Deepika Padukone shoots for Tamasha in Kolkata: Photos

Actress Deepika Padukone was spotted shooting for her upcoming film ‘Tamasha’, a Imtiaz Ali film scheduled to release in theatres during Christmas this year.

Imtiaz was seen enacting a scene out for Deepika, who is cast opposite Ranbir Kapoor in the film. The scene was being shot at the Kolkata airport.

What do you think of Deepika’s look in Tamasha? Tell us!

Deepika Padukone shoots for Tamasha in Kolkata

Deepika Padukone shoots for Tamasha in Kolkata

Deepika Padukone

Deepika Padukone

Deepika Padukone Tamasha on location

Deepika Padukone Tamasha on location

Deepika Padukone, Imtiaz Ali shoots for film Tamasha at Kolkata Airport

Deepika Padukone, Imtiaz Ali shoots for film Tamasha at Kolkata Airport



  • all films shot in Bengal in last 5yrs hv been either hits or hv won huge critical acclaim.

    barfi,vicky donor,kahaani,lootera,gunday, no one killed jessica ,love aaj kal

    eagerly waiting for piku and tamasha

  • Tamasha looks like a good movie to me . Imtiaz Ali is a very good director . I have seen Jab We Met, Highway and Rockstar . I have not seen Love Aaj Kal and Socha Na Tha . Jab We Met and Highway are brilliant films . But Rockstar was average for me . What i like in his movies how he brings out brilliant performances from his actors . Kareena was brilliant in Jab We Met which is her best performance according to me . Shahid was also superb in Jab We Met . Rockstar had an entertaining 1st half, heart touching music and a Kickass performance from Ranbir . Alia gave her best performance in Highway and Randeep was also terrific . Expecting a nice story, music and performances from Tamasha . It heard its ending will be tragic . Waiting for Tamasha !!!

  • Deepika looks beautiful in the pictures.. Looking forward to Tamasha, should be a good movie.

    My favourite Imtiaz Ali Movies

    1. Jab We Met
    2. Socha Na Tha
    3. Highway
    4. Rockstar
    5. Love Aaj Kal

  • @sambudha you forgot bullet raja,it was flop! And shot in bengal.Sp 26 was also shot,it was a decent success.
    Film shot in kolkata doesnt means it will be a good film..
    Having said that i am looking forward to tamasha,imtiaz is one of the best dir. we have.

  • Out of imtiyaz’s all movies I like Jab we met and luv Aaj kal very much. But Rockstar and Highway were boring for me. Have not watch socha na tha yet.

  • Hey Indicine, though SajidN has announced Christmas as the tentative release date, Imtiaz recently said that the release date has not yet been fixed.
    I feel Tamasha is gonna write history. Ranbir+Deepika+Imtiaz+Rehman should be nothing less than a classic.

  • They should hype link-up news like katrina. Imitiaz films are good except bad rockstar. Tamsha does not look good. Will flop at bo.

  • She is looking very beautiful… But hey what happened to her choice?? yes I’m talking about Ranveer sing… The King of Overacting..He is like a Female lead to me:)

  • @Ajinkya Rockstar was an epic movie and Rk gave an epic performance. Which u won’t get it bcoz ur Akki makes only crap movies and Tamasha gonna be a huge hit But Baby will be a big flop just like Akki’s other movies.

  • Sambudha opened indicine site and he saw news saying that Tamasha team are in Kolkata then he sent a message indicine via facebook.
    Sambudha: Hello guys, would be happy if you tell me, where are they??
    Indicine: what are you talking about??
    Sambudha: you posted Tamasha team are in Kolkata and I want to know where are they?
    Indicine: yes that’s right but we don’t know where exactly. we just heard they are shooting at the airport and we mention that.
    Sambudha: oh, I missed that part. sorry.

    Sambudha with his class mates.

    His friends: you look very happy today, what is new?
    Sambudha: I’m always happy. qix qix qix
    Friends: no, it was a long time ago when we have seen you like this mood.
    Sambudha: ok I will tell you. I have to reasons to be happy today but you guys will guess, at least one of it.
    Friends: did you see Arjun Kapoor last nigh in your dreams.
    Sambudha: no
    Friends: noooooo, you finally lost your virginity, innit??
    Sambudha: no no, it’s not like that and you know guys that I’m saving my self to someone special A*****n.
    Friends: whatever.
    Sambudha: ok ok, the 1st reason is Ranbir,Deepika and Tamasha team are here and the second reason is, you know Navin, right??
    Friends: yeah that guy is hilarious, he bashes you day and night.huhuhuhuhuh
    Sambudha: well, that imbecile said last night that he won’t bash me again.
    Friends: congrats.

    To be Continued…

  • Deepika is the finest heroine in Bollywood currently.She should do more movies which gives her scope to show her talent.I feel she was wasted in Hny.

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