Desi Boyz New Trailers

Desi Boyz is coming to the cinema’s on November 25th.

Produced by Vijay Ahuja and Krishika Lulla, the film is about two friends John and Akshay who go to Oxford University for an overseas course. John is an investment banker and is engaged to Deepika Padukone. Akshay Kumar lives with his best friend John and Chitrangada is his love interest.

They begin to face problems when recession hits the country, which forces them to join a strip club called Desi Boyz owned by Sanjay Dutt.

In the trailers that we have seen so far, the chemistry and the comic timing between the Garam Masala boys is excellent.


This is what the Desi Boys John and Akshay do when they face recession and want to earn for their living. They make the best use of the best they have. They join a strip club flaunting their biceps! Too hot to handle. Watch this video.


Listen to what Akshay has to say to a rich investment banker John who is worried about the future when he lost his job. He compares himself to the highly educated John who has now fallen down to his level. This is a sad yet a funny situate on.

Akshay is giving some lame suggestions to the beautiful Deepika to convice John who seems to be upset with her. One moment Akshay explains how decent John is when he faces girls and the next moment Deepika sees him flirting with a hot girl. The scene is hilarious.


Listen to the discussion of Desi Boyz who just filled an application for a strip club. Their comic timing is simply amazing. Chech out the Video.


Chech out how Akshay ruins a very Romantic moment for his friend John. John creates a very romantic scene like a typical lover as he goes on his knees to propose Deepika. But Drunk Akshay interrupts and makes the entire situation very funny.


Akshay and John decide on starting their own company Desi Boyz that is completely recession proof. The three rules that they decide are amazing and funny. Check out the clip to know the three rules.




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