Department Review

The title ‘Department’ doesn’t quite do justice to this Ram Gopal Varma directed film. Ideally, the film should have been called ‘Torture Department’. We hate thrashing films, but this Sanjay Dutt – Rana Daggubati – Amitabh Bachchan starrer has to be one of the worst films in recent times.

Department Review

Story: There ain’t any. After a point you don’t even care. We expected a realistic tale on cops, but Department only has superheroes, fighting for no apparent reason.

Direction: Finally a film that is likely to topple RGV Ki Aag to take the top spot.

Camera Angles: RGV is touching new lows with each film.  Department seemed liked it was shot by a mouse, as the camera sneaks into unimaginable places. The focus is usually on the female butt, cleavage or her candy sucking – water dripping lips. It doesn’t even spare Sanjay Dutt’s teeth and Rana Daggubati’s crotch.

Performances: Rana Daggubati tries hard, but carries just one expression throughout. Sanjay Dutt doesn’t look fit enough for the role. As for Amitabh Bachchan, it’s heart-breaking to see the legendary actor in a psychotic role. Anjana Sukhani has about 10 minutes of screen-time. The talented Abhimanyu Singh is wasted. Madhu Shalini irritates. Of all the performances, Vijay Raaz stands out.

Songs: There are 2 item numbers in Department. One featuring an almost nude Nathalia Kaur, with men in the bar groping her butt. The other with Ganesh Acharya. There is a weirdly shot wedding song sequence too.

Overall, Department is an experiment that falls flat. Save you money and time. Go watch Ishaqzaade or The Avengers instead.

Rating: ½☆☆☆☆ Half a star for Vijay Raaz.

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  • Department is totally a disaster movie, missing those movies 4m ramu like.. Sarkar,sarkar raj,satya,company.

  • 0.5/5

    it is the lowest review that i see nowadays but since last year except AGNEEPATH every film that sanjay dutt touche becomes crap .

  • For All those who said Agneepath was a Sanjay Dutt movie….Department is Big Slap on their Faces….Just Remember 1 thing Agneepath was is n will be story of VIJAY DINANATH CHAUHAN….HRITHIK ROCKS anytime:)

  • old agneepath was far much better than this remake. Amitabh played the iconic role like alpacino , he was much more bold than hritik. In this remake only watchable character is rauf lala.

  • I literally got mad while watching it. Guys spare urself. DO NOT WATCH it. Its irritating, annoying, boring, immature and mainly a clueless movie so far.
    Some fren gave 0.5/5, i disagree. Must be -5

    Total failure of camera experiment, annoying acting and dialogue deliveries. Seems like RGV lost the script, and shot it anyhow. Its the only movie tht will topple RGV Aag, atleast tht was watchable to some extent.

  • without rishi kapoor ,sanjay dutt and chikni chameli imagine what happens in agneepath

    ch***a movie lgti

  • A movie made with 1/10 the of the budget of this film with better plot/story and screenplay would have recovered the costs so easily.

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