Delhi Belly Weekend Box Office

Delhi Belly is yet another winner for Aamir Khan Productions! The film is a massive hit in cities and the youth has taken to the film big time! The romantic comedy will soon be the Dil Chahta Hai of this generation, a cult classic that is also – arguably – the craziest film to have come out of the Hindi Film Industry!

Its an ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT or WALK OUT UTTERLY DISGUSTED kind of film and credit certainly goes to Aamir Khan for having the guts to produce it and then market it so well. Credit should also be given to director Abhinay Deo and writer Akshat Verma for getting the script right and attempting something so different.

Coming to the boxoffice numbers, even with competition from Buddha Hoga Tera Baap and Transformers 3, Delhi Belly has performed exceptionally well!

Below are the estimates for the weekend (we haven’t yet received the official numbers)

  • Day 1  Friday – 7 crores
  • Day 2 Saturday – 8 crores
  • Day 3 Sunday – 10.5 crores
  • 1st Weekend Total – 25.5 crores




  • Shit on all those who are in part of making this film. They dont have mother, sister or family. They all are fucker and All those who will watch this movie are fucker.

  • I couldn’t stop laughing at the comment above Lolz: D, KK dude you seriously need a help, if you’re a SRK fan then start praying for Don 2 and! hahahahahha

  • to kk:
    Mr. KK i think u saw the movie thats why u r angry about the dirty lines of the movie.
    As u said (“They dont have mother, sister or family. They all are fucker and All those who will watch this movie are fucker.”) well u saw it first and that means u r the leading fucker. hahahahhahaha

  • amitabh bachchan is the king of bollywood frist look her films shehensha,sharabi,agneepath,and many more now votings are avilable big b is runnig fast and amir is losser sone jaisa maan chandi jaisa tann look and like only amitabh bachchan hehehehehe loser amir khan is loser

  • @javeed baloch:
    looooool your buddah oldie Amitabh’s film is a big FLOP at box office, stop crying, poor Buddah’s fans!!

  • Exellent movie, really changed history of Bollywood, Aamir has done it again remember Dil Chahta Hai in 2001, now DB in 2011.

    • @Priyanka, not the history of Bollywood but its likely to be remembered as the Dil Chahta Hai of this generation. A cult classic, that will pave way for many such films in the future. Such movies can’t have universal appeal though and unless its backed by a big banner its unlikely to even pass the censor board without cuts.

      All said and done, the opening numbers are staggering. Almost 40 crores in Week 1 for a film like Delhi Belly – which wasn’t even an Hindi film (English dubbed in Hindi) – is out of this world.

  • @Indicine Team:
    Yes that’s exactly what i meant, a cult classic which will be remembered coz it took bollywood to a new level it was something really new chich no one dared to do before, I’m glad that the film is doing really well, it’ll be Superhit for sure, and where is your Review of Delhi Belly?

  • It isn’t a case of bowing down to Aamir than it is a case for condescending the rest of Bollywood. Aamir is the only one with enough money, following and therefore power, because he chose to stick to his guns, not be a sellout like the rest of the industry is and actually do justice to his potential as an artist and now producer. Others just follow a mantra and are comfortable in that narrow zone. They are the commoners of Bollywood. Money is it for them, doing something challengin? Not really.

  • to create stuffs like this..i feel one should actually knw wat is going on in Ground level..and i think Amir Khan and productions has done a fantastic job…coz they have got it spot on..hw things r actually…this shows tat he knws the reality…not like other filmmakers who go to foreign location to make us understand Indian lame isnt it????

  • To follow on from the arguments going on this page : This is probably the most ‘Indian’ film that has been out in a while… It is realistic.. it captures the bustling lifestyle of the Delhi metropolis.. and it resonates a sort of Bohemian artistic culture that dates back to the time of the ‘Bangali Babus’ of the early 1900s. If you should be grilling films over turning ‘Hollywood’, go look at everything Khan or Kumar has starred in recently. This is a watershed film, I hope for more like this.

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