Deepika completes Bajirao Mastani, calls it her most incredible experience

Actress Deepika Padukone, who will be playing the role of Mastani in Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s ambitious costume drama ‘Bajirao Mastani’, has completed shooting for the film.

In a tweet to her followers, Deepika said that it’s the ‘most incredible film experience’ of her career so far.

While baseless rumours of ‘Bajirao Mastani’ getting postponed have been doing the rounds, Deepika has confirmed once again that the film has been finalised for 18th December.

“And it’s a wrap on my most incredible film experience…! MASTANI, Bajirao Mastani, 18th December”

Deepika reunites with her ‘Ram Leela’ co-star Ranveer Singh and director Bhansali for ‘Bajirao Mastani’. The film has been in news ever since it was announced for Christmas this year.

‘Bajirao Mastani’ is a love story of Maratha Peshwa Bajirao I and his second wife Mastani. Priyanka Chopra plays Bajirao’s first wife Kashibai.



  • jst saw program on bajirao mastani in leading news channel…
    they compare it to classic mughl e ajam..
    baajirao is nt mughl e ajam i knw bt it has tremendos buzz..
    forget frstday or frst 3 days bt there r lot of holidays in crismas n baajirao will win each battle on content…
    intense SLB film.,,
    frst day frst show with atlest 10 friends………..

  • Bajirao Mastani = 50cr (clash) so Flop.

    Dilwale = 160cr (crap content plus clash factor ) Flop.

    PRDP = 170cr (outdated movie, crap content ) Flop.

    Tamasha = 210cr ( cinema at its very best and presence of ranbir) Blockbuster ATBB…

    Just wait and watch..

    Hard Luck Deepika as Mastani and Congratz in advance deepika as Tara..

  • dilwale is jst another business prospect of srk n rohit…
    bt baajirao is passinate dream project of bhansali…
    #baajirao the great

  • Who is the best newcomer?

    Sid, Varun, Arjun, Ayushmaan, Sushant?

    Mine are Aamir & Salman.

    Both doing well since 2009-2010.

    Who is the legend?


    Single handedly destroying competitors since 1992. Kitne aaye. Kitne gaye. Only SRK stayed.
    The only megastar in the country who never had a bad phase in his career.

  • Bajirao Mastani = 50cr (clash) so Flop.

    Dilwale = 160cr (crap content plus clash factor ) Flop.

    PRDP = 170cr (outdated movie, crap content ) Flop.

    Tamasha = 210cr ( cinema at its very best and presence of ranbir) Blockbuster ATBB…

    Just wait and watch..

    Hard Luck Deepika as Mastani and Congratz in advance deepika as Tara…

  • And bajirao will b the most incredible film ever made. Hold ur breath guys. A masterpiece is coming -BAJIRAO MASTAANI

  • My upcoming prediction
    Bajirao mastani – 150 cr
    Dilwale – 200 cr
    Prdp – 360 cr
    Tamasha – 90 cr
    Hate story3 – 40 cr
    Mastizade – 35 cr

  • I saw some Bhai fans comparing Bajirao Mastani to Mughal-e-Azam , lol !
    That day is not far when they will compare Ranveer to Dilip Kumar , just to bash SRK !!!

  • @Akbar at 2:41 p.m , in my view the best new comer was the guy who played the second fiddle to deepika in Rohit’s CE , he also did some lungi pungi dungi dance , woh bande ka naam yaad nahi aa raha hei mujhe , kuch khan naam tha na uska ……kya naam tha? hmmm kader khan????? nai hmmmmmm….. tushaar khan????? nai nai hmmmmm negar khan????? nai……nai……haaa…. yaad aya …..yaad aga ……..his name was rukhrukh khan jo rukh rukh ke dialogues boltha hei…..

    In my view rukhrukh khan is the latest newcomer who debuted in 2013 with rohit’s & deepika’s CE & then did a crappy freaky movie with farah khan , he is just 2 movies old but he has already got a tough competition from the likes of varun, sid , tiger & other newcomers. :D

  • I hope BM turns out to be her best movie so far , she was one of the main reasons for yjhd, CE & hny successes , hopefully BM will turn out be as big a success as those crap movies :D

  • This guy ‘ranbir rocks’ alongwith ‘Azhar….’ has to be most irritating people in Indicine’s comment section..

  • Stop being a chameleon Deepika. If I remember you had told the same during the release of CE and HNY . So does that mean, your experience changes with every movie just like your boyfriends?
    Also, stop acting as though whole industry is running because of you. Kangana has already outshined you with her performance, so stop showing bogus attitude.

  • @AKBAR

    Who is the most consistently struggling actor?
    Arjun, Shahid, Saif?

    Mine is Shah Rukh, struggling for ATBB since 17 years and for HGOTY for 8 years. 😂

  • @Challu : With Aamir fans, less number of hits compare to SRK hits !!!! SRK rules

    With Salman fans, Collections and Verdicts does not matter versatility matters !!!! SRK rules

    With BRM, Collections matters and versatility and class goes for a toss !!!!!!! Ghanta SRK rules

    Why cant stick to one thing rather jumping around like monkeys ??? This only proves you are a true fan of a man who keeps changing his words and stands !!!!!!!!!!! Pathetic.

  • @challa
    You never know. This world is full of surprises.
    Dilwale might just not work and BM might get extremely positive WOM and thrash Dliwale from top, bottom, right, left and centre. 😂 😂

  • @Hyderabai 03:12 pm : Gone mental or what? Now go and read your comment again and please decode it. Because unfortunately, we are unable to understand your blabbering in the language you have written. Rofl.
    So what if he is 2 movies old, he has never seen a series of flops and disasters like your criminal. After all you are well aware about kunki, veer, marigold and many more. Isn’t it? :P

  • She’s a great actress and BM is an ambitious project, it’s such a shame that SLB doesn’t want to change the date of release. Without the clash, BM could have done very well, but in front of Dilwale it won’t stand a chance :/

  • @Phenom : The problem with you guys is you think only SRK is capable of doing anything. FYI … SLB is an acclaimed director and he knows his movie and knows how to make it grand and not like crappy HNY or outdated Asoka !!!!!!!!!!!!! At least in looks it near to Mughal-e-Azam if not equal. Just one song Deewani Mastani is much bigger than the entire HNY sets !!!!!!!!!!

  • @xzone : So you are saying Deepika cant talk about her own movie and her own work just because her movie is clashing with Maratha mandir ? She should be saying ‘BRM is a crap and she feels regret doing it’ to make you and your queen happy ? Lol

  • @Hrithik 03:47 pm : Don’t misinterpret. Go and read my comment again. With every movie, her experience changes. And I’m not talking about her tweet or this article, I’m talking over all. Since she got to work with SRK again and again and with the success of youth oriented movie ‘YJHD’ she is on cloud 9 thinking its all because of her. But for me, her only contribution was in Ram-Leela where she completely overshadowed that monkey Ranveer. Also, I can give her small credit for ‘Piku’ though it was completely a show of legendary Big B. Rest all her movies were successful not because of her but she was just lucky to be a part of those movies.
    Also, my comments have nothing to Do with Bajirao, as I know, even in worst case scenario, I repeat even in worst case scenario, Dilwale will easily crush Bajirao.

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