Dangal has already got the biggest award, don’t care about others: Aamir Khan

Bollywood superstar Aamir Khan has said, his most recent release ‘Dangal’ has already received the biggest award – i.e from the paying public and he doesn’t care about others.

“Dangal has already got the biggest award. The way the audience has given the love to the film, yeh sabse bada award hai mere liye (this is the biggest award for me” he said.

The actor who doesn’t attend award shows, also said that he does not care about any of the commercial awards (Filmfare, Star Screen etc) that we have in the industry.

“Commercial awards have had no value to me.. I don’t think it will never change” he said.

Dangal has become the highest grossing film of all time at the domestic box office. The film has collected Rs 357 crore in 20 days since its theatrical release on 23 December 2016.



  • Yes Aamir… That’s what I like about you being principle oriented, you keep those illogical awards on the tip of your toes… They can not estimate your dedication by giving you a black statuette in a 10 hours long foolish award function which is done for public amusement… And the biggest irony is that these awards don’t have a credibility…

  • No aamir you’re wrong.Best actor in the world has 3.5b fans n most awards which are most prestigious than Oscars.

  • Its true as ppl will forever remember classics like Dangal or PK n they wont care about which chota star bought the best actor award in 2017 etc etc

  • Great! I agree with Aamir on this! Even Salman said the same in KWK!Now i want Akki to take his stand on this issue & i request all fanbases to call out an open war against Filmfake & other crapp awards except the National Awards!I mean seriously,these awards have lost their credibility by involving politics & corruption in their system!I hate them!
    #SHAME 😡

  • Achieving the title of Highest Grosser Off All Time a record 5 times is worth 1234 times more than a million mickey mouse awards…!

  • if they had given u award in ur earlier movies then it has had value to u. U don’t like these awards because they didn’t give u. he thinks he superior to all actors. U r overrated and overhyped actor like other 2 khans becoz of festivals n holidays ur movies r running. aamir perFAKEtionist. Y non khans don’t get festivals christmas..eid..diwali… not even 2-3 open weeks? and y khans don’t clash their movies with eachother? non khans r far better than these overrated khans

  • Filmfare, IIFA, Star Screen, Zee Cine awards are commercial awards with zero value.
    National Awards are the only ones who value merit, not commerce. They don’t care about TRPs, because they don’t take sponsors.

  • This attitude that Aamir shows is commendable👏& is absolutely correct in his part bcz as a backup he bliss us with not only good movies but literally classics that will be remembered generations after generations!The Hangover of his movies doesn’t get over easily but remains etched in ur mind forever till eternity!Just as ur fans we neutral ppl & especially i being ur hater cant snub away the magic of ur movies!Genuinely,u will always remain the most distinguished superstar of our industry!My most formidable respect to u🙏!

  • I also don’t care of awards who win or lost
    nowadays all awards show are like comedy shows
    come in award show and perform u will get one award for free
    just like pareniti chopra got for losing weight
    PC for going abroad

  • @ navina, to whom u are calling chota star ? SRK wins awards by his hard work.he didn’t won best actor award after MNIK.if he could buy awards then why he don’t buy for CE, HNY, dilwale etc.I am sure if he won best actor award for FAN then u all will tell it is a paid award.Please have some sense .lol !!

  • he mean to say…RAJ kAPOOR to DILIp JI to AMITABH sab fake hai…

    nahi mile tu angoor khatte hai…than what happen in 1995 SRK won for DDLJ and u loose …..u feel hurt and than u started boycott ….. surrender in front of SRK stardom…thats it…ye public hai sab janti hai…baccha kaise rota hai…batting nahi mili sirf MAMA fielding kara ke liye…ROTDO….

  • @Death Ranger
    Akki ne iss bare meh bahut baar bola hai. He is probably said it the most number of times publicly

  • Everyone is fingering indirectly to SRK as he has the highest awards. If your logic is true then why don’t srk won in the last 5 years. Ranbir, Farhan akhter, Shahid, Ranveer had won the last 5 filmfare awards. According to your logic, Dilip saab & Amitji were not deserved awards. Grapes are sour BTW…

  • aamir forgets that he is truely successful since last eight years..before that if we leave lagaan ,he has given numerous craps like Mann , Mangal Pandey,Mela, earth and others..his last hits are solo releases with 2-3 open weeks,hiked ticket rates and this time tax free benefits also..his dangal without any competitor is a dhobi ghat

  • Amir was right always… he is ahead of time. He did dil chahta he n earth way back .he boycott this cartoon shows way back. N nw people realising these awards has no importance. Amir is same bt audience is grown up to realise these things. Nw he is delivering ATBB wthout going on some random krishna kapil shows.

  • One can confidently say that Aamir Khan is truly one of a kind.

    He’s really an artist, a film maker, loaded with passion.

    There are few like him not only in the industry but even in life in general!

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