Darling Movie Review

Darling Movie Review – By Anuradha

Darling Movie PosterIntroduction:
RGV took up the challenge to remake the biggest blockbuster in the history of Bollywood, Sholay. His version of the classic movie titled Ram Gopal Varma Ki Aag turned out to be his worst product ever with bad remarks hammering in through all possible means. So will Darling camouflage his last mistake and live up to the expectations? Will this movie succeed in being an entertainer? Has the movie done justice to its genre in being “a killer love story”? Read further…

The story:
Aditya’s (Fardeen Khan) successful career was complimented with not just one but two perks in life. He is happily married to a traditional yet very beautiful lady, Ashwini (Isha Koppikar) and is the father of a child. With no strings attached, he also has an affair with a gorgeous looking young lady at his office, Geetha Menon (Esha Deol). He managed to lie and keep both his wife and his mistress happy. Suddenly the strings start to wind and the cadence of his life is lost. Geetha gets pregnant. Aditya’s refuses to ditch his wife and child and in this scrimmage Geetha dies accidentally. Petrified, Aditya buries her in the backyard and scampers off. But Geetha’s ghost haunts him and turns his life from miserable to terrifying.

Movie Review:
With extended silence and sudden noises, the first half of the movie is canned with utmost care to make it a thrilling experience. But after a promising first half, the pace slackens in the post-interval portions. It gets comical and less daunting. The hospital scene where Geetha hits and tries to terrify Aditya, when he along with his wife Ashwini visit a injured colleague from Aditya’s office is hilarious and not petrifying. The climax too doesn’t measure up to the expectation. A ghost having a loving conversation with the person it’s seeking revenge off. Does the aspect not seem amateurish and improbable?

Ram Gopal Varma has made a good come back but is once again not at his best. Prasana Shekhar’s background score enhances the impact of several sequences. Amit Roy has played well with the cameras. Some shots in the first half are brilliantly executed. The musical score of the movie is easy on the ears. The track ‘Tadap’ and ‘Saathiya’ are already popular among music lovers.


Fardeen Khan is just about convincing in both performance and his looks. He looked fat and flabby. While he excelled in few scenes, he hams in most others. He needs to work on his expressions. Look’s like Esha Deol was given the look of a ghost from the Hollywood movie “The Ring”. Her persona suits the character and she carries of the role with ease. In both performance and looks she has improved a way lot. Isha Koppikar looks the right person for a homely look. With a very limited role, Isha is good. Zakir Hussain is in great form. Upendra Limaye and the rest of the cast are good.

Indicine.com Verdict:
Overall, Darling is a partial thriller. The response to the film will be mixed and would cater mainly to the multiplex audience. My rating for the film would be 2.5 on 5 stars.

Rating: ★★½☆☆

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  • one of the worst movies………of RGV.T hink in attempt to try different things (taht used to define his image until now),he has tried a useless stuff……

  • worst movie,i dont think so rgv remembers that he use to be a good director,esha deol charcter is really silly,now a days he is making movies only for money but not with intrest

  • Oh my god, after the terrifying experience of RGV ki Aag, I have no patience left to watch this “Darling”… though the music sounds OK..and Esha’s acting is commendable when compared to others..

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