Deepika Padukone talks about Bajirao Mastani vs Dilwale clash

Bollywood’s número uno actress Deepika Padukone has said that she has a very personal relationship with Shah Rukh Khan and she would never ask him to postpone his film .

Several reports suggested that Deepika, who forayed into Bollywood with Shah Rukh starrer ‘Om Shanti Om’, had called SRK to request him to change the release date of ‘Dilwale’ to avert a clash at the box office. Dilwale is releasing along side Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Bajirao Mastani during Christmas this year.

But Deepika has a different story to tell.

“I have a very personal equation with Shah Rukh. I would never do something like that,” she said when asked about the rumours.

And Deepika added that she thinks it’s “professionals like producer and director” job to decide on the release date of the movie.

“When you are working on a film like ‘Bajirao Mastani’, you have very little time or headspace for even getting involved in something like that.

“The only thing you can do as an actor is do your part with honesty and conviction and leave the rest to the professionals like the producers and the director to take the call,” she said.

Bajirao Mastani is a period drama starring Ranveer Singh as the 18th century Maratha statesman Peshwa Bajirao I, while his love interest, Mastani, is essayed by Deepika. Priyanka Chopra portrays Kashibai, the first wife of Bajirao.




  • In reality, if she had a special relationship with SRK, then she would be the only one capable of asking him to postpone. But since that is not the case, she is talking about the relationship instead of doing something about it.

  • Media only hyping both movies to giving many articles so buzz can be created actually both movie will be average better watch prdp this Diwali –

  • @indicine pls write an article about dilwale vs bm and prospects of both movies like your article sultan vs raees mother of all clashes

  • Lol .
    what about when u said challenge accepted !!!
    I don’t have any respect for her anymore !!
    see how much we srk fans are demoralized becoz of ur insistence of clashing with srk as if u r salman who is competing with srk .
    It is never late so dear Deepika if u read our comments plz postpone ur movie to another date if u really respect srk !!
    Let’s see what happens in the coming weeks . I hope bm get postponed to 22nd January.

  • now SLB realising this is his biggest mistake if he could clash with Dilwale so now he forcing Deepika next Priyanka….than SLB himself….finaly ” Bhaji PAW” will release on 25th Dec.
    finaly, Lallu & Tingu fans disaoppointed…

  • I hope Dilwale comes on 25th December.. I still believe that 3 open weeks are enough for Dilwale to cross 300 crores

  • Even though iam srk fan. I wish bajirao scores 150+ and dilwale too 280+. It will be good 4 industry. But still i wish bajirao should have postponed to get 200+ crore its look promising film or dilwale to come on 25 dec and set 50+ crore opening.

  • So finally Indicine is posting an article . What happens to you on Sunday ? I know there is a Holiday but you should at least post 2 articles . As for this topic it is good to see Deepika saying this for SRK . Clash is something which is never in the hands of actors but also in the hands of Producers, Directors and Distributors .

  • BM want nothing to do with this clash. They know very well that their movie will not survive the clash. BM has a massive budget of 130 Crore, as claimed by some reports. They need a solo release to stand any chance of recovering the 130 crores for the distributers, let alone making huge profits.

    A Clash with Dilwale will most certainly mean a less then 100 crore liftetime for BM. It’s stupidity for the producers to take on this risk.

    Dilwale on the other hand will also suffer but not as much. 1) it’s not anywhere near as much of a costly film as BM. 2) Dilwale has a massive male lead in SRK. Varun Dhawan also recently has pulled in bigger numbers then Ranveer Singh and Deepika. Combine that with SRK + Kajol’s reunion and SRK + Rohit’s reunion, you have a less riskier film. 3) with a clash, Dilwale will still pull in, assuming a good word of mouth and decent reviews, between 200-250 crores.

    Where Dilwale will fall and suffer is it will stand no chance of breaking 44.97 Crore highest single day record, highest weekend record and zero chance of PK’s total collection. In fact, it will not get close to 300 crore. But it will still be a successful movie even if it does 200+ in a clash situation. As a result, less risk.

  • My best wishes for you Deepika.
    But sadly, that monkey “Ranvir” will ruin the show. Its really painful to see , all your efforts will be vanished just because a cartoon character has been casted into the movie.

  • Bajirao mastani will all time blockbuster…
    Look like all actors, director, producer are very confident on this product….
    I’m looking forward for this movie….
    Bm will cross 150 cr easily….

  • Definitely she will rock in BM but my darling Priyanka will rule in this film & she has no competition in acting in today’s generation . I am waiting BM .

  • Dilwale will postpone for sure….
    Look at the royal movie bm….
    Class is class…slb rocks…
    What a lovely song Dewani mastani ….
    Whole Maharashtra is waiting for this movie….
    People r very excited for this film…
    Waiting for trailer….

  • I told this was the conspiracy of salmir fans to spread the rumours due to highly insecurity made to create bad relation between KING AND QUEEN OF BOLLYWOOD,while I claimed earlier QUEEN already declared to be a FAN OF KING KHAN ,why SHE’LL even can think about that,anyways bhajrao mastani’s am effort based on Deepika,if monkeyveer will shown maximum screenspace than it’ll be another Bombay velvet of this year otherwise it has the chances to become another saawariya with QUEEN’S power.

    And sallu fan’s highest expectatation is neither from bb/prdp rather than from bhajiroa mastani,because they know well if KING KHAN get the chance of free run then kisi ki baap bhi nahi ROK sakta from breaking pk’s record.

  • May she didn’t call or may be she did, i don’t know . but the thing which matters is if she didn’t call SRK to postpone his film she also didn’t try to avert the clash by postponing Bajirao Mastani just bec she always pretends that she is loyal to SRK . even Priyanka Chopra said : I wish we couldn’t postpone BM but it’s not in my hands ( which i totally agree with her ) whereas Deepika’s statement was totally different from PC’s statement . anyways

    What i exactly meant to say is there no loyal or close friend in the Industry . everyone uses big stars like Shah Rukh Khan . & when it comes to show loyalty then they didn’t do it .

    But they doesn’t matter . Every logical person can guess Bajirao Mastani can’t even recover 150cr + budget with a solo & with a big festival release , recovering such big budget with a clash that too with such a big film like Dilwale is impossible . in both cases BM will be a flop .

    & if clash happens then BM be badly thrashed by Dilwale & will be 4th back to back flops for RS .

  • BM Budget- 150Cr. Star- Ranveer, DP, PC. Dilwale Around 80-100Cr. Star- SRK , Kajol , Varun, Kriti. If Clash Happen,Dilwale Will beat BM,which SLB will regret so better to postpone BM to save own film.

  • Bajirao Mastani – destined to Doom.
    #Aa #Rahe #Hai #Dilwale #December.
    @indicine can you update Saturday collections of Pyaar Ka Punchnama 2.

  • Dilwale vs Bajirao Mastani This X-mas As Of Now…

    Except Mumbai Circuit … Rest All Over World.. Dilwale Will Crush BM Like Never Before…

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