Deepika Padukone at Fiama Di Wills event (Photos)

Some pictures of Deepika Padukone at the Fiana Di Wills event in Mumbai. Have a look.

Deepika Padukone promotes CocktailDeepika Padukone – Fiama Di Wills event

Deepika PadukoneDeepika Padukone

Deepika promotes CocktailDeepika Padukone – Cocktail promotional event

Deepika Padukone promotes CocktailDeepika Padukone

Deepika promotes CocktailDeepika Padukone speaks to media

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  • @Outlander, so you think she’s vulgar and cheap?! Well, I think its much more cheap to be calling her vulgar over the internet! And do you really think it would be okay to say something bad against her on a place that all ther fans are going to be on?! Well, it’s not okay! Why don’t you get a life and end YOUR cheap behavior and comment on celebrities you like and stop wasting your time on this!

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