Darkhaast Teaser – Shivaay

After showing the media the song promo of his latest song ‘Darkhaast’, Ajay Devgn has released audio teaser of the song for the audience. The song promo with visuals will be released on September 22.

‘Darkhaast’ has been sung by Arijit Singh andSunidhi Chauhan.Watch the teaser below:

Music Composed Arranged and Produced by Mithoon
Lyrics by Sayeed Quadri



  • song looks bakwaas. the album of shivaay is disappointing. first song was also just okay. but i am not interested in ADHM either.

  • ADHM attract the audiences with their fantastic songs ,both songs r chartbusters .If trailer will be awesome and impacting ,it can beat shivaay on its op. Day

  • Very inspirational ,touchy,calm and romantic. Angry the song ended so soon here. If am to ask myself despite deliberately admitting Shivaay will sink then I will now say I regretted pretending it won’t do well. This man has really tried. Another definition of passion and hard work is Ajay Devgn. Raising the bar already of Hindi cinema alone was worth giving him a big hats off.
    Is there anything left again to disagree this movie will be a massive turn around for him? I bet no. India is with you sir and we are all waiting for Shivaay to be released. All the best Mr All Rounder?

  • Listening to this song and imagining the first day I saw Shivaay trailer-recalling every single scene I just have this to say
    Blockbuster in the making.
    It has a superstar a worldclass visual effect unimaginable actions, some really touch the heart songs ,grande desi and British celebrity musicians ,so virtually this movie is a complete Package. Am not even looking at Any clash nor a movie releasing with Shivaay what am looking is a solo never seen Bollywood movie . Good luck AJ Sir and congrats for being an Actor Director Producer something never seen before. Har Har Mahadev??

  • @indicine Shivaay has past all tests you were doubting or we were doubting. Can’t wait for your flb prediction opening and life time idea. No chance for ADHM not at all.

  • This is called a Rhythm and Blues song. Background musical score by Mihoon and England Superstar musical celebrities THE CAMPS

  • Looping looping looking emotional love song! Can imagine once the rest are out I have full confido! Now what’s Adhm got that shivaay will settle for number 2 or below? My MD gracefully accepted defeat. Karma to storm this Diwali

  • You know how desperate Ajay is to make his film a hit – Kissed for the first time in his career. Doubt its necessary at all in a film like Shivaay.

  • Arijit and Sunidhi Great Combination
    Lyrics by Syed Qadri
    Composition Mitihoon

    This is song looking great and sure it will become Chartbuster song

  • Shivaay is going to be epic film. I used to hate Indian cinema because of overacting, over melodrama and unusual songs in few minutes again and again, but Bahubali The Beginning changed that perception of mine. Similarly, I’ve heard that Shivaay songs will take the story forward which I wanted for it as well.
    In fact, Shivaay even don’t need any songs as its trailer has already generated huge buzz which other filmmaker will die for.Shivaay will have everything that I want as the general audience. I am ready to put my money on Shivaay this diwali.

  • Ae Dil Hai Mushkil, enough said!
    Shivaay will be good but it will not have the heart or the emotional content of ADHM.
    May the best win!

  • After BOLO HAR HAR a biggest chartbuster song of the year 2016, I am crazily waiting for SHIVAAY’s second song.

    ADHM’s songs are over hyped by media but actually songs are not upto the mark and film will be a flop.

    Waiting for SHIVAAY on Diwali

    Har Har Mahadev


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