Desi Boyz Review

Desi Boyz marks the debut of Rohit Dhawan, son of veteran director David Dhawan who is know for his over-the-top slapstick comedies. The film also reunites the ‘Garam Masala’ pair of Akshay Kumar and John Abraham. They have two gorgeous ladies, Deepika Padukone and Chitrangada Sen, for company.

Story: Desi Boyz is about Jerry (Akshay) and Nick (John), who are two of the many victims of global recession. Jerry is responsible for the upbringing of his orphan nephew and Nick has to maintain his girlfriend Radhika (Deepika). Burdened with responsibilities, the cash-strapped duo opt for the world’s oldest profession and turn into male escorts.

Desi Boyz Review

First let’s talk about what not to expect from Desi Boyz. The film has absolutely no storyline, the characters are poorly etched and the climax is poor.

On the positive side, Desi Boyz is a decent one-time watch. Rohit Dhawan’s approach is very different from his father and it’s evident right from scene one; he doesn’t let his actor’s go over-the-top, the placement of songs is much better and he even manages to extract a good performance out of John Abraham!

The first half is good, the second half slow and boring. The film has no story, but Rohit has included enough in the screenplay to keep the audience interested.

Coming to the performances, Akshay Kumar sleep-walks though his role. He has played similar characters a million times before and like always he get’s his comic timing right. John Abraham is a revelation. This has to be one of his better performances in a long time. He looked clueless in Garam Masala, but the chemistry that he shares with Akshay is excellent in Desi Boyz.

Deepika Padukone looks great and acts well. Chitrangada Singh’s character was a major let down, she only makes an appearance after interval!

Overall, Desi Boyz is a fun film. A better second half would have done wonder, but for a first-timer, Rohit Dhawan shows a lot of promise.

Rating: ★★★☆☆



  • excellent movie. super music by pritum and great performance by akshy kumar. i really enjoyed this one. Rohit done excellent job as a first time director

  • let me clear one thing friends. i was in Dubai on Nov.10 and i decided to watch a bollywood movie, when i went to the cinema there was only Ra-one i bought the ticket and sat relax to watch the movie for the first time in my life i was feeling boor in the cinema hall it was very boring.

  • akki look younger then john and his comic timing was upto the mark. But script seems to b hilarious.but natural its Dhawan junior debut. but he try superb.
    he has capability to b cum best director.

  • people who are posting negative comments about this movie they are SRK fans. i just want to tell them please watch Ra-one one more time and then decide. if you are a normal human then you will never post negative comments about this movie. this movie is 100 times better than crap Ra-one. to all of SRK fans! after Ra-one SRK is finished mark my words.

  • @ahsan khan….truly said bro…..SRK is finished…i just went to the theatres for desi boyz…and most malls in GURGAON are packed houses for this movie…its hard to get a ticket…most places sold out!!!the movie already managed 21 crores worlwide and it deserved it…fantastic job done by akki and johny…truly UNMATCHABLE!!!

  • Desi Boyz-
    Superb music, gud story and mindblowin actin… Hit hai Boss…:)
    First half i felt a bit bored but 2nd half really took over and i must say it was d best.

    Omi vaidya was excellent…”Tera bahut hogaya saale.. ek hath marunga tho naak se ganga jamuna behegi.. haan tere paas body hai, lekin mere paas jigar he jigar…”..;)
    sanju baba was awesome…:)

    Worth watchin… have watched it 2 times already…:)

  • Movie was fun..without story (as usual for Akki film) still had good comedy..
    and who the hell compared it with Ra.One..
    on what basis has the comparison been made..??

  • Now days if movie earns whopping 25 cr in weekend, then also it tagged as a flop… Tis is bocox of comparision with collection of sallus movie….now all stars shining gone…against superstar salmankhan,,,lov y sallu

  • lol bhavin boaring movie was bodyguard nd ra1…this was the best movie wch i hav seen desi boys rockkkkkkkzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • The movie is strictly ok but definitely not bad for a first time director although I personally feel the duo’s earlier Garam Masala was a better fare.Watched the first day last show experience was anyway good at wave cinemas… Chitrangada one of the finest actors we have from the current crop. Although she had nothing much to do when it comes to acting in this movie, she looked hot and had that oomph! She only wins a few more brownies for doing a mainstream masala movie. Ditto with Deepika. The girls looked a million bucks and wore some very chic dresses which only complemented their sexy persona. If someone asks me, I liked the girls more in Desi Boyz.

  • Bhavin! if you believe that Ra-one was better than this movie then you don’t know anything about films. you better see doctor for your mental problem, because we all believe when people like you go to cinema hall they only want to see SRK Haklu khan face, because you don’t have normal brain to make judgement about films

  • After going through so many reviews, some in favour and more in negative shows liking and disliking of the audience for this new film.

    Leaving aside what was written by my friends we decided to watch DESI BOYZ and our first impression is that the movie has comedy, romance, and thin story line to hold the movie.

    Music of the film is overall good and composed with modern components, the beat, groove and dance effects are there which impressed us, but at the same time, most of us forgot the music the moment we came out of cinema hall, —However, we would purchase audio C D of this film for playing it in our car as some treks really clicked.

    The movie has moments of laughter, it would make people happy, provided they do not go down into the science of comedy.

    The male lead cast were ok, with Akshay in the lead provided decent performance. We were earlier under impression that he cannot do comedy as good which did in Singh is King, but Akshay in this film has kept a low note but was able to generate laughter for most guys in the cinema.

    Chitrangada Singh (tanya)looked stunning, in fact she looked much attractive than lead Ms. Deepika, we are not saying that the heroine was less appealing but Chitrangada Singh disturbed our minds (positively )with her sharp killing looks and the image of the character is engraved, for sure.

    We totally disagree that the second half after interval was dull, it was ok and much fun was observed in the 2nd half but one point is correct as written by many the plot is a bit thin, giving a slow effect to the film, however, it is not a major flaw as long as you are into the movie with all its characters.

    Good music and comedy plus sultry looks of Tanya would be entertaining for most movie goers.

    **** 7.3/10 = dont focus much on plot there is much to have a good time. Recommended.

  • ok why the hell all of u are comparing this movie to if you see bodyguard it is the master of boring film but still earn double so i think even srk try to serve gud movie by spending huge money to make him like hollywood but bodyguard is low budget scrap. But it is true desi boyz is better muvi than bodyguard annd

  • Ekdum bakwas movie jabar idiot said 1000000000000000000 time better than Golmaal 3, G3 is a blockbuster movie n Desi boys a above avarage movie. Jabar u don’t know what is the entairtenment.

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