare me kabhi bura nahi kaha lekin maine ye kaha ki ‘Sachin Tendulkar number 1 hai,lekin maine kabhi Sachin ko ye kahate huye nahi suna ki wo number 1 hai’.

    That the nature of human mates,jo realy number 1 hote hai wo kabhi khud ko number nahi kahate.
    Maine bhi kabhi Big B,Dilip sahab ya Sachin ko khud ko number 1 kahate huye nahi suna,ha lekin Shahrukh har jagah apani bin bajata rehata hai.

    Thats why he is not great but he is proudy.Lekin ‘Ahankari ko usaka Ahankar hi maarata hai’.
    Don 2 ke saath bhi wahi hoga jo Ra.One ke sath hua tha.We dont care about overseas because its Indian cinema & deals with Indians,aur yaha par to Shahrukh abhi tak Salman,Aamir aur Ajay se koso piche hai.

    Hum aise actor ki movie kabhi nahi dekhenge jo ek Indian captain ko team se nikalta hai aur ek Pakistani ko team ka Coach karata hai.
    As a Indian i hate you Shahrukh.

  • @vinay( the real one)
    i know who is the fake vinay, its abosolutely that weird dude with the name aashkaran. remember he was doing it before. made his fake name against srk and blaming other just to get little sympathy for srk during raone trailer. he knows that vinay you are big salman fan. he trying his best to bring salman down but he knows that its not gonna happen because salman fans are countless and they dont care what people say about salman they just like salman

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