Delhi High Court blocks 70 websites from illegally streaming Bang Bang

On Tuesday, the Delhi High Court directed all the major internet and telecom companies to block over 70 websites from streaming Hrithik Roshan’s Bang Bang which releases in theatres tomorrow. 

Justice Manmohan Singh said that the court is against the piracy of copyrighted content, especially against those website collecting illegal profits by pirating films and music. He went on to add that downloading or streaming pirated content is almost equivalent to duplicating currencies.

“The websites’ owners are committing piracy and collecting illegal profits, who are peeping behind the curtain and laughing at the producers of the movies. If this is not fraud what else? In fact, piracy in copyright cases is a curse to well-established system of the country and it should be curbed and dealt with with iron hands,” the court said.

Fox Star Studios, the producers of Bang Bang, who have spent more than 135 crore on the producing and marketing the film had moved the high court seeking to block 70 websites that may allow online access to the film.

Fox Star Studios has sought a blanket injunction against these websites and also hauled service providers in its suit.

Hrithik Roshan and Katrina Kaif - Bang Bang

Hrithik Roshan and Katrina Kaif – Bang Bang



  • Great News! Indicine Pls post about ‘Bang-Bang being showed at IMAX theatre’ also. Only 2nd Bollywood Movie So Far.


  • Very good step by the Delhi High Court…

    Now @megha won’t be able to watch shabby copies of bang Bang while just sitting at her home…

  • Good move!!! Highly appreciated!!
    If they have done it a bit earlier and at the time of jai ho, it would have earned a few more crores…
    A copy of jai ho almost like a DVD print was online right next day after the release of jai ho.

  • Now i just can’t wait for Bang Bang!!!
    First Day…First Show TICKETS BOOKED

    Bullets will fly tomorrow

  • good move.. when dhoom 3 was released, the very next day a dvd quality copy of the movie was streaming online.. very pathetic.. earning money over others hardwork..

  • Hrithik gives #BangBangdare to aamir

    By POPULAR DEMAND! today’s #bangbangdare goes 2 d man himself THE PK! @aamir_khan! Your dare is -” PUT THE TRANSISTOR DOWN!!”

  • This piracy is becoming a big issue. Recently, a Hollywood film “The Expendables 3” suffered a major loss due to it, it was leaked online before the release of the film.

    Well appreciated move, it should be applied for all the films.

  • 2nd October bullet fly or not but my reviews sure fly on indicine every article for @nipun. Anyway bang bang will be huge blockbuster.

  • I m against piracy whether it is streaming failures like jai ho or successful films like d3,yjhd,jthj or upcoming blockbuster bang bang

  • Similar approach was taken for Dhoom 3 last year but it didn’t work. Still Dhoom 3 was found in many of the websites and people downloaded it from there and watched it. I think Blocking only 70 websites won’t be good enough. There is a matter of pirated DVDs as well which can’t be blocked. Drastic measure should have been taken to stop it leaking anywhere in the world. But thank you for blocking at least 70 websites. Newbies in the internet will find it hard to download it from internet. Others might be able to find the way out!

  • Why they not did it in past.

    Salman films mostly got huge damage due to piracy.

    Jai Ho & Kick’s almost DVD prints came on internet within 1 day of release.

    Some blind fans of actor(Everyone know whose) shared torrent links of Kick like mad everywhere.

    But now its good move from HC & hope it will stop piracy.

    And my request to all Salman fans,What happened to Salman films is past so forget it & dont do same what other actor fans did.

    we won the battle.piracy affected Kick but it not succeeded to stop Kick from beating records.

    So please dont do wrong things what other actor fans did.

  • Oh no now what will happen of people like Sakhi who only watch pirated movies. They will have to watch Bang Bang in theater. So there will be an automatic increase of 50-60 crores. So no worry for Hrithik, no manipulation is needed this time.

  • That’s really good news…
    People should stop downloading pirated music & purchase original music…
    Music companies buy music rights at high price & suffer loss…
    But i guess the stay won’t work… Like songs pk was banned but it again emerged with slightly different domain…

    @Indicine are you sure its budget is 140cr coz i heard that its 90 including P&A….
    If you are right & Budget is indeed 140cr then where does it stand in terms of most expensive bollywood films… I guess first?

  • @ babaji-tomorrow i will also going to watch bang-bang….night show..!!!
    on sunday i will watch Haider..!!!!

  • That is a brilliant step taken by Delhi HC . Piracy is such a bad issue that it affects the collections . If people do not have money or they don’t want to watch a movie in theatre then they should wait for a few months to watch the movie on TV or buy the official CD . I personally hate these stuff . If i want to watch a movie i will watch it no matter what, but if i don’t want to watch it i stay away from that movie . @ Indicine When will you post the Box Office Prediction of Bang Bang and Haider ? Also post about the Advance Booking report if you have any update .

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