Delhi Belly Box Office Opening

Delhi Belly has opened to a good response on Friday, with the film performing well at cities. The film has collected around 6.25 crores according to BoxofficeIndia and the film is the 4th biggest opener of the year after Ready, Yamla Pagla Deewana and last week’s release Double Dhamaal.

Yet another good start for an Aamir Khan production and the word-of-mouth is pretty strong too in cities. In Bangalore the demand is so strong that tickets are hard to find for the weekend.

Below is the Day 1 collections for Delhi Belly

  • Mumbai – 2.55 crores
  • Delhi / UP – 1.27 crores
  • East Punjab – 65 lakhs
  • West Bengal – 32 lakhs
  • Bihar – 6 lakhs
  • CI – 17 lakhs
  • CP Berar – 22 lakhs
  • Rajasthan – 25 lakhs
  • Nizam – 28 lakhs
  • Mysore – 39 lakhs
  • Others – 12 lakhs

Delhi Belly Day 1 total – 6.22 crores

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  • delhi belly is total shit,what a nonsense flick,how could aamir produce such a crap,sheer waste of time,watch bbuddha hoga tera baap instead…………

  • I really wonder why aamir produced this film.
    One Star cast spent almost 20 min’s in toilet itself. Then each person can laugh at it. Its Too abusive. One or two blames ok. But scolding at each dialogue = senseless.
    Unfortunately this film encourages Young guys to smoke when they feel nervous.
    TRUELY Its an Immoral film.

  • Superb movie, totally new, totally different, totally mad…really go and watch don’t hesitate…only oldies will say: BAKWASS, TOTAL SHIT, HOW CAN AAMIR PRODUCE THAT FILM…if you’re young go and wathc it.

  • Ask Aamir to see this film with his daughter, totally immoral picture and no one can see this movie in family, piece of crab, and is leading indian cinema to its worst era.

  • @sandeep:
    Piece of crap???, who forced you to watch it with your family and then complain didn’t the produce warn everyone that it’s an adult movie to watch only with friends and not family? If you can’t accept such type of films why did you waste your money and watch? What did you expect?
    I’m really wondering what people are thinking!!!! Dude this is something totally new!, What was showed in the movie(language, sex, humour…) is nothing different of our reality and life in india Today why should we watch only lying…lying..enough!! let’s take our industry forward let’s make others watch our films and get another idea of Indian cinema which is for them only love storie, songs and dancing!!!!
    This guy(Aamir) is trying to change the history of Bollywood by taking big challenges and bringing new ideas which will inspire many other filmmakers!C’mon aren’t you bored of watching love stories since 50 years!!! I hope You are!!!!

  • One of joker(sandeep) was saying dat he cnt watch dis film wid his family..

    abbe bosedk “A” certified film or an “ADULT” movie koi family k saath dekhta bhi hain kya ??.. literally some people are stupid & de cn say anything to insult a film …

    DB ROCKkkkSS \m/

  • cult movie… enjoyed every minute of dis film .. people who dun like such films or language strictly watch movies of SRK/SALMAN/AKSHAY .. dis is AAMIR KHAN PRODUCTIONs & we hv our own standard… we change system.. we change everything in Bollywood .. be a part of it or just seat at home & eat popcorn…

    cheerssssss to AAMIR MKHAN.. cheerrrrrssss to dis film.. cheeerrrsss to all who loved dis film …


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