Dear Zindagi Box Office: Bigger than expected drop on Wednesday

‘Dear Zindagi’ is not showing extraordinary trends like some of the ‘well accepted’ films do, but the film held-on above the 3 crore mark on Wednesday. The Gauri Shinde directed film is a hugely profitable venture for the producers, but it has to collect upwards of 60 crore for the domestic distributors to recover costs.

The second weekend will be crucial and whether ‘Dear Zindagi’ emerges as a clean-hit or not could well depend on what sort of a response ‘Kahaani 2’ gets this weekend.

The Alia Bhatt starrer will finish Week 1 with net box office collections of 47 crore, needing around 15 crore more, 2nd Friday onwards.

DayCollectionsGrowth / Drop
Day 1 (Friday)8.75-
Day 2 (Saturday)11.25+ 29%
Day 3 (Sunday)12.50+ 11%
Day 4 (Monday)4.25- 66%
Day 5 (Tuesday)4.00- 6%
Day 6 (Wednesday)3.25- 19%
Day 7 (Thursday)3.00- 8%
Week 1 Total47 crore
Day 8 (2nd Friday)2.25- 25%
Day 9 (2nd Saturday)3.50+ 56%
Day 10 (2nd Sunday)4.35+ 24%
Day 11 (2nd Monday)1.25- 71%
Day 12 (2nd Tuesday)1.17- 6%
Day 13 (2nd Wednesday)1.05- 10%
Day 14 (2nd Thursday)0.92- 12%
Week 2 Total14.49 crore
Day 15 (3rd Friday)0.55- 40%
Day 16 (3rd Saturday)1.10+ 100%
Day 17 (3rd Sunday)1.30+ 18%
India Total Collections64.44 crore


  • #DearZindagi’s overseas 3days Business is 27.45Cr means 4times the lifetime collection of #Shivaay in overseas. What a stardom of Ajay! Lol😜

  • One of my fav line #DearZindagi “Genius is one who knows when to STOP” bec not everything that becomes a habit is gd in the long run

  • Other sites saying 35 cr budget u r saying 65 cr how film doesnt look like 65 cr film too it has been accepted well answer whywhy u think its 65 cr film or ur just want in end to say its just a hit and add to above average while its a superhit in 6 days only answer indicine plzz

    • @Satrangi, Dear Zindagi was sold to Narendra Hirawat for 32 crore. From the ‘net collections’ that we put in the table, the distributors would only get around half of it, while the rest goes to the exhibitors (theatres). If domestic distributors lose money, a film can never be declared a clean-hit.

  • RAEES TRAILER IN SIX DAYS Can’t wait to see the most romantic hero of the world turning into badass villain.

  • /*
    ‘Dear Zindagi’ is not showing extraordinary trends like some of the ‘well accepted’ films do.

    Yes, trend is not on the lines of some ‘well accepted’ movies and reason is simple – DZ is not ‘accepted’ by the audiences at all.
    So expecting it to exhibit similar trend as that of those ‘well accepted’ movies is quite unfair.

  • @Indicine don’t u think DZ can cross 65cr after collecting 44cr till now, 2week screen counts r as same as it was in week 1, don’t worry about hit status be ready for super hit status.

  • Why you are so negative about DZ
    First review now call this more than expected drop while every other site call it decent hold

  • why are u always in hurry @indicine? ?? if yours motto is just getting comments so don’t worry keep calm and wait for raees after 6 days it will full fill your’s desire with loaded of comments

  • they are so real for box office collection box office figure and trade figure not like other producer who manipulated to much .

  • Dear Flop Zindagi starring srk in lead has been floped at BO

    which is 4th consecutive flops of srk career in lead role

    Even God can’t save SRK & RAEES from complete washout
    KAABIL All Time Blockbuster

  • Nowdays bollywd trend is in favour of movies like pankha and dear dadaji… More than a masala entertainers…still nothing working for our Flop rukh khan..time to QUIT

  • I don’t know the exact reason but team @indicine against Dear Zindagi drop from Mon to Twe was just 5% sothat dro from twe to wed is bigger than normal but why so negetive and distributer always come in srk film

  • 2 cr on friday plus 4 on saturday and 5 on sunday. Total 11 cr second weekend. 10 cr for the remaining run. Thats around 70 cr. Clean hit.

  • From last few articles I am noticing some changes in Srk fan (Only few), that’s great, but not impressive…..Don’t take me wrong guys but same kind of change I have seen before too, just before the release of Srk movie, and after that they shown their real color…….I am not saying that they (xzone, challa etc) are fake, they might have change this time, but one thing keeps coming in my mind…..Why just before the release of Raees and also one movie of Srk is running in theater???……WHY NOW?????

    As I said they might have change this time for good, but I prefer to wait till the release of Tubelight, If they (Srk Fans) won’t bash Salman and his movie Tubelight till it is running in Theater than I will not bash Srk again, but till than, I am sorry I am not stopping myself……But I will not use any abusive word for Srk, I only bash him on the bases of Box Office success…..I think it is fair and all Srk fans should agree with me……..And same thing I want that all Salman fans will do…….Please don’t use abusive word for Actors…..

  • @xzone
    /* Yes, trend is not on the lines of some ‘well accepted’ movies and reason is simple – DZ is not ‘accepted’ by the audiences at all */

    So you agree that this is not great movie, now please don’t comment that it’s a masterpiece and classic movie……

  • according srk fans this is a niche then what happened to this classical niche, why it ain’t working even like other niche n acclaimed films ? What a Stardom SRK has ?!

  • I think it will recover it’s cost and get the average verdict……But if Kahaani 2 receive Positive WOM, just like its 1st part, then it will be difficult for DZ…..lets wait and watch……

  • Where was this policy during ADHM ? Why distributors share not considered for it ? Instead you declared hit based on satellite & music rights plus overseas collections.

  • chalo na bhaai @indicine ab apna review anyhow proove kar ke hi rahoge ?? mana ki tumhe class movies samjh nhi aati bt other trade are saying that if it has no srk than it should be open anywhere around 4cr so it’s doing almost it’s recovery in weekend itself they expect 4cr at opening and it did over 4cr in 4th day what else you need from this type of movie with your’s so called 2.5star i thing its enough don’t try to create unnecessary mahol for just getting comments

  • @indicine all r knows DZ film made cantrol budget arround 30 cr and its already recover and 137% profit for distribution so don’t think it’s clean hit or not think only it’s hit or super hit after his second week run

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