Dangal is different, I’m looking forward to Sultan: Aamir Khan

Bollywood superstar Aamir Khan has said that his upcoming film Dangal, where he plays the role of a wrestler, is different from Yash Raj Films’ 2016 Eid release Sultan, where his good-friend Salman Khan will also be playing the role of a wrestler.

Aamir said that he plays a father to his teenage daughters in ‘Dangal’. The film will be an inspiring story of a father who encourages his daughters to pursue their dreams of wrestling.

On the other hand, Salman will be playing a 40 year old wrestler in Ali Abbas Afzar’s Sultan.

“No, That’s not true. The scripts are not similar at all. Salman is a dear friend.. he’s just had a big hit in Bajrangi Bhaijaan, and I am looking forward to Sultan. I am sure it would be a great film.” Aamir said in an interview.



  • If PRDP will cross 200cr mark at the box office, Salman will become the first actor who give three back to back 200cr earner film and second actor after Aamir who give three 200cr earner film.

    If PRDP will cross 300cr mark at the box office, Salman will become the first actor who give two 300cr earner film and two back to back 300cr film.

    Sky has no limit for Salman’s upcoming film PRDP.

    In each case Salman is going to make history. And history is waiting for Salman.

    Just wait and watch…. A lots of History is coming on November

  • Dangal probably will be highest grosser of 2016
    i think now it will be very difficult for srk to give hgoty
    Bb will remain hgoty other prdp will overtake it
    Dilwale has no chance . BM is clashing and it will definately eat into dilwale’s collection.

    Raees had potential to be hgoty but with sultal clashing , There r absolutely no chance of either of them to be hgoty.

    Fan is not a mainstream commercial movie

    2017 is far ahead .

    Everything said, srk has already achieved these things.
    Its just that he will fail to become no.1 again

  • And i am looking forward to both sultan and dangal
    Sultan-kick-ass salman style action film
    Dangal-An inspiring movie

  • MOHENJO DARO is most different from all movies in year 2016 ;
    HRITHIK Is Too Different Than Khans !
    Hrithik means …..

    No.1 in Acting→No.1 Actor of Hindi Cinema
    No.1 in Dance→Great Dancer Of Hindi Cinema
    No.1 Complete Actor→Probably one n only Complete actor of Hindi Cinema
    No.1 in looks→Most handsome man of Hindi Cinema or Handsome list start with his name always
    No.1 in Physique→he has most fit physique in Hindi Cinema including young stars but he is a source of inspiration
    No.1 at box office→Now-a-days Tiniest stars like Khans who are going biggest blockbusters only due to EDX (EidDeepawaliXmas) holidays or Khans are EDX made Tiniest Stars or there is no Big Stars today who has power to give biggest blockbusters without EDX holidays whereas Hrithik is probably an only actor who has power to give biggest blockbusters with or without EDX holidays.

  • Just imagine
    “Salman as wrestler”
    people will go crazy for sultan they will watch sultan again and again if its entertaining no need of super content

  • Dangal will be highest grosser of 2016 as it is a solo release and movies of aamir have strong content always while Sultan will be 2nd highest grosser 👍👍

  • Both are crapy flop because in Indian public don’t like boxing movie example brother marrycome so I am sure both movie will face lot of difficulty for hit tag

  • @jaadoo powerful:
    You have forgot to mention the most unique thing of jaadoo boy, i.e proper use of k3 calculator. Only this calculator makes him bigger star than Sid, varun etc. But we all know without the calculator he is another jokerboy of the industry…

  • I am damn sure both Dangal and Sultan will be different like Salt and Cheese . Dangal is the story of Mahavir Phogat who inspires his daughters to become wrestlers and wins medals for India . In Sultan it is only about Sultan . Dangal will be shot in Punjab and Delhi . On the other hand Sultan will be shot in Karjat . The only similarity is both Aamir and Salman are playing wrestlers . I am excited for Dangal . On the other hand i an not excited for Sultan because it is directed by Ali Abbas Zafar . Both the movies will do huge business but i am expecting Dangal to be a better movie .

  • It’s your generosity sir that you are talking good things about sultan. Else lallu has a habit of ruining the legacy. First, you gave him a formula of south remakes with Ghajini to re-establish him in Bollywood. But takla khan took it too seriously and he gave one after another craps in the form of south remakes.
    Now, as soon as he heard about your next project (Dangal), he too jumped into the race with his fat body and now he is all set to deliver one of the crappiest wrestler movie-Multan.
    Can’t imagine takla khan in ring with boxing gloves on .. ROFL :D

  • Dangal the box office phenomenon..

    Sultan mass hysteria..

    Salmir rocks.. All time great pair of cinema

  • O ho he again start CHAPLOSI of Salman and later salman will pay back with another CHAPLOSI.And relating to topic DANGAL will be better than SULTAN surely.Amir is known by his wise selection of scripts and then completely justifying it.On the other hand I am not hopeful about SULTAN script as it is sallu mian choice and again its very difficult for salman to justify difficult and intense characters..

  • mohenjodaro is different from all others and only the roshan top box office and competition wid khans……mohenjo daro will creat history

  • Dangal is not the only movie which has
    the potentionality to become highest grossing movie of 2016 .Mohenjo daro has also a solid chance….!!!
    if Raees gets solo release it will create history the way chennai express did !!!
    Fan has also chance .
    no one knows and nothing can be said with certain about hgmoty.

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