Deepika Padukone’s Performance at Screen Awards: Pics

Deepika Padukone walked away with three awards last night – Best Actress (Popular), Best Actress (Jury / Critics) and Screen Hero Of The Year 2013 – at the 20th Annual Screen Awards 2014.

Deepika also performed at the awards ceremony. She danced to some of her popular songs from the year that has gone by, including the insanely popular song Nagada Sang Dhol from Ram Leela.

We have some exclusive pictures of Deepika Padukone’s performance at the Screen Awards. Have a look!

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    Disheartening how Lootera has been held back from most of the nominations this year!

    Dint they call it a masterpiece/poetry in motion/world class/technically superior film when it released? That seems like qualification enough to be out there.

    Not nominating Vikram Motwane for best director, ranveer for acting, amit trivedi for music, shetty for cinematography, aditya for art, subarna for costume, amitabh for lyrics makes my nomination feel so out of place!

    Vikram motwane, u will and always be best director for me! Ranveer, amit trivedi, shetty, aditya, subarna, amitabh bhattacharya and everyone associated with this very special film will Always be proud of Lootera whether or not they acknowledge us :)

  • @aeeyy:i’m also totally disappointed.when lootera released,many celebrity praised is my all time fav movie.i thought this movie is worthy for 4 5 awards.but they totally ignored such a her entire career,so did a different role and that too was underrated.actually awards function are joke now a is biased towards certain people.
    Best music is won by pritam.but if u go through technicality,it’s lootera songs which are quite perfect.lootera’s background score was awesome too.ranveer didn’t get a single nomination what he actually deserved.

  • @nipun bro thanx for your support.But it all shows one thing that the media backs others and hates those who are apart from their thinking.But i know she has been recognised as an actress and even read that she has received appreciation from usa

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