Dangal continues to break records in China on 2nd Monday

Aamir Khan’s Dangal is proving to be unstoppable in China as the 2nd Monday collections of the film is almost the same as the 1st Sunday collections.The film has crossed the $65 million mark and is now looking at doing business of around $80 million by the end of its first week.

The China collections has crossed the 400 crore mark in 11 days. The lifetime business could well be in the range of Rs 700-800 crore.

Check out the day-wise collections, number of shows and footfalls below:

USD Million
Day 12.3315.15 cr31,4335,62,593
Day 24.7030.55 cr32,42910,84,859
Day 35.5636.14 cr35,78612,71,332
Day 43.0419.76 cr37,9667,09,014
Day 53.5523.08 cr43,4628,15,008
Day 63.9625.74 cr47,1459,15,802
Day 73.9625.74 cr47,1029,09,770
Day 86.4441.86 cr36,01914,49,851
Day 914.0891.52 cr55,62331,45,292
Day 1013.0184.56 cr65,15030,68,604
Day 115.0232.63 cr63,56111,34,219
Day 124.7130.62 cr66,64010,65,715
Day 134.2127.37 cr67,8119,50,248
Day 143.7724.51 cr68,0878,48,243
Day 156.0238.80 cr44,71613,60,131
Day 1616.44104.16 cr61,64536,47,967
Day 1711.8276.28 cr70,1192689206
Day 183.4322.14 cr66,306779067
Day 193.1420.27 cr67,721721274
Day 202.8918.65 cr68,298659302
Day 212.5616.52 cr68,668584551
Day 221.9112.33 cr41,122435572
Total126.55816.76 cr11,88,2202,88,07,670


  • Salman and srk can only dream to achieve this kind of megastardom. They are under the toe of megastar aamir khan.

  • So called india’s biggest megastar (as per his auto waala fans), media and so called global king can’t even give highest grosser in their own territory and they are called biggest stars. Lol. Joke of the millenium.

  • As Usual Haters Giving
    shitty Excuses i.e
    Producers will get only 10%,
    Collection is Fake
    Haters –
    Aamir is BORN to ‘RULE’ &
    You Guys are born to Give ‘EXCUSES’ PERIOD!!

  • Amitabh Shahensha of Bollywood
    Aamir Khan Mr Perfectionist of Bollywood
    Salman khan Sultan of Bollywood
    SHRKN Don of Bollywood
    Akshay Kumar Khiladi of Bollywood
    Ajay Devgan Singham of Bollywood
    Hrthik Roshan Superhero of Bollywood

  • unstoppable Aamir Khan success
    run continue
    Dangal is all times universal movie
    sports drama and movie is much
    popular in China

  • This is just getting ridiculous now… lol how much more can we take…. record after record… only Aamir Sir can do this.

  • This is for both aamir haters n aamir fans
    Now aamir khan is not competing with local movie bahubali2…now aamir khan is competing on other level,he is competing with big Hollywood movies….Aamir is not legend ,aamir is ultra legend…

  • 2nd Monday collections were just shy of its 1st Sunday collections…!

    How is this even happening…?

    I bet the WOM on chinese social media forums must be insanely HIGH… much better than it was in India…!


  • Apart from Day 1 n day 4 it hasnt dipped below 20cr… thats just insane- its a foreign market n it has only dipped below 20cr twice in 11 days…!

    Magic is happening n Im sure more is to come…!

  • Pride of Indian cinema-Mr. Aamir Khan.Explored an unknown Territory and set a new benchmark.Bollywood will forever be indebted to you.
    And proud to be a follower of Indicine.When an Indian movie does record breaking business in an overseas territory it isn’t even being reported on a daily basis by many trade sites.
    Sorry for my harsh words earlier?

  • 15 million tickets sold in CHINA…. whoooo thats unbelievable…

    15 million tickets in a foreign market- damn this is just history in the making- could reach 20 million in next few weeks…!

  • 2nd wk numbers are much much better than 1st week which could mean that 3rd wknd business will either match or better the 1st wknd numbers…!

    Now thats what I call magic

  • Don’t call Baahubali an Indian movie when you care less to post anything out it for two weeks. Baahubali 2 is yet to release in mandarin. A Telugu movie is and will be the highest grosser ever.

  • Dangal is outstanding in China day by day. And its hard to predict lifetime of the same.
    Generally I don’t follow twitter but ever since Dangal is released in China, I used to search it for the collections and reactions. I was expecting some hatered from Salman fans or Srk fans for Dangal as Salman is competitor of Aamir in India while Srk in overseas. Also hatred from Bahubali lovers as well.
    But I am surprised, as most hatred reaction came from Canadian Kumar fans. I couldn’t understand as Canadian Kumar is not even in competition either in domestic or overseas. His films hardly collect 20cr on holiday/Sunday in India or 2-3 million$ in overseas weekend. Despite getting national award his fans still against Aamir. The guy is not even able to get solo festive release or big budget movie. Currently he is doing a side actor role in Rajni starrer 2.0. I usually keep my self away for Bashing Canadian Kumar as he is not even in competition to Aamir. A guys whose fans got happy when his films does 100cr domestic over an actor whose films creating milestones whenever released. Kya yaar Bahubali, Aamir, Salman and srk deserves to discuss for milestone. But who is Canadian Kumar who had given only two films in his career which crossed 2cr footfalls. Even Dangal is achieving that in China alone.
    Grow up morons.

  • Its sure now….dangal goimg to hit 1000 cr im china….likh lo…the way chima box office performing,anything is possible….

  • Yesterday you said baahubali did so much in Hindi because it was backed by Karan johar, let me remind you it earned 5cr on its? opening (part1), thatís where you can credit him, after that itís history only for itís content n director. Giving credit to Karan for baahubali2 success is insane and where did kjo magic power go during ok jaanu and kaala chashma.
    Indicine seriously since when did people watch a movie for its associate producer??

  • Guys just see 380 Cr in India and 400cr in China now just think is this a Chinese film or Bollywood
    No one can beat Aamir in China except he himself
    Chinese love him.

  • This movie is doing well because of the story, The story has appealed and has touched people in china. Any other actor in this this movie would still make the same money in china. The story is the main star of this movie but the actor

  • This movie is doing well because of the story, The story has appealed and has touched people in china. Any other actor in this this movie would still make the same money in china. The story is the main star of this movie not the actor

  • China had a one child restriction policy which ended in 2015 to allow couples to have two children. The girl child taking the family name forward has connected in a big way and this film could go anywhere in China. The first weekend was $11 million apprx and the second weekend has grossed $32.50 million. It is almost three times the first weekend. The China business is GROSS and the GROSS in India (all languages) was 512 crore w

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