Dara Singh Documentary – Vindhu plans documentary film

Vindhu Dara Singh, who became a household name after he won the television reality show Bigg Boss 3, says he plans to carry forward the legacy of his legendary father in a documentary.

He also talks about his half brother in this exclusive interview

On his father’s first marriage and half-brother


“We are five siblings, actually six. My father has a son from another marriage. His first marriage happened when he was barely 14. My half-brother has always been a part of the family. In fact, he was there for all the rituals after my father’s death,”

On the Dara Singh family being high on responsibilities

“In deference to my father’s wish, my half-brother has always been a part of the family. He will remain so. In fact, more so now with my father gone… in this family, we are very high on responsibilities. To this day I look after my ex-wife Farha Naaz and son Fateh although we separated long back,”

Says his family is a symbol of secularism

“In our family, we respect and acknowledge all religion and my father encouraged every kind of culture and lifestyle in our family. My brother is married to a Gujarati. My sister is married to an American. I married a Muslim and now I’m married to a Christian.”

On the condolences that followed after the passing away of Dara Singh

“My father went after living a full life. For the last four days, when he hovered between this world and that, the kind of response I got just blew my mind. In the last four days, there have been 2,00,000 tweets and after his death I have to respond to over a 1,000 SMSes as soon as I get breathing space.”

Proud to be Dara Singh’s son

“I am proud to be Dara Singh’s son. He was very proud of me, specially after I won on ‘Bigg Boss’ and started getting good work and making good money. He always encouraged his children to do what we wanted, never stopped us from doing anything. We were all allowed to fail once in our class exams. Because we had the freedom to fail, we never did….

Father was scared, my mother would go before him

“My dad wasn’t scared of dying. He was scared my mother (Surjeet Kaur) would go before him. ‘Mujhe chhod ke mat jaana,’ he told her some months ago. Now he’s gone leaving her behind. We need to look after her even more now.”

On why he decided to stay back and take care of his parents, when his other siblings left the house

“How could I leave my parents alone? If in their autumnal years they had to live alone what was the point of having so many children? I made a pledge to myself I’d stay with my parents, and I did.”

On the Dara Singh Documentary film that he plans to put together, with all the amazing stories of his father

“It’s important to let future generations know what my father was all about. He always said, ‘I’ve made enough money for all you children to live comfortably forever. If you can’t build on my legacy don’t diminish it either.’ I’d like to carry his name forward. Dara Singh is a metaphor for strength and power. I’d like to think I can shoulder that legacy.”


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